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  1. Just checked their scroll. Yep, they would be overlimit, LOL. Thanks Kaini. Forgot that was a factor.
  2. I am nowhere near the dragon limits and the accept button is blanked out. Decline works fine.
  3. I believe it got consolidated into this: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/171013-breed-variant-trade-hub/
  4. Does anyone know if holiday dragons that are grow up this year are able to breed this year? A couple of mine grow up in less than 24 hours.
  5. What an amazing surprise! Thanks for the silver. Would you mind if I use it in my signature and/or avi?
  6. Have: Can breed 2nd gen. holiday-kin from my CB silver prize female (I have CB male cavern lurkers, shadow walkers, witchlight) or a tinsel-kin from your choice of mate. Want: Best offer of CB halloween hatchlings of black marrow, Caligene, Desipis, or Grave. Please PM me.
  7. Not really a fan. Just on the breeding side, my favorite breeds are all dragons, rather than two headed or pygmy. That being said, it's not such a big deal to have a couple that I'd be that upset about it.
  8. 1. What's your forum username? Yukino 2. What's your favorite type of weather? Sunny spring day
  9. Ekk! Thank you <33 I love it. Would you mind if I used it in my signature? If you wouldn't mind adding your name onto it that'd be great I just tried breeding my aeons but 1 pair produced the wrong type and the other showed no interest. I'll try again ASAP or see if I can hunt some down from the cave.
  10. Could I request a red eastern dragon with a black underbelly, gold mane and tail, and a gold stripe along the edge of the underbelly please? I can offer a 2 2nd gen. aeons OMG I love that heartstealing <3
  11. That anterean is absolutely stunning. The mane is so perfect <3 What program(s) do you use for your art?
  12. The two headed hatchlings are super cute <3 The "plain" one actually looks quite elegant.
  13. Your style is so cute and unique!! Could I request a male silver adult please? A dynamic pose would be nice.
  14. 3rd gen. Indigo lunar x silver checker https://dragcave.net/teleport/5a7082cda490f...79b8c738949d694
  15. 4th gen. blusang from blusang x female silver checker https://dragcave.net/teleport/b7aa59672bac1...eb6aa7ccf16eedf Please do not bite or freeze, and please do name.
  16. Maybe for April Fool's. I did "say nothing" and got eaten