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  1. Jess - Earth - not really paying much attention anyway Why had she agreed to come here? Wait, no, scratch that. It wasn't like she had a choice, anyway. Why hadn't she protested, tried to stay behind, do a mutiny? Those thoughts, among others, zipped through Jess's head as she found herself confronted with orcs. That's what they were called, right? And who had come up with the idea to rescue family? Sure, it was a sweet gesture and all, but shouldn't they be more focused on saving the world? Jesus, that sounded like something Kyle would say. Though, he was completely o
  2. Jessica - Earth - Pessisism personified She hated it here. Jess wanted to be home. Sure, home was currently in a comically dystopian wasteland ruled by some god-like thing that refused to show its face. But her family was there, her dog was there, and all her stuff was there. At least, she hoped. These cryptic *******s told her almost nothing during the time she spent being utilized as some kind of weapon. Kyle tried to convince her it wasn't so bad. We're saving the world, Jess! We can save everyone and return the world to what it was before! Really, he couldn't be mor
  3. Hey, uhh, so I have this art program called Krita, and I haven't yet figured out how to get a pencil tool to be able to practice spriting on it. Does anybody here know? Thanks c:
  4. All thoughts of finding Kyle were wiped when suddenly, something crashed right into her. She was knocked right to the floor , her chin striking painfully against a tile. That's gonna leave a bruise, at least. She lifted her head and wiped her hand across the spot, looking at it and seeing a few lines of blood. A scrape. That wasn't bad at all. At least, without thinking about whatever godforsaken diseases could be floating around this kind of place. This wasn't Earth. No antibiotics or band-aids to found. No medicines at all. If she got a cut, she could very well be screwed. She didn't wa
  5. ((Sorry 'bout the wait. )) Jess looked to see if there was a source of the image, and eventually she spotted the outline of something...something she couldn't recognize. Something that seemed to jump straight out of a futuristic movie, or some sort of Transformers crap. Kyle yelled and jumped away from it, only for it to briefly vanish in the fog. The dragon growled at something, but Kyle wasn't there to see what. He broke into a run, aiming to get away from whatever ran towards the dragon. "KYLE!" Jess barked, bolting after him. "Kyle, wait up! Where are you running to, anyway?!"
  6. Jess walked close to the chair, trying to pick out anything strange. Besides the fact that it was upright and showed no signs of damage. It was just a chair, in the fog...She looked at the smooth, polished surface, and looked over her shoulder at Kyle. "Bro, it's a chair. Nothing else but a chair. No traps. You can rest assured, there's nothing but a chair." "It could still be a trap. Someone leading us into a false sense of security." Kyle called to her, refusing to get any closer. Jess rolled her eyes and crouched down, examining the chair some more. She reached out her hand to feel the
  7. I'll be taking that, thank you very much. Waiter, there's a quantum theory in my soup!
  8. There's a hidden biome called "civilization", just ransack some farms for the eggs. I was hacked!!!!!!!!! What can I do?
  9. I stuck a fork in a power outlet (do I even have any remotely comical dragon names? dunno man)
  10. You don't breed the chickens. The chickens breed themselves. They can breed as often as they like. It's a very good food supply. What's a GoN and how can I get one?
  11. You hack the game. How do I get a custom dragon?
  12. Jess rubbed the back of her head. "You wanna know who we are?" She looked at her quivering friend behind her with a slightly confused expression, then returned her gaze to the dragon. "I...really don't think you could've ever heard of us, but, uh, I'm Jessica Velcheck, and my friend here is Kyle Ossler. My apologies for his...behavior, I guess you could call it." Kyle met her eyes with a glare. "Hey! How else would you expect any reasonably-headed person to a F**ING LIZARD! Whatever that is! Look at it! It has claws, and teeth, and if it's an actual dragon, oh I dunno, FIRE?!" He screeche
  13. Username: Esko_the_Wolf Character Name: Obsidian Universe: Steven Universe Gender/Pronouns: Female Species: Gem Appearance: [X] Personality: Obsidian is easygoing and a laid back individual, preferring to live her life on the fun side. She's always had a bit of a wanderlust, and she constantly explores the reaches of space to satisfy it. She enjoys meeting new people and flirting with any kind of sentient, humanoid creature that she comes across. Obsi loves, loves to have fun, whether innocent or suggestive, and she's willing to break the rules to get that thrill. Unfortunately, sh
  14. "Jess? You know what that could be over there?" Kyle pointed to the shadowy shape up ahead. Jess rubbed her eyes and squinted to see. Even after dropping her glasses, she was still able to make something out. "No clue." She then bent down and felt for her glasses. "What I'd do to have 20/20 sight." She muttered while feeling around. Kyle also bent down and looked along with her. He had to admit, the fog was certainly messing with his vision. "Can't believe I just noticed that my glasses were missing. I know my memory is sh**, but I can't remember anything." Nah, your memory is just s
  15. Before he knew it, Otabek was being pulled around the gym by his friend through the downpour. The air was full of the shrieks and whines of students displeased with the water; he should've guessed that out of the large array of species, some would be adverse to water. Especially Yuri. Sometimes, it seemed like Yuri himself was a different species. Occasionally, Otabek almost slipped on the slick floor, but it was a bit too loud for him to try and shout at Yuri to slow down. Not like the figure skater would listen to him anyway. Soon enough, Yuri was running towards shelter, in the form of
  16. Username: Esko_the_Wolf Character Name: Gamma Universe: Dusky's Universe (idk) Gender/Pronouns: Male Species: Tenebris Dragon Appearance: [X] Personality: Gamma prefers to stir up trouble rather than actually do what he's supposed to. He's smart, but he tends to use his sharp mind to manipulate others into doing his work and tricking others into doing things they normally wouldn't do. He loves to adventure and enjoys swimming in forest lakes and the great river that runs through the countryside. He's goofy, and sometimes he can be a sweet guy. He's stubborn and tends to argue a bit
  17. At last, all the 4-A bands had finished up, and were waiting outside the MetLife stadium for the results. The air was abuzz with spirit cheers, chatter and even some music over the loudspeakers. Kyle stood among his fellow musicians, wearing his varsity jacket and form-fitting athletic pants. Excitement danced in those near-black eyes of his; even though it was his sophomore year, and he'd done this before, he was as giddy as he was his first year. He socialized with everybody, joined in a few selfies, and took a group selfie with Terrible Squad. Jess had her dad's professional camera, and was
  18. With the conclusion of Ziegler's speech, the students were free to mingle and explore the campus. Well, at least the main island; it was quite possible that the transport pods were not fully running yet. To all the islands, anyway. Luke stood a little taller, a little uncomfortable with all the students yelling and pushing past each other. Students came to meet him; some had actually heard of the "legendary" Luke Skywalker and were dying to meet him, while others were his new Padawan, excitedly greeting him for the first time. Rey also said her hellos. At least, until he heard the sickening wr
  19. Of course he couldn’t tell her. Back on Tatooine, Luke had always wanted adventure. He could never guess what kind of ‘adventure’ he would have. Defeating the Empire was enough, and perfectly fun, but being sent to another planet in another dimension by sheer accident? Not to mention fighting and killing a Sith Lord who turned out to be him, but not him? Remembering it all made his head hurt, and the memory in itself was quite disturbing. Ripping off Aeris’s mask, only to find a dirtier, scruffier Luke? Yikes. What shook him most was the fact that in another universe, Luke Skywalker had d
  20. Name: Kyle Ossler Gender: Male Universe: Fandomless Species: Human Alignment: Neutral Appearance: Kyle stands at about 5'7", with an olive skin tone and nearly black hair that reaches just past the top of his ear. His bangs are swept to the side. He has a narrow face and a soft jawline. His eyes are so dark they're almost black, and his eyebrows are of an average thickness. His arms are slightly toned due to three years in marching band, playing with a heavy baritone. Personality: Kyle likes to be social, talk about band and the dank memes. He enjoys joking around and chilling out
  21. Xerick nodded approvingly. Amazing to see a reasonably-headed serpent these days.. Without a word, he dipped slightly below the clouds, craning his head to view the ground. There had to be some sort of cover...There were a few small trees clustered on the ground; it wasn't much, but it would do. Xerick beat his wings and dove towards the ground. He wasn't tired, per say, but landing on the ground sounded wonderful to him. It would be nice to get the cargo off his back for a little while, Nico included. It wasn't long before his talons touched the grass and he landed. He glanced at the sky to s
  22. "He's...definitely strong-looking." Xerick coughed. Then the wyvern's voice butted into their minds with an accusing tone. Who could blame him? The magi listened to his inquiry and shook his head. "Heavens no. I'm sure that hunting party would rather kill me than let a dragon hunt for them, anyway." He hovered in the air, casting a dismissive glance towards the rude Balloon. Three sentences spoken and he already wanted to poke his airsac and watch him fall to the ground. "My goal is not a fight, but rather a sort of...alliance. Two dragons is better than one in this kind of time, after all." X
  23. Nico cast a glance behind him as the two sped into the sky. "You think they saw us? He asked worriedly, and received a snort from Xerick. "Of course they saw us. How could you ever miss a bright orange dragon, flying through a plain, for god's sakes? You really are daft." He looked ahead, scanning the clouds for the duo. "It shouldn't be way too hard to find a shiny dragon in the clouds, especially a golden dragon. Now- ah, there he is." Soon enough, the hide of the wyvern was visible, even through Nico's droplet-covered goggles. He encountered many kinds of dragons, but the rare dragon w