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  1. Caught an AP egg with 11 minutes left, so here are the results. Your Forum name: braviary123 Your Scroll name:braviary123 The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): xH3Oc Egg type: Spitfire Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): Never fogged it, but experiment started at 11.36:20am my time (CST) Time of Death: 11:42am CST Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 640ish/1/1 Turned & died. Yay, but *cry*
  2. uuugh I still need to wait for some vamp kills to stop pestering my egg slots *sigh* I hope the green/blue are two-headeds though, its a good sign that they can't be bitten. We don't have enough yet :3
  3. thanks oNinetailo It's a thuwed :3 pretty I might add, & if I can get a CB harvest, I can continue it. Yay! And then there were zero egg slots left for the next 7 hours thanks herk According to my aeons, I don't have to influence either of them. Finally I get an influencing break. :3
  4. Good news: A friend gave me a CB nilia pygmy because I didn't have any & I wanted to breed some new pygmies instead of relying on the AP to toss some into the open. Bad news: I didn't realize she had the pygmy because the internet quit working for 5 days & when I came back it had hatched already. It gendered this morning, & its female. Both of my crimson flares are female. *exasperated sigh*
  5. More than one thing goes here today yay I've officially bitten all 76 of my vampires, and now I have to wait a month to bite them again because I don't feel like checking every vampire every day to see if they're off CD yet. This really sucks. One of the eggs my dragons repulsed went to another vampire fanatic as well, so fat chance of getting that one back. Aagh *sigh* Also I'm 1 egg slot away from being egg locked until this time tomorrow because of my silly dragons. hhhh
  6. Maybe the loading thing was the problem. The site was so slow to load anything for me yesterday, so maybe it jumped over the message; as its appearing now :3 Thank you :3
  7. How am I supposed to view the messages I've recieved? it says I have a message but it won't let me see it. It's so frustrating ugh
  8. Well, went on a vamp craze for a few days (probably not a craze for most who post here but for me it was) so I'm back... Anyway, the statistics are Bit & killed: 10 Bit & Stayed: 7 Bit & Abandoned: 3 Actually a 50/50 chance of success this go-round. Apparently I've been using the right type of eggs or something cause I haven't had anything remotely close to this happen for about 2 years.
  9. -I used a vamp to bite an egg -It was successful! My third success in about a month -Somewhere down the road I abandoned it -Didn't realize it for about 5 hours until I went to bite another egg & realized it was gone *repeated head banging* & I have another for you. -Amazing lineage, electric circle with shimmers in the middle-right? -precogged it; it was going to be male! I was really excited. -Went to incubate it, then had the thought to go ahead & influence my tinsel 3g to be female You can see where this is going right? -My brain screwed up the instructions & influenced the electric to be female & I realized it right after I tapped the 'enter' button the second time. -Precogged the egg again, it was to be female. The reason I don't like females is my scroll prefers them, & I've grown tired of them (before this electric I have 1 male & about 5 females) & I prefer the males. Since the lineage didn't require me to make it a certain gender, I wanted male, & then all this happened. -Anyway, I did manage to fix this through the 10 min long task of throwing the egg back into the AP & praying no one grabbed it (I was relying on the BSA to wear off for this thing to work) & I hunted the AP for 10+ minutes for the egg to come floating back into the cave so I could snatch it. I eventually did, precogged it (female still) influenced it male (since the influence actually did wear off) & then I incubated it & influenced the tinsel that messed my life up female. AAAGH These two problems happened one after the other almost, but they are from about a week or two ago so all dragons involved are grown up & there's no way for me to retrieve that vamp. *tempted to insert another kipz here but I'll refrain.*
  10. I definitely wasn't rushed when I posted that, nope...I just forgot to click 'copy' after I highlighted it *sigh* anyway, here *checks to make sure its the right link* yup. Again, thanks to shadowdrake for making this crazy lineage possible :3 its beautiful, but crazy all the same
  11. Okay, shadowdrake, how long did this take you??!! Like...WOAH At first glance it's beautiful, & then there's an entire song (or something that sounds like it could be one) in it as well? Holy cow...*faints*
  12. Yeah! I used to hate geodes, (back when I joined about 3 years ago) so I just have 3 right now, but I love the hatchies now so I think this will help me get more :3 First things first: get more stones & greens. Maybe I should start with that first... ...Or not. I am a geode breeder! Name: braviary123 Lineage of an egg your bred: :3 geode x geode doesn't look too bad... (just wish the base could be geodes )
  13. Okay, got some more pretties to show This boy He's amazing! Hoping to create a gigantic SA lineage someday & this guy is just the dragon I was looking for to help me along :3 Thanks angelicdragonpuppy This silver girl I didn't even have to influence her, my scroll is prone to female silvers, & I forgot to anyway I've actually been forgetting to influence all of these oops Anyway, thank you breeder I can't even it's...astonishing! A totally inbred magi x ember 10th gen. I've been looking someone like this for a long time. Beautiful EG, no flaws whatsoever that I have found, & nearly as long as this. Maybe I'll get lucky & find another so I can continue this lineage sometime. and hopefully it'll gender right *sigh* Thanks flurp! this dear left me with about 2 slots left when I got it, but the lineage was so pretty I couldn't get myself to throw it back in the mix :3 Thanks Dirtytabs got this little one from the one & only flurp, thank you so much, the dragons complement each other wonderfully :3 (plus, this girl's the only one I've remembered to influence of all of the above [i'm going to laugh if it genders wrong anyway]) -Edited since I missed a few dragons owo-
  14. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Midnight Targaryen Gender: female Parents: Drakarys Targaryen & Eliza targaryen Generation: 7th Scroll name/link: braviary123 This is long overdue, but I kept forgetting to add Midnight here. Need to breed her a mate once I finally have my scroll count closer to 13-15 instead of 20+. *sigh*
  15. grabbed this pretty, thought the lineage was cute & I wanted to continue the green/yellow pattern, but then the hatchie alted and ruined my plans. Not disappointed, no no, I'm thrilled, first undine alt I've hatched myself! Just makes continuing the lineage a bit more challenging. Thanks Dornenwiese!
  16. Your Forum name: braviary123 Your Scroll name: braviary123 The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): Ypu73 Egg type: Turpentine Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 9:45am CST & 10:45am EST Time of Death: 9:52:15-27am CST & 10:52:15-27am EST Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: V: 1/UV: 1/C:1 This is going down on the day of the most recent edit. I'd appreciate any view-bombing done by anyone who's on at the time of the experiment. Thank you! Shoot, its an hour earlier than planned. I think. eeh I'll just roll with it. Died at a stage 2 crack. Wasn't prepared, oops
  17. dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada CAT MAN *cough* *cough* Nope, no problems here.
  18. oh gosh, I remember 3, maybe four...lets see... This girl is the first one I ever grabbed, thought the description was neat when I found it in the volcano, she nearly died (twice) because it took until she had about 3 days left to figure out how to get her views & it wasn't an effective way. Also the only dragon I didn't wiki to see what she'd look like when she was grown. Not disappointed, to say the least. this girl is my second. I remember that I searched up what dragon she would be in the wiki when she was a hatchie, I was a little disappointed, to say the least, when I was new, but now I really love her design & am glad that I didn't have the heart to AP hatchies back then. this girl is my third. I love her design, but I got her egg mixed around with 2Eev's so I don't have any other dragons that look like her. this girl is my fourth, don't remember much about her except I didn't like her design either when I wikied her, still don't, but oh well. Unlike a lot of people, it's obvious to tell who my first dragon was versus my fourth, I didn't get them all at one time, (except for the second & third) and I think it's because I decided to take it 'one step at a time,' surprisingly, since I don't do that often. (course it could also be that I wanted to figure out how not to kill them before I took on more than one at a time) Also just realized that my first four are all female, didn't notice that until now.
  19. I adore this lineage. Snatched it in ER time & couldn't throw it back even though I was close to everything locked when I found it. Just hope it genders right owo I also love this one I was contemplating keeping a Ridgewing x silver lineage & then I found this one...needless to say this one blew the silver lineage out of the water & I kept this one instead Thanks angelicdragonpuppy & Nessj After I posted this I snatched an ER egg...didn't know it had this beautiful lineage! Thanks OokamiRyuu
  20. owo Too bad I'm egglocked...so do we just have to breed one of those to enter or is it like the common collector's competition where the people with the most of those wins?
  21. Hatchie locked for about 16 more hours until my black non alt hatchie grows. This is the fault of the two vamps I picked up from the AP a little while ago. Not sending them back to the AP since my vamp luck stinks right now, but agh I want to hunt in the AP some more but I'm full locked & unwilling to abandon any of my eggs/hatchies. Yay me.
  22. Is it just me, or has it been green in the AP for about 2-3 days now? I've seen the occasional 5-10 min blue flood, but it's mostly just green every time I pop in to check for interesting lineages & all that.
  23. I told myself I wouldn't keep it. I'm looking for CBs, not 2nd gens. BUT IT'S A HEARTSEEKER LINEAGE WHYYYY This is what happens when I pick up a non CB water and check it's lineage. Thank you breeder :3 (But now I have to hunt next valentine's to see if I can find a mate for this one hhhhhhh) if I remember anyway owo
  24. 12 total in the last month or so my action log tells me Anyway, the totals come to Killed: 7 Bit and Abandoned: 2 Bit and Stayed: 3 (I abandoned one without realizing it; it stayed, then I abandoned it manually thinking it was a different egg) All of the ones abandoned I could not recover. I have horrid luck; it sucks...
  25. Electric Circle w shimmers in the middle Thank you Terces Went head over heels for this baby, ended out influencing it wrong after it was the gender I wanted, but I threw it back in the AP, snatched it again, & started over Would love to continue it, but it'll require hours of stalking the AP for the appropriate dragons & lots of trading, so we'll see. red x snow angel Thank you Lesh4537 beautiful lineage, couldn't pass this baby up A mint circle lineage w tinsels in the middle Oooo you're circle lineages are to die for! Thanks Terces :3