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  1. I was breeding my CB Zyus with CB Coppers to give to my friend so he'd have them all with a pretty lineage AAAAND I accidentally auto-abandoned the Red Zyu. Oops. I named one of the parents "Accidental Abandon Please PM Me" so hopefully I'll get lucky and it'll make it's way back to me. If not, I guess I will have to wait and try to breed it again
  2. This is not my accomplishment, but I am posting in my forum-less friend's behalf. He got a Guardian summoned on his first try. I'm a little salty, but only playfully. It took me almost a year of summoning to get mine, and I haven't gotten one since, either.
  3. I was under the impression, based on previous breeding experience and the wiki page, that Guardians of Nature, when bred, produce only Avatars of Destruction, Change or Creation based on the mate, but when I bred my Guardian with a Fire Gem dragon, I received a Fire Gem egg. My scroll is linked in my signature. The hatchling is there, named A Conundrum.
  4. Stopping by to drop support. A site that does it pretty well is the serebii Pokémon forums. Users have to submit their desired change to a forum thread that is only open certain months of the year, I think it's like April and October, and have a 2 year period, I believe, where they can't change it again. I didn't know what to call myself and now that I have lots of usernames that I love, I hate this one. It's really long and awkward. Not sure what I was thinking. (Username means something like Dragon rider and tamer)
  5. Gah, having an extremely hard time getting any crystals. >~< Edit: Complaining always works <3 Just caught one lol. Too bad it is blue. I'll have to see about trading for a Red one
  6. Imperfect spiral gold x holidays <3 please name This egg is reflective, almost metallic-looking.
  7. Do you have any lineages that could be cool if only one or two dragons were different? I want to see them! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am currently working on a spiral lineage that is almost all Gold x Holidays but with a few non-holidays messing it up. Even though there's probably no point continuing it, I can't help it, I just like it anyways. I think it's pretty and naming the dragons to fit is still fun. Lineage right now. When he grows, he'll be mated with this year's valentine, the Soulstone
  8. I am REEEEAALLY feeling Soulstone x Witchlight and Soulstone x Gold <3
  9. I am currently trying to go back through the thread to see what all happened, but from what I've picked up on, I really wish that I had a chance to see the old sprites. I have no way to compare them. Everywhere in the thread that it looks like the old ones were shown, they're gone. :/
  10. My progress just reset??? Did this happen to anyone else? I picked up where I left off last night, just after the spider and when I tried to interact with the objects in the forest I'd just entered I was shot back to the Nest! I also lost all of my inventory items. UPDATE: Now it seems that taking any action in a new room sends me back to the beginning. I left the nest and was immediately sent back when trying to interact with the rusty armor.
  11. I am stuck at the spider. I gave it a Valentine, and it gave me one in return, but I can't continue EAST through the tunnel behind it. When I type Go East, nothing happens.
  12. Three of my eggs were sick today, but I don't know if I was bombed. My name is visible on my dragons, but I put them in about I'd say 5 hatcheries, as I usually do. I hid those and they're getting better. I was wondering how Spriters' Alts work? I have eggs from lineages of alts, but I don't think that all of them were owned/bred by spriters.. I used to think that just any egg of that variety that hatched on a spriter's scroll would be an alt, but now I'm not sure. Is there a chance that my eggs can hatch as alts too?
  13. So... bred one of my Heartstealers with a red Gemshard and didn't realize that I was full on eggs, so I didn't get to keep any :/ Oops...
  14. I tried two zombies on the 31st, but both failed and the message for killing dragons is too sad and I don't have the heart to try it anymore </3 It stinks because zombies are so cool, but I am not cut out for the collateral of getting them. Oh well
  15. Would anyone be willing to trade me a shiny non-Alolan Raichu? I have a few spare shinies (or I can hunt one) to offer for it. PM me! (I won't reply until later because I have to go to class now)
  16. Even though I'm far older than the intended age group, I've read all of the currently released Wings of Fire books. I'm also reading The Distance Between Us for a class.
  17. I love wonderful amazing cute rattie babies <3 By far my favorite kind of pet I've had so far. I don't have any right now, but I love them so much <3 I recently got a new girl but had to rehome her because, unlike my previous girls, I was highly allergic to her. Dx I also desperately want a ferret who I will name Syd because puns (My favorite band is Pink Floyd)
  18. Just bred this one and I think the code is so cool especially since it's all lowercase https://dragcave.net/lineage/bryco
  19. Does fertility make dragons more likely to produce an egg or is it just preventing a refusal? Also, can dragons who previously mated suddenly refuse each other? (I'm trying to determine if I should start gathering more purples for breeding)
  20. My current bad luck is that I haven't seen let alone caught a Gold or Silver dragon in days. Am I the only one? Hours of nothing. Also, can't get an answer from people I'd like to trade with. Refusing is one thing, but not answering period is just rude On the bright side, my friends are getting plenty of free rares since I have a hard time ignoring them when I see them pffft