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  1. Gayle flew Fire toward Rein and Nick. Gayle told Nick that Galbatorix was going to be in this fight.
  2. ((can someone tell me about me cats please))
  3. Gayle sees Nick and tells him that'' she is going up to fight and to get Rein ready to fight it is going to be a big one.''
  4. Gayle heard the war drums going and ran to get Fire into her saddle and then the took to the air to fight.
  5. (( i am going to start a battle soon ))
  6. ((ok truewing Fire just got the clear to fight so they want a battle good thought))
  7. Gayle and Fire had drew healing tent watch again and they where happy about it because Gayle would help the healers and Fire would guard the tents. Just as they set down the newest fighter he had broke his leg in sword space that after noon Fire took to the air when she landed she had 5 ducks and a hawk at her feet. she took them to a cooking tent.
  8. ((IS THE Varden MOVING again)) Gayle was in the best mood because she just got to join the fighting dragons with fire her fire colored dragon they where the best flyers outside of Saphira and her rider . Gayle and Fire where flying and doing some flight training with Gayle's sword that was named bjart laufsbläd meaning bright leaf . Bjart laufsbläd has a green blade and acorns pattered on the blade and wall nuts and acorns on the hilt
  9. (( HI I am back had school and the comp just got fixed sorry can I have a recap please))
  10. Yes I am looking for your firend the dragon rider because Fire is ready to fly with me and she wants a rider to met us up there. How are you doing with all the rain and mud I see your shoes are muddy. My tent is looking like your shoes are
  11. Gayle saw Draith coming over . Gayle thought that she looked worried but did not ask
  12. gayle took her new saddle over to fire and began putting it on her. they where both really happy. this was there first flight to gather and they could not wait to get up in the sky but first gayle had to go find a secont rider to met here in the sky. Gayle left fire with the saddle on and began looking of one the riders she knew
  13. (( yes just brind dean right now hay is sky still open and haw do I kill the other demons))
  14. yes I can here hand me the stuff
  15. gayle left Fire while she ran to get the leather . Gayle ran to get the leather from the tanner and get back with it. when Gayle got to the tanner she got the leather with no ploplems and then she started back to roran,s tent very happy when she got there she found roran almost done cutting the leather she had already had. (( dh how long will it take my magistearm eggs to hach))
  16. gayle mind called to fire telling her to get ready to go and meet roran. Fire was ready to go by the time Gayle got there and was ready to go with the last of the leather on her back fire took of the fly to roran,s tent when they got there roran was waiting for them
  17. (( how long will it take for my ms eggs to hach
  18. ((cshoes I just found you to give you the saddle stuff))
  19. gayle ran up to roran with the leather and said " I got this just before the last battle and was hoping you would make my saddle soon fire said she is ready and do you know any one willing to help use train to fight together. I can fight on the ground some but Fire has no idie how to fight ."