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  1. I don't normally comment (and I'm also pretty late oops) but these newly released dragons have really nice designs, especially how they seem to have a similar sort of firefly(?) theme between the two of them. I've been staring at these new dragons for awhile and its got me thinking, and this is just a theory, but what if these breeds have some sort of symbiotic relationship where they both benefit from each other? Or maybe a parasitic relationship? I can't think of any specific species that are connected like this yet. I'm probably horribly wrong but its a fun idea.
  2. Have: 2nd Gen Soulstone x Sunrise 2nd Gen Soulstone x Sunsong 2nd Gen Mutamore x Ridgewing 2nd Gen Mutamore x Diamondwing Want: Messy lineaged Soulstone and Mutamore hatchlings (preferably ungendered). Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Ah man, I literally missed the event eggs by five minutes because the lag was so bad on my computer I hope I can find someone to trade with, they look pretty cool. For some reason they remind me of the data monster.
  4. -- Definitely not a spriter. I checked and they joined only recently. Darn. Maybe tomorrow if we're lucky, they look pretty cool.
  5. Is anyone else seeing knight costumes? I had a hatchling visit in one but they're not in the shop. :
  6. Loving the new Khusa dragons! They remind me of bearded vultures. I wonder if this was intentional?
  7. Very cool dragons! Too bad I wasn't around when they came out, I would've liked to catch a couple. Guess I'll have to trade for the last one I need :/
  8. *Crosses fingers for butterfly dragon*
  9. The hatchlings' behavior reminds me of a tsundere anime girl. ...TJ you b-baka... Really liking the event btw