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  1. Thanks I hope so too!!! I love getting new lineages, it is my favorite thing to do is hunt for eggs and try and continue lineages I like.
  2. I did Google chrome, same even logged out low time eggs in the AP. I use FF mostly. Thanks for your concern
  3. If anyone else is having a problem with no holiday eggs in the AP let me know, I started a help topic here: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=172489 Thanks guys!
  4. Still having no holiday eggs show up going to put this in help section I guess Just disappointing. I could've cuddled with my gorgeous boyfriend, and walked home to no eggs! At least I was able to do the game. My gorgeous boyfriend
  5. I am able to breed but no eggs in the AP for me: This was taken about 5 mins ago. Edit: Even when I bred my own eggy, I didn't see it go into the AP :/ Haven't seen anything yet. Anyone else having this problem let me know. Thanks
  6. I just got the day complete, but I see no holiday bred eggs on the AP. Has it not set yet?
  7. Maybe the color of the gold egg just changes according to the moon phases. That would make most sense.
  8. Been looking in the cave. Has anyone seen anymore than just a few drop?
  9. Question, at the end of the Mageia's adult desc: "Their beautiful yellow scutes are reflective and smooth like glass, making them very valuable to collectors." Does this mean Mageia or others might be rarer to hunt down than other Xenowyrms?
  10. Thalassas Xenos are growing on me now too. I like the color combination, it reminds me of cotton candy
  11. Garlands and Glowsticks, and pebbles they can throw at their haters! Yeah it's gonna be tight lol.
  12. All the positivity is fantastic which has made this release one of my favorite, on top of the fact that the sprites are friggin' gorgeous. *hugs everyone*. I keep going to the front page to look at these adults Still Gaia being my favorite. I think I might be a follower to the Gaia....*runs, hides, hoards*. Edit: *Fine it is a dream, only a dream! but to keep the positive vibes going dreams are possible!!*
  13. My faves are of course the Gaia I love green an the lovely leaves are so gorgeous!
  14. I am very excited to see these as adults :-] *awaits patiently*
  15. Wow time goes by fast. Happy Birthday DC and to the community as well. It has been an adventure and nothing short
  16. Wow with this release good job, they are all so lovely.
  17. OMG the eggs are all greenish and gemstones AGGGHHH I love it <3333
  18. GL to all for love week. Woot Cannot wait any longer. Got my coffee....
  19. I think everyone should get a green tinsel prize LOL. Green is the bestest.
  20. Didn't win but grats to those who did!
  21. That is strange. Did you try contacting TJ through PM? Hope you win this year hun.
  22. I think prizes should be redrawn if they are a past winner. Say they win a tinsel in the past but are up for a shimmer cool. One of each kind of prize per scroll would be a fair rule.
  23. I wonder if someone is actually going to decline their prize LOL D:
  24. You know winning a prize could actually be a nightmare if you are too nice or you aren't well organized. I would love to win but I know I would also regret winning LOL. Flooded with PMs, I mean if it is worth a hundred or more headaches than alright. Than again it is good so many new lines are coming out to make them less rare over the years.