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  1. INTJ. Sorry for causing the apocalypse, guys.
  2. I'm fortunate enough to have perfect colour vision - though I am short-sighted.
  3. The first reasonably warm day since April
  4. Fine, a little cool. Niceday for a walk!
  5. Baked sweet potato, spinach and chickpea. And some coleslaw.
  6. A toastie with avocado, pepper and mozerella cheese.
  7. Google the Darwin Awards. You'll be reassured that your feelings are far from truth.
  8. I love potatoes, but I've been trying to switch them with sweet potatoes in a lot of my food lately for the extra vitamins.
  9. I made a delicious custard tart. I don't brag about much of my cooking but my tarts are it-and-a-bit.
  10. I completed a bachelor's degree and honestly wish I hadn't bothered. I just kind of did it because it seemed like something I was supposed to do, rather than a stepping stone of any kind. I have a career in a completely unrelated area that I really enjoy. I could have been working and earning money for those years, rather than ending up with a bit of paper I don't need and a big debt. I didn't even enjoy it very much. I always urge younger people to think really hard about whether tertiary education is actually right for them.
  11. I'm annoyed. My team was told to use a specific letter template, but it turns out that over the last few weeks everyone just independently altered it to their liking until I was the only one using the orginal. I pointed out how unprofessional it looks for us to be sending out different letters (we are apart of a large company and some people even had incorrect grammar and inconsistent formatting in theirs!) but my boss was like, "Meh, not really important". I guess it isn't actually that important in the great scheme of things but it's this sort of attitude that causes the host of other little problems that we have. No one ever gets pulled up on crap like this and then when something does come of it we all suffer. I am definitely a perfectionist and a stickler for the rules but our team's job is literally to analyse details and find mistakes in the work of others. So. Much. GRRR.
  12. I just discovered lipstain and am uttely in love with it. I've never worn anything on my lips as a part of my makeup routine, but I like how subtle it is and that I can just rub lib balm on top without affecting it. No worries about smudging and it lasts pretty much the whole day. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it but wears makeup.
  13. I made a kind of taco sandwich ... which is to say, leftover taco fillings from dinner between slices of bread. It was pretty good, but would have been better if I had cheese leftover too.
  14. Well, immediately after finding out what they are, I managed to catch a leetle tree on the 1st drop that I stalked.
  15. A little sunny, but still very cold.
  16. I've always loved the name Howell for a boy ... probably because of my childhood love for the book "Howl's Moving Catsle". I don't think I'll be talked out of naming my hypothetical son that. Unless I get a dog first, in which case he'll get it ...