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  1. Okay so here we go: My boyfriend of three months dotes over me and buys me things and constantly tells me I'm beautiful. He tell me I'm everything to him and that if he lost me he might kill himself and that's all fine but he always makes jokes about cheating. I know he would never cheat because thats what broke his parents up, plus he only thinks about me and doesn't see anyone else like that as long as he has. Sometimes it hurts though but I don't say anything because he always says he's happy that he's able to joke with me about those things. Should I tell him that I don't want him to tell those jokes all the time, or just know that I can trust him and that it means nothing?
  2. Username: wingedwillow Pair OR Generation request: watermelon A Very Dark Tea x Just My Cup of Tea
  3. I'd like a banner please! Eggs: BSA dragons Starting Color: red
  4. Banner Requests Let the madness begin! So here is a sample of my work and So just fill out this form: [b]Forum Name:[/b] [i][put name here][/i] [b]PM:[/b] [i][put link here][/i] [b]Banner Dimensions:[/b] [b]Text/Font:[/b] [b]What do you want on it?[/b] [b]Any other information?[/b] It might take awhile for me to complete them because I do have a life outside of this game (shocker) so just be patient! I'll only do three at a time so hurry. Waitlist: 1. 2. 3.
  5. I, wingedwillow, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  6. Can I get a hope egg? I really want to be part of this lineage project!
  7. Username: wingedwillow Name: Aiolia Gender: female Age: less than a day Breed: Swallowtail Appearance: completely normal female swallowtail Personality: She is mischievous and loves to sneak around, but she is also gentle and loving. History: When Calliope walked into the cave, a swift breeze knocked this egg into her open arms, but it did not hatch like Aiolos. Human carer: Calliope Extra:
  8. Hi! I didn't know if anyone saw this. One question; can I add another dragon later if I please?
  9. Oh my god! I love this. If you click on my scroll you can see that all of my dragons are named after greek gods, goddesses, nymphs, ect! <3 I want to cross the river! scroll name/link: wingedwillow Breed request: Swallowtail (stair lineage if possible) My rare/holiday goal: Solstice Dragon
  10. Username: wingedwillow Name: Aiolos Gender: male Age: 1 day Breed: Swallowtail Dragon Appearance: He looks almost the same as a normal, but he has 3 tails. Image of what he would look like as an adult ((I do not own that image. I found it on the dragon cave wikia)) Personality: Always curious to find out new things, or get into any trouble he can find. Aiolos loves to pounce through tall grass, and is very frivolous. History: When Calliope walked into the cave, a swift breeze knocked this egg into her open arms and hatched. She knew right there and then, raising this hatchling was her destiny. Human carer: Calliope Extra: Aiolos loves snuggling with Calliope and he tries to copy her singing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Username: wingedwillow Name: Calliope Gender: female Age: 15 Appearance: Her platinum blonde hair reaches the floor, and her body is covered in light freckles. Calliope has grayish-blue eyes and pale skin. She is about 5' 3' and is very skinny. Personality: Calliope is bubbly and never misses a good time. She is kind, loving, and compassionate. Her friends always feel that they can tell her anything, and she is always willing to listen. Attitude towards dragons: She wants to help the dragon race back to their glorious origins. Calliope treats her dragon like one of her own, but she knows that, when it comes time, they will no longer need her support. DragonSpeaker?: Yes Do they have a dragon? Aiolos History: Calliope was raised by poor farmers in a small town near the Himalayas. She spends most of her time in the meadow behind her house, singing to the animals. When she heard about the cave, she came to see how she could help. Extra: She is known for her beautiful voice. It is said that, with her voice, she made the wolf, that was eating all of the sheep in her home town, curl up in her lap and fall into a peaceful slumber.
  11. I, wingedwillow, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  12. I'm in! Those people are sick. I have a pitbull great dane mix; their ultimate enemy . I will change the name of the dragon breeds soon. Thnx!
  13. I, wingedwillow, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.