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  1. Oh my GOSH I missed so much! I've kind of slowly been going inactive, though I'm trying not to. So busy with work. Trying to at least stay on the actual site heh. How you guys been?
  2. Kiyoura seems to be doing some mass breeding right now, thank you SO much for all of these beauties!!! https://dragcave.net/lineage/3wkv0 https://dragcave.net/lineage/7BgHF https://dragcave.net/lineage/Pk5fr https://dragcave.net/lineage/J510n https://dragcave.net/lineage/z9awZ https://dragcave.net/lineage/5oZIr Love it!
  3. It's quite adorable, cat-like as it is. He looks kind of prideful, like it thinks it's better then everyone else. Or it's giving someone that evil look of false sympathy. Then again, that may just be me...xS
  4. HA! I am very overly excited about this Bluna, I never come across a breedable-only this nice! Thanks perzephone!
  5. Good LORD that was terrifying...really glad that wasn't read by them...
  6. Not sure whether the tag question was directed to me, 52, or both of us, but no...? It was probably for 52. I'm tired.
  7. I suppose three hours of sleep is not sufficient enough to power one during the day...I should never do that again should I.
  8. I've got a request, if your taking any. Just out of my curiosity, I want you to draw the angriest (is that even a word) thing you can, dragon of course. Angry and all that. This angry. Pure hatred and rage right there. Thing iiiisssss, like the jigglypuff, nice and fluffy and furry, but full of rage.
  9. Ahhh finally posted something heh. They're so adorable!
  10. Oops. Well, that's dead. Golden Wyverns aren't THAT all rare....
  11. This is so annoying it's not even funny. I should burn it. Maybe I will. Then I can mourn the loss about it and regret burning it.
  12. I really forgot how wonderful it is to use real graphite...ahhh shades so wonderfully...
  13. *dies* Hrrghh...HRRGHH HOOWWW that looks amazing!
  14. Awesome catch Sock! *whispers* so....jellyyyyy... I caught this nice Ember and this nice Tea as well.
  15. No. No more. I'm done and I don't want to. At all. Why are you giving us so much work. It's stupid. Short sentences are stupid. This monotonous post is stupid. My mood is stupid.
  16. *shrieks and is embarrassed of over exaggeration* AHH he's adorable! He kind of looks like he's death staring Hiccup or something.*stares at spatio*
  17. Find a hammer. Find some fish and meat. Gently smash the egg open, and hold out the food so the hatchling doesn't run away. Is it possible for Ice dragons to be in the volcano habitat?
  18. This is stupid. He's not leaving, he's just in one of his moods. He will still be here, the next week, month, year. He's not leaving. He's threatened before and he never left, so he won't leave this time either.
  19. Type" snake people, or sneople, so close Uh....hm type this this whole thing here wishes to see what happens
  20. I like that style...I may use it (the style not people) for an English project I have coming up. Gotta draw people. Huzzah. I must wonder though, how long did it take for you to do that? (You know, because you say you don't draw people........gosh I feel pushy/rude hrrmmrrm) Are they suppossed to be characters from a book series or just people? Because it looks a lot like Nico and Hazel from the Percy Jackson series. It's adorable. <3
  21. The AP has been really nice to me lately... Thanks breeder! Thanks breeder! Thanks Bunny Maestro! THANK YOU Terces! It's beautiful Thanks breeder! (Seems like everyone wishes to stay hidden...breeder breeder breeder)
  22. Now I am going to go buy a cat and feed it mice and birds and get a dragon. Then Spatio can bless it with her pencil scepter. That 'doodle' as you call it looks wonderful!
  23. I am so tired. Ugh, I'm exhausted. But I enjoyed today, and I got a whale! Whoop!
  24. *is nervous to post is gonna post this one time...* I had drawn an interpretation of Lady on her stick figure knees offering two coins to stick figure goddess Spatio as she sat on her cartoon throne. But photobucket wouldn't listen. :/ (it turned out better then I thought it would have )