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Just call me Sky. I am willing to breed my dragons on request! Unless I have already bred them recently.

I accept IOUs, and will do my best to honor them!

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I know what I am doing, really. Don't add my things to hatcheries, I don't need the help. I get paranoid if my dragons get sick.

If something is dead on my scroll it was probably an ND experiment, or a it was a failed zombie experiment.
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    Hording: Tri-horn wyverns, and pipio pygmies, I neeeeeeeed them o.o
    Also nebs, graves, shadows, solstices, sweetlings, and radiant angels.

    Shiny/icy/blue dragons welcome.
    Messy/high gen/inbred/unwanted? Sure I'll give it a home!
    Willing to breed my dragons on request.