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Transparent_zpsmhukhucd.gif <<ScrollI can breed anything you want off my scroll, but I don't have a lot.Also here is some blue because it needed blueINACTIVITY NOTICEI won't be on nearly as much, maybe from time to time...

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    You tell me.
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    *Always keeping an eye out for Blusangs and Teimarrs!
    *EO means 'either offspring'

    - 2G Prizes
    - Blusang Lindwurms and Black Capped Teimarrs with good lineages
    - Nice color contrast checkers/rainbows/spirals

    1. Bleeding Moon x Wrapping Wing checker 3G, EO
    2. Tsunami x Blacktip checker/spiral, EO
    3. Tan Ridgewing x FEMALE Silver checker 3G, EO
    4. Radiant Angel x Nhirostrife checker/spiral, EO
    5. Gold x Turpentine checker, preferably Gold
    6. BBW x Flamingo checker, EO
    7.FEMALE Silver x Sunsong checker/Even Gen, preferably Silver
    8. Blacktip x Tea checker, EO
    9. Red Tidal x Red Crimson tall checker, EO
    10. Valentine x Waterwalker clean/checker/spiral, EO
    11. Olive x Cassare tall/regular checker, Cassare offspring
    12. Silver x Spitfire 4G Checker, Silver
    13. Pygmy x Seawyrm Pygmy 4G-5G, EO
    14. Ember x Harvest x Moonstone: Pattern, so as you look at if from top to bottom it would be Ember, Harvest, Moonstone, Ember, Harvest, Moonstone...5G, any offspring
    15. Bronze Shimmer x Blue Copper spiral, 3G-4G
    17. SILVER Shimmer x BBW 2G, Shimmer offspring
    18. Bleeding Moon x Balloon 3-4G checker/spiral, preferably Bleeding Moon
    19. Terrae x Green Nebula 4G checker, EO
    20. Tea x Black alt 2G, preferably Tea

    Daydreaming and Thinking is nice. And reading. Lots of reading and drawing.

    You feel like stalking me? Well okay then, here we go. I like alternative, dubstep, and on occasion some soft rock. Music helps calm my anxiety, and I'd rather be alone then with people a lot of the time.

    Still reading? Okay then. I obviously like dragons, and I'd rather be in a fictional world then the real world, because fictional characters seem to be more trustworthy (and a heck of a lot more fun and exciting) then (about 99% of) real people. I love orcas and anything to do with marine biology, the stars, and the world of sound and color.

    Stop reading. It's kind of creepy. Really, stop. Stop. No. Fine I'll just jibber jabber then. *rambles about clever jokes and unfinished projects*