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  1. Thread updated! @LightningBug - To have your influence report recorded, please fill out the form to be one of our influencers. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. UPDATE: Hello all! This is Forever_Mone, the newest Moderator for the Influence for Me thread I'll be helping Dekka in maintaining the thread. Looking forward to working with everyone! --Forever_Mone
  3. hello folks! this is the original creator of the thread, and i just wanted to say a few things: due to inactivity and a huge backlog, the list of influencers has been moved to a separate document. if you are a past influencer, PM this account and i'll add you back to the list if you begin influencing again, so that you won't lose your past influences. the thread will be cleaned out sometime so that we will have a fresh start. we are in need of some moderators to help with the general upkeep and maintenance of the thread, as currently it seems i am the only active member of the group account. if anyone would be interested in helping out, please fill out a moderator application and we'll go from there! -Dekka
  4. Banners: ( if you can't copy the image with the link directly, then just copy the text in the box, then paste as plain text! ) [url=https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/165874-influence-for-me/][img=http://i59.tinypic.com/1z67d46.png][/url]
  5. Bans — [ name ] | [ offense ] no bans yet! (-:
  6. Thread Moderators — Dekka | Thread Creator and Admin | Message Link Forever_Mone | Thread Moderator | Message Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- inactive moderators: water_angel | Moderator - inactive Ylvanne | Moderator - inactive Tiga | Moderator - inactive ForNarniaMC | Moderator - inactive aussieJJDude | Moderator - inactive
  7. Sorted by number of eggs Influenced; highest to lowest. This also shows activeness and reliability in Influencers. Everyone on this list has influenced 1 egg or more. Choose carefully! "Last Influence" has been added to show activity in Influencers. Influencer List has been cleared out as of July 20, 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old Influencer List: click Forum Name: Ghost Will you influence for free?: Yes, but something is always appreciated) Message Link: click Something else: N/A Eggs Influenced — 24 Last Influence — June 2nd, 2016 added back July 20, 2018! Forum Name: DarkDagger Will you influence for free?: Yep! Message Link: click Something else: N/A Eggs Influenced — 12 Last Influence — May 23rd, 2015 added back August 29, 2018! Forum Name: Forever_Mone Will you influence for free?: Totally! Something in return is always welcomed as well. Message Link: click Something else: N/A Eggs Influenced — 4 Last Influence — July 1st, 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Will you influence for free?: Yes PM Link: click Something else?: N/A Eggs Influenced — 2 Last Influence — February 28th, 2018 Forum Name: LightningBug Will you influence for free?: Yes! Message Link: click Something else: N/A Eggs Influenced — 1 Last Influence — August 29th, 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last update: August 30, 2018 - Added Mochi and LightningBug
  8. Form for Influencees: If you need an Influence, please use this form! ↑ A gentle reminder, please keep all eggs under 5 days! Form for Influencers: If you would like to Influence for others, use this form! Form for Donators: If you're donating Pink Dragons, use this form! Form for Influence Reports: If you are reporting an Influence, use this form! ↑ Either the influencee or the influencer can report; but not both, please! Form for Mod Signups: Please use this form if you would like to be a mod for this thread! ↑ Please PM this form to the group account! Mod Applications are open! We are in desperate need of help with the thread, so if you want to assist, please fill an application out (-:
  9. INFLUENCE FOR ME NEEDS NEW MODERATORS IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN HELPING OUT, PLEASE APPLY First Post — Rules, Explained Second Post — Forms Third Post — Influencers Fourth Post — List of Mods Fifth Post — Bans 💖 Absolutely no keeping Hatchlings being Influenced by you unless the Influencee has not responded within a day! 💖If your Hatchling is not returned, neither Influence for Me or TJ09 will be held responsible. Do not try to contact TJ about a Hatchling thief. He will not help. You have been informed of the risks! TJ is not affiliated with the thread. 💖 Use Messages to communicate. Do not post on the thread unless you are donating Pinks, requesting Influences, or reporting Influences. You may also post on the thread or PM the group account if you're having trouble with a user or trouble understanding the thread, etc. Additionally, you may post on the thread to say you have claimed a donation. 💖 You must report Influences using the Influence Report Form. 💖 Gentle reminder that Eggs cannot be Influenced if they are under three days. 💖 It will earn you a ban from the thread if you keep the Hatchling, unless the owner says you may, or if they do not contact you after a day. 💖 You may set up Teleport links with free Pinks for people to take. 💖 Eggs to be influenced must be under five days; this gives a bit of insurance that you won't be Egg-Sitting. 💖Return Eggs as soon as they hatch. There is no reason to keep them longer. If the Influencee does not respond within one day, then the Influencer may keep the Hatchling. The Influencer is not in any way obliged to return the Hatchling, but they may if they wish to do so. 💖 Please do not edit your post with the Influence Report Form. Make a new post unless it will cause Double-Posting. 💖 Influencers may also Incubate Eggs to be Influenced so that they may hatch faster. Here's how the thread works. This is a thread in which Influencers may gift Pinks or Influence Eggs that Influencees give them until they gender. The Hatchling will then be traded back, Influenced properly, for payment or for free. Here is an example of what could happen — Person 1: I have a Cave-Born Nebula egg that I want to be female. Influence it for me and you can have this nice-lineaged Red egg! Person 2 Messages Person 1 and says they will Influence the Egg. A Teleport is set up to Person 2 with the Nebula. Person 2 Influences the Egg and then hatches it. One of the people sets up a trade with the Female Nebula and Red Egg and they will swap, or the Nebula will be gifted. Make sense? Have at it!
  10. HEY GUYS GREAT NEWS! We now have a group account!! <3 I'll ask to close the thread within the next few days and. We can start fresh with the group account and have all new Influencers and everything so that anyone who has went inactive from the beginning can be removed and we can have active Influencers. This way, we can also be updated more often since I will [ hopefully ] have other members to assist me. (: