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Sweet Sun (Dragon Cave version) says"Your Albino-no dragon is making me jelly!"


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    WindClan, the Ga'hoole Tree, and Thunderheart's Winter Den
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    Hello fellow people and Dragon owners, here is a bit about myself: I have an obsession with The Falt in Our Stars, Maze Runner series, Me, and Earl, and the Dying Girl, Warriors books, Wolves of the Beyond books, Owls of Ga'Hoole books, Wings of Fire books, Survivors series, and those are just books! I love the games Pokémon, Digìmon, Bakugan, Minecraft, SPORE, Yandere Simulator, Castle Crashers, LBP1, 2, 3 and, lastly, the Sims! I also love Feral Heart and Last Moon, but they're slightly different. I enjoy MikuMiku Dance animations and basic frame-by-frame pencil animation, as well as a sucker for stop motion. I really like Animation. Lastly, I have a super duper obsession with Milky Chance - a German band. They are amazing, and the people in it are my heroes. Especially Clemens Rehbein (Clem-ens Ray-bine)... He is my celebrity crush.