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  1. took the witchlight, thank you so much!
  2. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* welcome to my wishlist *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ hello! i really like caveborn dragons but i also love pretty lineages! this is really just for my own collecting reference, but you can also use it if you are looking to send me a gift! my favorites: ✧gemshard dragons (especially green) ✧ ✧ lunar herald dragons (especially gold) ✧ ✧ lihnseyre dragons ✧ ✧ tercorn dragons ✧ ✧ vremya drakes ✧ ✧ shimmer-scale dragons ✧ ✧ nebula dragons ✧ ✧ silver dragons ✧ ✧ tinsel dragons ✧ lineages i plan on doing: ✧ m vremya drake x f honey drake ✧ ✧ m tercorn x f moonstone ✧ ✧ m green gemshard x f lihnseyre ✧ ✧ m arcana x f lihnseyre ✧ always wanted: ✧ red dragons ✧ ✧ pink dragons ✧ ✧ magi dragons ✧ ✧ aeon wyverns ✧
  3. HAVE: CB Golden Wyvern Egg (x2) Chicken Egg WANT: CB Silver (preferably hatchling, but an egg is fine!)
  4. these eggs look beautiful! can't wait to grab me some of these lil guys!
  5. i was playing legend of zelda: breath of the wild and decided i would jump into a freezing lake. i died and tried to jump in again.
  6. i need to breed a male moonstone for the lineage i'm working on, but all i get is sunstones.
  7. Maybe like something that isn't all pink and flowers and sparkles, like a black eastern with silver somethings and pink somethings. That'd look cool.
  8. I want you to draw me stuff! Username: Kaytiee Request type: My fursona! Description: this picture and can you draw her prancing around? Other: nope
  9. ouma

    2015-01-15 - Raffle Status

    Yeah, that's probably part of it as well. I had a really good name in mind if I got a prize but it's taken..time to search for more names.
  10. ouma

    2015-01-15 - Raffle Status

    It's probably going to be a week or something until the emails get sent. This is my first raffle I've been in, too. At least this wait gives us plenty of time to clear egg slots and grow dragons.
  11. ouma

    2015-01-15 - Raffle Status

    I need to clear out my inbox so I can find the message that will (probably not) say I've won! I wonder what the codes for the prizes will be. :>
  12. ouma

    2015-01-15 - Raffle Status

    Sorry for the derp question, but what is a "site e-mail"? If I had one of the prizes I'd want it to have the code "Kitty"
  13. ouma

    2015-01-15 - Raffle Status

    I love tinsel dragons! That's a lot of prize dragons to be given out. I think a lineage with silver tinsels and moonstones would look amazing.
  14. To have a 15 generation PB Moonstone! If my calculations are correct: a week for raising and a week for breeding for each generation, that'd be about a year
  15. I don't dislike any of my inbreds, but it's sort of disturbing to see that people inbreed them like this Dx I got an inbred dorkface a few days ago, it's a canopy.
  16. Wow. I've been observing some vampires with really big lineages. One I found had 83 repeating dragons, three of them repeating 14 times..
  17. My avatar is actually one of my role play characters from a different forum. Her name is Vertigo. I drew it just for christmas-time~!
  18. Here's my little story of "The Circle of Forest Life", ny Neotropical. A couple of eggs hatched so I went to the AP to find me a nice little egg. Being the nice person I am, I saw an ER egg and grabbed it. I spammed it on some clicksites and it hatched in 15 minutes! So I waited and waited until it grew. Today, I started pondering about why someone left that egg like that. It's lineage was a MESS. So I searched through it and found it pretty clean. NOPE. I ran it through Allure of Neglected Dragons's inbred checker. She came up with 7 dragons, all appearing twice. She's severely inbred, my poor thing. I don't know what to do! She's a big character I role play with, I love neotropicals, and every one of my friends adores her! Here's a little question for all of you: Have you ever found an egg and raised it, loved it, and then find it's inbred? EDIT: Oh great...my magi egg has 35 repeated dragons. That's really strange and severe.. But yet again I really need that Magi.
  19. Can you add me to the list? I'll take in any inbred. I don't have a Magi but zi am raising one Magi egg, I'll soon start rescuing as well~!