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  1. Haven't got any email yet. But since TJ said they're still being sent out, I'm still unsure. Congrats to those who won xd.png


    Edit: Just checked, and of course... nope. sad.gif Thanks for the link anyways

  2. Snow Angels are a female-only breed, so that part is a given. smile.gif And (unless something changes about the way Snow Angels are coded) all Snow Angels you'll get in future will also be tri-coloured, since everyone's scroll is bound to one type of Snow Angel.


    Do you like the variant you got? smile.gif

    Well, didn't notice that before xd.png


    I was actually hoping to get the tricolor variant when I had my first Snow Angel. Seems it turned out just as I wished and I'm happy with it biggrin.gif

  3. You mean that people who get hit by a car have to live with the broken bones and internal bleeding because they knew about the risks? blink.gif


    Of course not! I mean, if people cross the road without being aware of traffic (e.g. Wearing earplugs and not paying attention to cars) and get hit by a car because of it, by all means it IS their fault and they only get to blame themselves.


    However, if someone got hit by a car because the driver was being reckless or drunk or whatever (which was mentioned), and the situation cannot be avoided by the pedestrian even if he/she was totally aware of traffic conditions, then of course it's the driver's fault, and the driver would most probably get arrested by the karma police. But that would be much rarer than reckless jaywalkers and whatnot. So yeah, if you DO get hit by a car even though you are perfectly aware of the road, of course that's not your fault but you still have to accept the cruel truth that is you got hit by a car driven by a jerk because it happened already and there's no way you could reverse time. That's just one of the risks, but we can't avoid crossing the road just because we're afraid of getting hit by a car, right?


    But back on topic, I agree that being pregnant isn't a walk in the park, as well as giving birth and raising babies. But the main problem is, does a fetus count as a living thing? Because aborting would be no different than killing life if it does count. (Of course, you could say that a fetus may not have consciousness, but that's just speculation. Oh well...)


    @High Lord November

    There are people having children who are too lazy to raise them. If I look at what those kids more often than not grow up into... it may sound cruel, but I often feel they would have been better off never having been born. They weren't raised with love and care and it shows in their entire being, often resulting in making the lives of others miserable.


    If you mean the reason about raising children without proper care could have disastrous results, I believe that point wasn't made by me.


    And that analogy about the crossing the road wasn't made by me either. Of course, if you get hit by a car by all means you have the right to go to hospital and get your injuries treated. What I meant was if you got pregnant because of yourself you have to bear the consequences and there won't be any excuse.


    I'm sorry if what I said turned out offensive-like, but that wasn't what I meant. Heck, I don't even knew that this thread would become a discussion about getting hit by cars xd.png

  4. Officially being an adult does not in any way mean you're suddenly magically able to raise a child, a tiny human being, responsibly.


    Of course, that's not what I mean when I said about adults taking responsibility of raising babies. I know that I'm not very good at expressing ideas, but oh well...


    We both know we want children eventually, preferably together, but now is simply not the time. We know that if we wait a few years, we'll be able to provide a child with the love and care it needs and deserves. I want the very best for my children, and that's simply not what I can offer them right now.


    I understand that. Raising a child is a huge responsibility, and I do know that it is a difficult decision to make. As you said, raising children without proper care could have disastrous results.


    Anyway, as I've mentioned, whether abortion is appropriate really depends on the situation. Right?

  5. @ylangylang

    Yeah, maybe I'm just a bit sleepy and got my head in the clouds xd.png


    But back on topic,


    Maybe if you don't have the support you need to raise a baby

    By this I meant situations like people in relatively poor regions who don't have enough money to raise a baby.




    you just aren't ready


    I meant that for girls who are rather young and do not have the ability to bear such a heavy responsibility such as having a baby. You do realize that there are also people out there who abort even though they are already adults and should be mature enough to be able to accept raising babies, right? So it's different than being too lazy to raise one.


    And also


    Every time you go out of the house you can get hit by a car. So if you get hit by a car you must know the risks and be able to accept any accidents that may happen, if you have the ability to.


    I believe you meant by crossing a road you may be hit by a car, which is highly possible if you aren't alert of traffic conditions. So yes, you DO have to know the risks of crossing the road and accept any accidents that may happen due to your own recklessness if you happen to be jaywalking or not being alert.


  6. I'm not Christian and no expert, but I'm normally against abortion since I believe in karma. All life is equal and I'll avoid killing any living things. However I won't hesitate if I must.


    Back on topic, I believe that it still depends on the situation. Maybe if you don't have the support you need to raise a baby or if you just aren't ready, or under situations like sexual assault as mentioned above then probably abortion is the only option. However, if you just don't want to have a baby or you're too lazy to raise it even though you can, then you're not taking responsibility.


    No offense, but if you have sex voluntarily then you must know the risks and be able to accept any accidents that may happen, if you have the ability of course.


    Anyway, that's just my view of the subject smile.gif