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  1. surprised that I caught two of these shinnies so quickly, same with my friend! Merry Christmas (Still a bit early for me but.) and Happy Holidays! (forgot to say that in my first post here, silly me ) Can't wait to see what these new dragons look like as adults! Love the egg sprite and description. And the event has been fun too! Eggs all incubated (Which sounds a little funny talking about winter holidays ) eager to see the hatchlings as adults on my scroll tomorrow (though it'll be the afternoon....), and see what my parents have gotten me this year. Snowglobes, awesome nickname for them until we know what they are called (I wonder their name is something like that?)
  2. Shiny!! going to poke my friends into getting as many as they can so they don't miss it!
  3. Silently looking for ingredients while waiting for the rest of my Halloween eggs to hatch. I want grab a bunch of falconiform eggs to (Hopefully) hatch with earthquake and give to a friend just so he can use a potion on them.... But the volcano isn't moving much... I knew I was going to regret not putting up a couple of eggs as a trade in hopes of getting hatchlings.... Oh well! As long as I don't get locked and unable to get the new Halloween dragons when they drop would hate to miss a second Halloween release!
  4. Popped in to see if silvers had dropped yet, couldn't grab a single egg from the dessert Might have to wait to grab some! Oh well I'll be patient this release.
  5. and I've just been reminded why I should not be impatient with new eggs.... I have no idea how long two of my eggs have been sick but for once I am glad steam crashed on me. Luckily they haven't died, I hope they won't stay sick for too long!
  6. wake up, start egg hunting and catch one of these really quick. surprised I caught it though. now to see if I can catch a few more.
  7. yeah I figured since I was seeing blue eggs more than the other colors, wishing I had been around to catch some gold or bronze ones! ether way they're all pretty looking Hmmm, maybe I'll wait for silver colored ones to drop. Going to have wait for tomorrow to look though, can't focus enough to go egg hunting this late at night
  8. and this is what happens when I leave for even short amounts of time.... I miss releases! D: already poked around to figure out what the descriptions are and where they are dropping, just have to hope I can have the luck to catch a few!
  9. these are pretty! Too bad I had to abandon a couple eggs to get a few. missclicked on a magelight but still got more of these pretties can't wait to see adults. got two influenced and the other two I grabbed I'll have to figure out something to do with them later. happy to be egg locked with four of these and two other eggs almost missed this release
  10. THEY LOOK SO COOL!!!!!!! AND THOSE NAMES!! *Hops/runs away in search of more eggs* and they are wurms!! really really really EPIC looking wurms!!! I can't decide which I like the most!! now I know what I'm going to be hording specifically
  11. first egg hatched ok time to do some stuff to hopefully wake myself up... but first Check your pms
  12. *impatiently checks scroll for hatchlings and forums for adults every five seconds* one more hour until my first egg hatches, eight more hours until TJ's grow up! *squeaks* I can't wait!
  13. the hatchlings are so cute/weird at the same time (Not a bad weird! They're a good weird!) and pretty too! I need one from the coast! I need like fifty of each! Edit: forgot when I got one from the forest I egglocked myself Hatch little gemshard and coastal wyvern! I need more Shiny eggs!!
  14. after staring at the wiki for a bit I think I've figured out a bit about the eggs (I could be way off though) at least as far as which mana the eggs seem to have still trying to figure out the alpine egg hard to tell what mana it is coast is water and ice desert is magi forest is time jungle is life and volcano is dark and fire? Not completely sure about the fire part though Annnnd my voice went a bit squeaky when I got one from the alpine my friend just got one from the forest (second drop, I'm jealous)
  15. I have gotten two eggs, trying to get a blue one and so far I have one from the desert and one from the jungle. Anyone need a jungle one in five hours when I can teleport it? Not really looking for a green one, I was hoping it was going to be a blue. And I give up today, my luck was good for two catches that I wasn't really looking for and there are too many people looking for eggs now...
  16. oooh these are pretty!, hope they aren't rare though cause if they are I might miss a few. I'll have to poke my friends to make sure they get some of these pretty eggs!! *impatiently checks how much time till the hourly drop every few seconds*
  17. -when you think have to check dragon cave at midnight to see if there are any offers on a trade -when you check every day at least five times (even when you know nothing will happen regarding your eggs/hatchlings) -when you have five documents recording info on your dragons. -or have started writing about something involving your dragons -when you talk about it so much you've managed to get a few people to join >.> Probably more that I can't think of because its shortly after midnight...
  18. Name : Bringer of bad luck dorkface Breed : silver tinsel Mate/s : fireonyx (magma) Fail to produce : any egg for about a month now Progeny : http://dragcave.net/progeny/94Exy Give me another egg you stubborn dragons! I need it to give to someone for their wishlist D: I've given up on fertility working on these two the last time they bred. .... thinking about it, He really does bring me bad luck (wondering if I should put Fireonyx up too) Edit: finally bred an egg, but now I have a looming feeling they will just breed tinsels and not magmas like I've been hoping to give this person...
  19. nnnooooo I'm scroll locked with only one of these! D: arg I'm holding two gemshard eggs in a trade for my dad and the other two eggs are for a trade offer I am still awaiting. At least they are still dropping! and such a coincidence, one week before my birthday! (almost...) they're so cute I want one of each as soon as I can
  20. Big rewrite thing 5/21/18. about time I went through and found what I am missing CB pairs of rofl Any Lineage/gender unless specified, though often I'll take any even if hoping for something specific. | Scroll link | which is in sig but less scrolling this way *high priority BSA goals: Aeons, have 13/24 might seek more since I do like them Bolt, 8/24 for BSA goal (Very low priority) Green, 6/28 (Lowish priority) Pinks, 15/28 male, 15/28 female Reds, 43/48. maybe now I will stop running out... Magi, 8/20 Purple, 2/48 (Very low priority) Commons/Uncommons: Unwanted messies, more chaotic the better I think! Tri Horn Wyverns: Always hording them Morphodrakes: may more actively horde in the future Nebulas: Particularly blue, purple, and red but will happily take green or eggs/ungendered hatchies~ Pipio Pygmies: Any eggs/hatchies they're on my active horde list now. Two headed: CB egg/female hatchie Albino: CB egg/male hatchie Balloon: CB egg/hatchie, I have no adults. Bleeding moon: CB egg/hatchie, I have no adults. Blue-Banded: CB egg/female hatchie Bright-breasted wyvern: CB egg/hatchie Brimstone: CB egg/hatchie Brute: CB eggs/hatchie Canopy: CB egg/hatchie Carmine wyvern: CB egg/female hatchie Daydream: egg/male hatchie Deap sea: egg/female hatchie (Oops... my cb female was one of my zombie attempts ) Dorsal: CB egg/female hatchie Duotone: CB egg/female hatchie Ember: CB egg/male hatchie Fever Wyvern: CB egg/female hatchie Flamingo Wyvern: CB egg/male hatchie Gemshard: CB red hatchies Glory drake, CB egg/male Night hatchie Glaucus Drake: CB egg/ female hatchie Green: CB egg/male hatchie Spotted Greenwing: CB eggs/hatchies Horse dragon: CB egg/male hatchie Water: CB egg/male hatchie Light lumina: CB egg/female hatchie Neotropical: CB egg/female hatchie Ochredrake: CB egg/female hatchie Olive: CB eggs/hatchies Pyralspite: CB Pyrope egg/male hatchie Ridgewing: CB purple egg/male hatchie, CB tan egg/female hatchie Seasonals: CB spring egg/female hatchie, CB winter egg/male hatchie Skywing: CB egg/male hatchie Speakle-Throated: CB egg/male hatchie Spitfire: CB egg/male hatchie Striped river: CB egg/female hatchie Sunrise: CB egg/female hatchie Sunstone: CB egg/male hatchie Gold-horned Tangar: CB egg/male hatchie Tsunami Wyvern: CB eggs/hatchies Turpentine: CB eggs/hatchies Undine: CB egg/male hatchieWaterhorse: CB egg/female hatchie Hybrids: basically just looking for 2nd gens of these Dusk Pygmy: 2nd gen egg/male hatchie Geode: 2nd gen egg/female hatchie? Risensong: 2nd gen egg/female hatchie Setsong: 2nd gen egg/female hatchie Ultraviolet: 2nd gen eggs/hatchies Hellhorse: 2nd gen eggs/hatchies. Rares: Copper: CB Rainbow eggs/hatchies. CB green eggs/male hatchies Zyumorph: CB pink egg/female hatchie. CB eggs/hatchies of other colors. Gold: CB eggs/hatchies Silver: CB eggs/hatchies Xenowyrm: CB chrono egg/male hatchie, Gaia eggs/hatchies, Mageia eggs/female hatchies, Pyro eggs/hatchies *Blusang: CB egg/male hatchie, but they are pretty and am happy with any ❤️ alts: 2nd gen black hatchies, 2nd gen Undine hatchies, 2nd gen vine hatchies. Will accept higher gen ones but might freeze them. Neglecteds: Hopping to one day have a couple. Thuwed/dorkface lineage: hoping to get a low gen of at least one of these. Spriter's alt related: Hoping to get a couple that I can remember what their lineage is better than the handful I have scattered around and forget I have until I look at their lineage. Holiday: (pretty much any of these are 'am hording') *Graves: Hording these as much as I can! Shadow walker: Started hording these! *Solstice: ether wing color *Radiant Angel: another one of my hording breeds *Sweetlings: aaaaah so cute Non-dragons: Dino: any of them, already have a purple so will freeze purple hatchies Chicken: just one of the things I am missing from my scroll Paper: Want to horde these for whatever reason lol Thanks shadowfighter for giving me my first silver! However long ago that was now... And anyone else that has given me dragons and I have forgotten. And anyone that has abandoned a shiny I picked up, and people I've traded with.
  21. all of my eggs will hatch sometime tomorrow afternoon for me I really need more reds so I can incubate them, and another female pink so I can influence all four of what I have waiting is so hard! I have no idea what to do until they hatch. when they hatch though I will be able to grab more eggs and then I will have to wait more.....
  22. finally caught one when the desert was refilled then they all vanished a few seconds later. oh well! time to try and catch more! edit: then the next two refill drops I manage to scroll lock myself. so glad it was fixed!
  23. they are so cute! I really want one! if only I were better at catching CB rares then this might be easier...? ah, well, good luck to those who also missed the release! and then I decided to grab a gemshard egg before it disappears so now I can only catch one of the new ones -facepalm- I've seen a single one of these new ones in the dessert but that's it
  24. ah oops I seem to have missed the drop! time to stare at the jungle and forest until one appears and then hope I catch it
  25. ooh the striped river dragons are pretty! I will still call them puddles though! -starts searching for puddles and gemshards to hoard-