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  1. I like the Dragon's Eye, Steam Punk, & Koi eggs the best & they were the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd eggs I got & in that order too.
  2. Nobody said they were "offended, upset, or pissed off" or that anybody had done anything "wrong". They were just wondering.
  3. This is true, they are far older symbols than Christianity. I think Lola92 was referring to the egg with a cross on it though.
  4. The eggs aren't all in the same order for everybody, are they? The Dragon Eye was #1 for me.
  5. I abandoned a black stripe egg. I didn't know there were any & I thought it was a blue stripe, which I don't want any more of. Now I know & now I really really want one. *arghhh!*
  6. Where do you go to vote on the trees?
  7. My 2nd piece of twinkle lights doesn't twinkle even when connected to the one that does. Is anyone else having that problem?
  8. Leetle tree, I guess. Especially since her leaves started turning colors.
  9. So..you always have to use refresh after the splash?