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  1. I am extremely confused. I just left the nest and nothing seems to be happening.
  2. Happy love day! Also, the dragon is amazing. I'm working on the game, seems interesting.
  3. Spicing things up, eh? Great. Happy holidays :^)
  4. Holy hot damn! Today was a great day to log on.
  5. Not bragging, but got one egg from each biome. Now to see what the adults are called...
  6. Aw crud, I missed ANOTHER mass release. dang that's really pretty Still need some Almeralds.
  7. Looks like a good update.
  8. I was kinda busy with personal life so I didn't see it for a while. It looks amazing!
  9. DTi56

    2016-07-10 - July Release

    Holy crud, that dragon looks amazing! But how do I get the 2nd egg? Can anyone help me?
  10. Great job, those luxky people! For the ones that failed, good luck getting the next one!
  11. DTi56

    DTi's Art

    Will do soon. Thanks for the request, because I kinda ditched drawing lilies. But I'll do it! EDIT: Here's the drawing! http://m.imgur.com/ZdIbbOm Links because I try not to clutter things.
  12. DTi56

    DTi's Art

    Bump: It's been quite a while. Nobody has seen it yet.
  13. Here we go again. I'd like to request a banner! Dragon: Purple Nebula (on left side) Text (if any): Mystery Link Background color: Glow color:
  14. you are a future legend By the way, are we able to use the ones already made or do we have to add other requests?
  15. Bump: I remember now. The legendary epiphyllum oxypetalum. And also a red epiphyllum. One flower bloomed today, sadly, it's spent now.
  16. Wow, this is godly. I'd like to request a banner! Dragon: Chrono Xenowyrm Text (if any): DTi's Art Background color: N/A Glow color: N/A
  17. DTi56

    DTi's Art

    Hi there. I'm a decent artist (I am not a drawer/closet ) that loves flowers and dragons. Expect to see those here. Unless stated, all images are digital art and colored. So, now for the art. You can request any flowers for me to draw, or I will also draw them in my spare time. Dragons are only when I want to do them. 6/16/16: Asiatic Lily 'Black Gold' 6/10/16: Blusang Lundwurm (egg) (JereduLevenin, Corteo) 6/4/16: Xenowyrm scales (Original sprites by Birdzgoboom) 5/29/16: Nexus Dragons (Traditional sketch, not colored; original by Odeen) 6/1/15: DC Trophies 5/16/15-5/25/15: Magelight Pygmy Wyverns (Marrionetta), Nebula Dragons (Sif, Skinst, Rosella Surmane) http://imgur.com/J40ZMlM Trophies http://imgur.com/mjx0HfZ Nebulas http://imgur.com/DVF28c8 MP Wyverns http://imgur.com/JsVnG5u Nexus http://imgur.com/DPMuwSq Xenowyrm Scales http://m.imgur.com/a/ideCRsv Blusang Lindwurm egg http://m.imgur.com/ZdIbbOm 'Black Gold' lily
  18. What a great time to be scrollocked... I only have 3 breeds! I still love you, DC team. <3
  20. Those dragons are AMAZING. dangit will you just drop more eggs EDIT: YES! It was named a Celestial dragon. (I seriously missed this egg AND a paper?!)
  21. Huh. A pretty good idea. Kinda like Tale of Dragons, which unfortunately shut down. Maybe some exclusive dragons could be added. EDIT: What if a custom code dragon was more expensive than the original dragon requested? Would seem cool.
  22. Huh. I got an egg t 3:54 PM PDT. Luck! Beautiful dragons nonetheless. I wonder if they're gonna be called Celestials...
  23. YES! I finally got ONE of them. Time to get 5 more X3
  24. DANGIT. I missed yet another egg. Hey, at least I got a leetle t... wait, i'm at the limit Well, I'll keep trying. I heard they have a BSA... if you freeze them?
  25. I can't find this egg... Wait... DID I SERIOUSLY MISS 3 RELEASES/EVENTS IN A ROW?! AAAAAAARGH well time to find it if i can