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  1. You are, in fact, the 106th person to ask that question and to be confused by the items. Counting me, that makes 107. Yes, I counted in this thread.
  2. I caught This Fourth-gen white Dorkface please take trades to the trading section. This thread is for showing off lines you like thatyou caught in the AP. EDIT: Sorry.
  3. I generally don't care about celebrities, but... Tom Hanks I despise for no reason, but something about him just bothers me, as if one of my ancestors declared a feud with one of his ancestors. Until proven otherwise, I will assume that this happened. Five-year-old me was terrified of the picture of Shel Silverstein in the back of his books. THat beard, and that scowl. On a sadder note, Stephen Fry. I despise his wit and "snark", as it reminds me of people who often outsmarted me and humiliated me, bullies, in fact. He reminds me so much of kids at school who were horrid to me years ago.
  4. https://dragcave.net/lineage/FOIUU Beautiful.
  5. I am so very glad that I got This one. It was a water, and there were seven waters in the AP. Nobody was grabbing any, so I decided to try...
  6. So, as far as I can see it, the reasons, site-staff-wise, for restricting it to the Rman Alphabet is that the bulk of the userbase reads English. And English uses a Roman Alphabet. Names are in the Roman alphabet because that is the letters that English-readers can parse. There is no reason why german or swedish is more worthy than Korean or Japanese. However, in terms of the userbase being able to parse (is that the right word?) names, the extended roman alphabet is more parse-able for the bulk of the people here; and is a logical extension to the roman alphabet currently used. English-Readers would be able to parse names written using an extended Roman Alphabet (tréma, Diacritic marks, and Umlauts). The English-reading moderators would be able to parse names written with á just as well as names written with a. Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages of logograms which are not of any Roman alphabet, would not be nearly as easily parsed by moderators or people who read only languages with a Roman alphabet. I would like to see both, but really, the bulk of the userbase has inherent issues parsing non-roman forms of writing; and that includes the moderators. If there is a moderator who can read Kanji, than the problem is only that most of the userbase won't be able to parse it (but the obscene-name problem won't be an issue). However, it would take more effort than the inclusion of diacritics and such. You're not wrong for wanting kanji, but you must realize that there are reasons why one way to represent languages would be easier to moderate and implement than another. So long as I get my accent marks, I'd be fine with almost anything.
  7. @Ansela Jona: Neil Gaiman can afford to work like that, given that anything with his name on it will sell well. He's gotten through the great bottleneck and gotten the recognition and fame that a small fraction of a small fraction of authors ever get. But those authors who struggle to get published, to get a second book? They can't have the Neil Gaiman or George Martin lifestyle. The main difference between authors and spriters is that authors get paid, it's a job, and for most of them, a living.
  8. Wokenulape

    Influence for Me

    Influencing subject: This dragon to be male Payment: Any or all of the other dragons on my scroll, or nothing, or whatever. Pm link: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...E=04&MID=215938 Scroll:This is my scroll NOTE: I do not need this dragon back after it has been influenced. I just want it to be male so as to continue the lineage. IT doesn't matter if it is me who is continuing the lineage, but it would ruin the pattern if this gendered female. INFLUENCE REPORT: Xeyla influenced a holly to be Female for Wokenulape!
  9. Perhaps the best idea would be to add in tréma or umlauts. Diacritic marks like èéêë Then people would't be able to write in obscene things without being obvious. I know umlauts have been mentioned before, but this reasoning hasn't. ù ú û ü ý ÿ à á â ã ä å æ è é ê ë ì í î ï ñ ò ó ô õ ö
  10. Oh, I'm so sorry! I really didn't know. Where I live, nobody talks about these things. I didn't mean any offense, truly I didn't.
  11. Oh, I was referring to Parthogenesis and the clones it creates. That would be a neat breeding idea, even if its not strictly hermaphroditic.
  12. While Mistletoe is parasitic in all forms (though some do a little bit of photosynthesis) genus Viscum includes a bunch of keystone species. Yes, it is a parasite, but it's an essential parasite and a basis of many food webs. If any of you have access to http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/con.../rspb.2012.0856, David M. Watson and Matthew Herring have done fascinating work on the subject.
  13. I actually really like the design of the new dragons in all three stages. I think they look much more like dragons than, say, Yulebucks, Snow Angels, or Solstices; none of which I like as far as their design goes in any stage. They don't look cute to me, but I don't like cute. They look more reptilian than most dragons on this site (Pillow, Baloon, and waterhorse, I'm looking at you). Personally, as far as "not a fan" goes, I'm not too fond of how Yulebucks have cloven hooves.
  14. Wokenulape

    Influence for Me

    Influencing subject: Could You Please Influence This Holly to be Female? Payment Offered:Any or all of the following: A Caveborn Ember Dragon (Once I get a Magi) An even-gen second-gen Christmas 2012. and a staircase second-gen purebred Nila Pigmy And a second-gen Christmas 2013 PM link: here Scroll: My Scroll EDIT: This request is being fulflled.
  15. Oh, thank you all for being so helpful. I look forward to getting my Christmas 2014 dragon, and maybe a prize dragon as well (as is, I'm content with getting a Christmas 2014.
  16. So, some people in this thread have said that they plan on breeding their Christmas dragons on Christmas Day. Considering that this mass-breeding makes walls of certain breeds, won't this ensure that the new Christmas dragon will be blocked by Christmas dragons of past years? Additionally, since everyone will be wanting the new breed, it will be really hard to get them. 2007 Christmas dragons are already near-impossible to get. On another note, how does a Raffle work? The descriptions on this forum and on the wiki are not very helpful. Are the Raffle tickets a lottery, and those who win have a 2014 Christmas dragon put on their scrolls? If have four eggs already, and I win the raffle, will the Christmas 2014 egg bump one of the eggs on my scroll to the Abandoned Page, or will it automatically go to the Abandoned Page? OR does something else happen? (I am sorry if this isn't the thread for this, but no other thread adresses the issue, and this is the thread for the Holiday Event. )