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  1. You should put a lot of glitter in them. And post new pictures soon.
  2. R11: A dragon with a song lineage--I just started one last month and its gonna be Fight Song by Rachel Platten Bingo This is to show that it is in fact the start of a song lineage Regular Bingo: 1 pt each R13: A dragon with a code that starts and ends with the same letter and capitalization (Gr7kG is ok, Gr7kg is not) Bingo-CC R14: A 3rd gen or higher checkered holiday. Bingo R15: A dragon named for a fictional character (please write the character and why your dragon is named for it) Bingo-Its actually two since it is a two headed dragon but I named them Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan because Star Wars is amazing and I wanted to have a dragon named Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan
  3. I want a Banner! Banner type: No box preferably however if you think it needs a box then that's fine as well Dragon Breed/s (Up to 3)- Magi and Mint Use hatchlings? Doesn't matter Banner text: Magi and Mint Lover Can other people use this banner?: Of Course Any specific requests? Can you make it the size of either the 'galaxy lineage' banner or the 'breast cancer' banner in my signature? **Can I also request a separate banner for Vampire dragons? Everything is the same as above except it says 'Vampire Lover'. If I need to do a separate post for it I can.**
  4. Sorry for double posting! I wanted to make sure I had the Flash Bingo in R11: A dragon with a song lineage---Does the song have to be completed????? R12: A dragon that's part of a lineage project from the Breeding section of the forums--Bingo!
  5. Flash Bingo: 1 pt each - active until 3:30 PM on the 7th of July F5: Three different breeds of two-headed dragons 1.) BINGO 2.) BINGO 3.) BINGO
  6. R2: Any PB Two-Headed Sorry now Bingo Regular Bingo: 1 pt each R7: A non-Aria with an Aria as parent or grandparent Bingo! R9: A dragon with an alphabetical code; All the numbers/letters need to come in numerical/alphabetical order (19dps and a12b6 are fine, while 16ab3 and ds5p9 are not) Bingo! Flash Bingo: 1 pt each Lasts until 10:30 PM Cave Time - around 9 hours from this post. F3: One of each dragon with the egg decription "This egg has strange markings on it." 1.) Bingo~ 2.) Bingo~ 3.) Bingo~ 4.) Bingo~
  7. Sorry for double posting but it appears I forgot about these three: Regular Bingo: 1 pt each R1: Three 2nd gen holiday dragons (you can mix holidays as you want) 1. Bingo 2. Bingo 3. Bingo R2: Any PB Two-Headed Bingo R3: Two dragons you think would be best friends (different breeds) with a short explanation of why Bluno and Jirachi are the best of friends and will normally play with seaweed together
  8. Regular Bingo: 1 pt each R4: A Dorkface Bingo!! R5: A dragon with a beautiful lineage - please explain why Bingo~ because christmas/valentines is always pretty R6: A dragon with a spriters alt Bingo!! Cascade Bingo: 1pt/2pts/3pts C1a: A perfect checker C1b: A perfect checker with one rare in lineage C1c: A perfect checker with two rares in lineage Bingo(?) If that doesn't count I should have another that does.
  9. I want Johnlock so damn bad. I will throw a party when/if that becomes actual cannon!
  10. I do not like the idea of adding them to the existing line however I do like the idea to give the Arias their own line. A Remembrance line would be a cool idea.
  11. My Mothers Day Hope dragon Tunisia Hope And now I'm just waiting for this Beauty to gender.
  12. I want to join the Galaxy Line] Scroll name: Poohbear03 Do you want an egg from a breeder or do you want to breed two nebulas to get your first egg? May I please have an egg from the original pairing. (Zeus X Hera) How active are you on Dragon Cave + DC forums? I am normally very active on both Are you willing to also assist in breeding of the nebula dragons? (COMPLETELY optional!): Of course. I always try to answer any and all PMs quickly. *My favourite country would be Japan* I wish to become a breeder! Scroll name: Poohbear03 How many magi dragons do you have?: 52 How active are you on Dragon Cave + DC Forums?: Pretty Active
  13. I offered on the first one. Not sure if anyone else did but I thought I'd let you know
  14. I have sent the link to This Hope Egg to FAstudent12 I have also received my new Hope Egg from StormBirdRising. Thank you so much
  15. Weekend would be best for me. I have college exams happening within the coming weeks so I can't participate during the week.