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I honor and accept IOUs. I accept breeding requests 1uzm6ii.gif

shoko.png  Lineage Database  ~  my pairings

Please don't hesitate to PM me about anything! I'm not as active as I usually am, but I still respond to PMs!

Formerly chrispy on forums, Naturelover13 on DC.

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    No longer accurate 05/2021

    Looking For...
    Spriter Alts are nice :)

    Holiday Mates:
    *2G Caligene - Gold-wing Snow Angel x M Caligene
    *2G Radient Angel - Gold-wing SA x RA
    2G Marrow - F Marrow x M Spirit Ward - WANT
    2G Marrow - F Marrow x M Yulebuck
    2G Despis - F Despis x M Orange Magi
    2G Despis - F Despis x M Xeno Mageia
    *2G Holly - Stripe x Holly
    3G Grave - M Grave x F Spessartine
    3G Cavelurker - M CaveLurker x F Tea
    *3G Marrow - F Marrow x M Black (ALT)
    3G SW - F Silver Herald x M SW
    3G Heartseeker - F Red Nebula x Heartseeker
    3G Arsani - Arsani x M Cave Lurker
    3G Holly - M Silver x F Holly
    4G Holly - F Holly x M Gold
    4G SA - Gold-wing x White
    5G Sweetling - Sweetling x F Silver
    5G Yulebuck - Yulebuck x F Gold

    2G Gold - Gold x Caligene
    2G Almadine - F Almadine x M Gold
    2G Gold - M Grave x F Gold - WANT
    2G Gold - M Gold x F Despis
    2G Silver - M Silver x F SW - WANT
    2G Silver - M Spessar x F Silver
    2G Ice - M Ice x F SW
    2G Green Copper - M Green Copper x F SW
    2G Magma - M Magma x Val '09
    2G Nebula - M Green Nebula x Ribbon
    2G Avatar - M Guardian x F CL - WANT
    2G Spiritward - M CL x F Spiritward
    2G Pink - M Pink x F CL
    2G Pink Nebula - Nebula x CL
    2G Pink Nebula - M Pink Nebula x F CL
    2G Dark Green - M Marrow x F Dark Green
    2G Magma - M Grave x F Magma
    2G Red - M Marrow x F Red
    *2G Xeno Mageia - from Female Spessar

    **3G Moonstone - Moonstone x Solstice (blue)
    3G Red Copper - M Grave x F Red Copper
    3G Green Copper - M Yulebuck x F Green Copper
    3G Silver Herald - M SW x F Silver Herald
    3G Autumn - M Grave x F Autumn
    3G Magma - Magma x Heartseeker
    3G White - F Thalassas x M White
    3G Red - M Red x F SW
    3G Alt Ridge - Alt Ridge x Val '09
    3G Alt Ridge - M Alt Ridge x F CL
    3G Almadine - M CL x F Almadine
    3G Niostrife - M CL x F Niostrife
    3G Ice - M Ice x F CL
    **3G Ice - F Ice x M Silver
    3G Silver - M Silver x F Green Copper
    3G Silver - M CL x F Silver
    3G Silver - M Silver x F Daydream
    3G Gold - M Gold x F Sunrise
    3G Gold - M Gold x F Orange Magi
    3G Gold - M Gold x F White
    4G Stripe - F Stripe x RA
    4G Stripe - M Stripe x F SA
    4G Gold - M SW x F Gold
    4G Gold - M Gold x F White
    4G Silver - M Niostrife x F Silver
    4G Pygmy - M Pumpkin x F Pygmy
    4G Green Copper - F Copper x M SW
    4G Ice - M Ice x F Solstice (all color)
    4G Gold - F Gold x Sweetling
    4G Thunder - F Thunder x M Gold
    4G GW - M Holly x F GW (mate for 5dm89)
    4G Red Dorsal - mate for 4jwPN
    5G Gold - Male Gold x Female White


    Holiday CBs I have:
    Halloween - Marrow
    Christmas - Magi, Mistletoe, Aegis
    Valentines - Sweetling, Arsani, Heartseeker, Radiant Angel, Heartstealer

    ..I have CB Golds, CB Silvers, all CB Trios, CB Spessars, all CB Xenos, CB Guardians..
    I can produce:
    2nd/3rd/4th Gen Stripe/RA - Female Stripe
    2nd/3rd Gen Silver/RA - Female Silver
    3rd Gen Gold/RA - Female Gold
    3rd Gen Stripe/Yulebuck - Female Stripe
    3rd Gen Silver/Yulebuck - Female Silver
    3rd Gen GW/Solstice - Male GW
    3rd Gen Silver/Marrow - Female Silver
    3rd Gen Silver/SW - Female Silver
    3rd Gen Thalassas/Solstice - Male Thalassas
    3rd Gen SilverHerald/SW - Female Silver Herald
    3rd Gen Black/Marrow - Male Black
    3rd Gen Chronos/Lurker - Male Chronos
    3rd Gen Pumpkin/Magelight - Female Magelight
    3rd Gen Green Copper/SW - Female Green Copper
    3rd Gen RA/Grave
    3rd/4th Gen Gold SA/Stripe - Male Stripe
    3rd/4th Gen Gold/Yulebuck - Female Gold
    3rd/4th Gen Silver/Solstice - Male Silver
    3rd/4th Gen White/Marrow - Male White
    3rd/4th Gen Blusang/Silver - Male Silver, Female Blusang
    3rd/4th Gen Pumpkin/Pygmy - Female Pygmy
    3rd/4th Gen White/Yulebuck - Female White
    4th Gen Mixed Shimmer Checkers...
    4th Gen Gold/Silver - Male Silver, Female Gold
    4th Gen Gold/Winter Magi - Female Gold
    4th Gen Gold/Gold Snow Angel - Male Gold
    4th Gen Sweetling/Spring - Female Spring
    4th/5th Gen Red/RibbonDancer - Male Red
    5th Gen Silver/Sweetling - Female Silver
    Will update...later

    CB Wishlist:
    CB Gold
    Updated: January 23, 2016
    I have been playing DC since 2009