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    *made it out of the inactive abyss just in time for xmas 2017* And all of my dragons have now been renamed and named for the new year!

    I love fantasy and mythology (obviously *winkwink*) and I'm a big Tasertricks fan. I love way too much stuff to list so I'm just going to put what I'm currently obsessing over for simplicity's sake.

    Current Obsession: Tasertricks!! (Loki x Darcy from Marvel's Thor) Also dragons.
    Psst, I love roleplaying btw ;D

    I have a typical DC wishlist. Neglected, CB Golds, and CB Coppers right now. My goal is to have 4 of each (2 males, 2 females) and concerning the Neglected, 2 females, 1 male and 1 ungendered.

    Neglecteds: 0/4
    CB Golds: 0/0
    CB Brown Coppers: 3/4 *missing 1 male
    CB Red Coppers: 3/4 *missing 1 female
    CB Green Coppers: 1/4 *missing 1 female/2 males