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  1. Jess - Earth - not really paying much attention anyway Why had she agreed to come here? Wait, no, scratch that. It wasn't like she had a choice, anyway. Why hadn't she protested, tried to stay behind, do a mutiny? Those thoughts, among others, zipped through Jess's head as she found herself confronted with orcs. That's what they were called, right? And who had come up with the idea to rescue family? Sure, it was a sweet gesture and all, but shouldn't they be more focused on saving the world? Jesus, that sounded like something Kyle would say. Though, he was completely on board with the idea, last time she was able to talk with him. He wanted to see his mom again, apparently. Jess grumbled, standing there as the two orcs went on to attack the others. She was half-tempted to leave the one going after the snake-thing; she didn't like the way she looked at some of the boys, and there was a possibility that she'd oggle Kyle next. But, then she'd feel guilty about the death. Everything would be easier if she couldn't feel things. Wait, no, that's too edgy. She didn't pay too much attention to the others; maybe she'd have a better chance of living if she was on her feet, but she didn't really feel like it. Whichever god chose her as their tool was a moron, unless they elected to use a random generator. In which case, they were all morons. Alas, an orc was going after someone. The sooner these things were dead, the sooner they could go home. No, not home; back to the prison, that's what she meant. She did want to go home, but diving into danger to look for possibly-dead relatives wasn't what she was thinking of. Rolling her eyes, Jess spotted a good-sized rock near her feet. Okay, rock power, activate. Or something. The rock lifted at her will, and with a grunt of effort she flung it at the orc. Kyle - Fear - xddddd A mission. A mission was exactly what he needed. They'd landed somewhere in Quebec, and the group seemed to split up. Kyle began to wander himself, trudging along on his wolf-feet. Who were they looking for anyway, besides 'family'? Any sort of survivors who weren't working for the Dollar-Store Dark Lord? The Ripoff Ragnarok? The Chinese Bootleg Thanos? Kyle cackled to himself as he thought up of the nicknames, wondering if he'd ever get the opportunity to say it to the creature's face. It'd be nice, even if he were risking death. Soon, monsters jumped out, attacking them. Kyle grinned. No awkwardly-placed wolf feet would stop him from kicking some orc ass! However, another, fresh orc came into the scene, then shot an arrow. It took a few precious moments for Kyle to realize that the arrow had stuck into his right foot, and it began to bleed. "Hey, man. You mind? No wonder you're single, with that attitude." He drawled, staring down the creature. It stared back at him, then began to reload. "Come on, seriously? We need to work on our communication, Carl. This isn't going to work out, otherwise." Carl ignored him, obviously, knocking a fresh arrow. "Alright. COVER YOUR EARS!" He shouted, hoping all the other dudes in the area heard him. Then he screamed.
  2. Jessica - Earth - Pessisism personified She hated it here. Jess wanted to be home. Sure, home was currently in a comically dystopian wasteland ruled by some god-like thing that refused to show its face. But her family was there, her dog was there, and all her stuff was there. At least, she hoped. These cryptic *******s told her almost nothing during the time she spent being utilized as some kind of weapon. Kyle tried to convince her it wasn't so bad. We're saving the world, Jess! We can save everyone and return the world to what it was before! Really, he couldn't be more wrong. The world wouldn't ever be the same, even if they WERE somehow successful. Besides, she would rather work for The Entity if it meant she would be safe. Kyle could be excited, but in reality, this was a deathwish. They were going to die. She was curled up on her bed, these dark thoughts swirling through her head. What god thought emotionally-unstable teenagers were perfect to give raw elemental power to? Why were kids being used as weapons? Homesickness rattled her, and eventually, Jess couldn't take it. She'd go the library to sulk instead. Most prisons didn't have many books, so that was an upside. The girl snorted as she forced herself off her bed. Yeah, that's what this place was. A prison. That stupid Guardian could sugarcoat it as much as he damn pleased, the truth was none of them were free. They were trapped, by every definition of the word. Saving the world my ass. Jess turned her doorknob and pushed the door open, then quickly closed it behind her. Kyle's pod left his trombone intact, but it broke her glasses. So, she was stuck wandering around with her distance sight being blurry. It would cause a problem is she kept going without for sure; the strain would eventually leave her with lazy eye. What use would she be fighting once that happened? Her hands were shoved furiously in her pockets as she made her way to the library. She wished she had her phone, so she could listen to music. She wished she had a lot of things she lost, really. At least she could keep her cognitive skills sharp with books. And at least the library was close. Jess walked in and spotted a couple of the others; more kids they unwillingly forced into service. She could name at least a few other beefy guys back at home who were way more suited to something like this. Jess ignored those people, electing to begin searching through the books to find something interesting. -- Kyle - Fear - Instigation Mode For whatever reason, Kyle was feeling particularly energized today. He woke up feeling pumped and ready to go, in a swell mood. He whistled as he cleaned himself up a bit, deciding that he needed to exert this energy somewhere. So why not head to the training room for a workout? He transitioned from whistling to humming as he slipped a shirt over his head, a tune from at least half a century before. He liked most songs he heard, even things his grandparents listened to in their youths. He stretched out on his back and hopped on his feet, taking a second to find his balance. Once he was sure he wouldn't fall, Kyle enthusiastically exited his room. Maybe he should check on Jess first? Nah, she was probably brooding somewhere quiet. She wasn't fun in a bad mood. Then again, he found her more and more often in a funk. He didn't really understand it at all. Why wasn't she pumped about saving the world? Sure, safety wasn't guaranteed, but nobody else was going to do it. Why not them? Kyle didn't understand why he'd been selected at first; his feet were a huge problem when it came to escaping danger. Now that he'd accepted his destiny, he was willing to dive headfirst into missions. Speaking of missions, he hoped there would be another one soon. He was bored while he was idle. Kyle transitioned back to whistling as he walked to the training room, making his entrance through the door. Immediately, he regretted his decision. There was that snake girl who was always walking around with a spear. He didn't like going off of first impressions, but that spear freaked him out. The idea that she could easily skewer him wasn't easily stomached. Still, he tried to be friendly to her, and he hoped his suspicions wouldn't be confirmed. At least the snake girl wasn't the only one there. The other Fear girl was there too, along with a bird girl. Kyle grinned; hopefully they'd be decent company. He darted up one of the ropes, his feet claws being useful for clinging on. "Not gonna lie, it's lookin' like a fight's boutta happen." He commented, his tail lazily hanging. Then he pulled himself up onto the bar where the rope hung from, delicately propping himself up to sit on it. It wasn't comfortable, but it was still a perch. "Hopefully I'm wrong, but I can't really stop anything, can I?"
  3. Hey, uhh, so I have this art program called Krita, and I haven't yet figured out how to get a pencil tool to be able to practice spriting on it. Does anybody here know? Thanks c:
  4. All thoughts of finding Kyle were wiped when suddenly, something crashed right into her. She was knocked right to the floor , her chin striking painfully against a tile. That's gonna leave a bruise, at least. She lifted her head and wiped her hand across the spot, looking at it and seeing a few lines of blood. A scrape. That wasn't bad at all. At least, without thinking about whatever godforsaken diseases could be floating around this kind of place. This wasn't Earth. No antibiotics or band-aids to found. No medicines at all. If she got a cut, she could very well be screwed. She didn't want to think about what foreign bugs awaited her. Instead, she glanced up at what -who, rather- had caused the collision. She didn't expect to see what she saw. A teenage girl with brown curls and equally brown eyes, right on top of her. ***, she's hot. Jess gulped, and pushed her glasses up on her face. The girl looked at her for a few seconds, but then what seemed like a gust of wind smacked into Jess, rolling her from under the girl. Her eyes clouded... -- She supposed she was knocked out, but the sight before her was too real to be a dream. The place was barely recognizable, but looked to be whatever place she was in now. The air was that of a perfect autumn day, and it carried the all-too familiar smell of cheese. I could use some cheese right now. There was no fog -she desperately tried to note any passageways that she could escape through- and there were so many people...or people-ish things. It looked to be a communion of sorts, and she really wanted some of that cheese. When was the last time she ate? She couldn't remember. Watching over them all was an immense humanoid with skin like glass through which flowed swirling purple smoke. Clothed in regal blue robes, they were sitting as still as a statue atop a throne at the north end of the room. Antlers grew from their head, forming an impressive set of branches that held up a glowing orb containing the memories of the Aetherials. Lounging beside them were two beasts of a misty blue: one ursine, the other equine. Wait, ursine... "Aeons ago was the Golden Age of the Aetherials," a voice suddenly narrated, dark and powerful. "Having blessed Life's children with the ability to recollect, I, Memory, am the origin of all history and remembrance. The mortals have constructed this shrine in my honor, where they offer unto me fragments of the collective memories of their worlds to preserve for ages and ages." Wait, preserving memories? What kind of science allows that? "With memory comes foresight, and I fear that we have given them too much. Aeons ago, I could recall the memories of all the stars and all the planets and the elements of Magic and Time -- and now, I am afraid that I struggle to remember. The recorded thoughts are fading by the day, like the fallible thoughts of mortals." It just sounds like this guy is getting old, she thought. "The others feel the waning of their control as well. I did not know Eternals could experience true terror. Left with no choice, I will seal my memories for the future to find, and transform the shrine into a beacon for those lost in the void. Future heroes and the heroes beyond them, it is no coincidence that you have been drawn here. Good luck." She wanted to demand answers, but she was flung back into reality with more questions than anything. Heroes? Void? Coincidences? She didn't understand. And reality hurt. It only reminded her that this was no dream, and she was away from home, away from her squad; the squad she couldn't remember. She had Kyle, but even he was missing now. She laid on the ground, trying to understand what she just saw. It is no coincidence that you have been drawn here. Why was she referred to as a hero? She was no hero. She never would be. --- As the pink smoke erupted around him, he closed his watering eyes and coughed, barely noticing the hand on his shoulder- or his fingers grasping a piece of dress-material. He felt the smoke dissipate, and he took in a breath and opened his eyes again...but suddenly the right side of his body was on fire. His back was in pain -and uncomfortably wet- and his hand was held over something wet. Being a first-world teenage boy, he'd never felt pain to this scale before, and he wanted to scream. However...he wasn't in control of his own body. That scared him the most. He was holding something leathery, and he wanted to examine it, but he couldn't freely turn his head. All he could do was stare at the...man in front of him. His features were distorted, and he wore a matching bandana and loincloth, but the most defining feature was his angry, twisted expression. "Why won't you die?!" He snarled. A wave of confusion washed over Kyle, and he couldn't tell if it was his own. For whatever reason, he smirked, and retorted in a frighteningly feminine voice; "I'm rather disinclined to heed orders," With a roar, the man lunged at Kyle, and he was thrust out of the vision like it was some terrible dream. He gasped and shook, breathing heavily and trying to comprehend what just happened. The pink smoke was thin, but still there, mixed in with the grey smoke of before. He stared at the ceiling, frozen with shock. What had he just seen, and what was the meaning behind it? He felt the ghost of the pain from before, a light throb that served a reminder of what he'd just experienced. The ladies in the room were talking about something, but he didn't bother to listen. After what felt like forever of pondering and shock, he managed to lift himself onto his knees and stand up, just as the dragon-ish thing -Wait, is that a Pokemon?- lifted off into the air. It vanished into the fog, carrying someond on its back. Few minutes later, he heard a cry from above. "There is a different circle up here! Judging by the layout of this upper floor, you are correct! There should be other ways up!" Confused, Kyle looked at the others in the room. A girl and a dragon-looking creature. "W-what's happening?" He stammered, his dark eyes riddled with fear.
  5. ((Sorry 'bout the wait. )) Jess looked to see if there was a source of the image, and eventually she spotted the outline of something...something she couldn't recognize. Something that seemed to jump straight out of a futuristic movie, or some sort of Transformers crap. Kyle yelled and jumped away from it, only for it to briefly vanish in the fog. The dragon growled at something, but Kyle wasn't there to see what. He broke into a run, aiming to get away from whatever ran towards the dragon. "KYLE!" Jess barked, bolting after him. "Kyle, wait up! Where are you running to, anyway?!" "Away from whatever's over there!" He called back. Jess rolled her eyes, but kept running; damn, he was fast. Compared to her, anyway. She panted, but kept going. She caught up to him and grabbed him by the arm, stopping him in his tracks and nearly knocking the two of them over. "Ack! You're kidding, right?" "What's there to kid about? You can't be scared of everything, Kyle." "Somebody has to take caution! If it's not you, it's me!" He snapped back. Before Jess could yell any more, however, everything suddenly went...dark. Jess jumped in surprise, and Kyle shouted. The two could barely make out each other's faces in the dark. "F**k!" He reached out and touched his friend's face. "Oh good, you're still there." Some other people came along, but Obsi didn't bother talking to them. She let the other gem do the interacting, and instead stayed still. Looking around, she tried to see if there was any sort of clue as to where an exit could be. The fog didn't help anything, and there didn't seem to be anything in this particular hall that she could escape with. Damn. "Why...why would I not be?" She asked, raising a brow. Suddenly, a bright flash caught their attention, and they turned to see...letters? The words weren't in any language he knew, but somehow, he could understand it. It flowed through as naturally as English did. "Servant of Memory." Jess read out loud, in a skeptical voice. "Kyle, you sure nobody could've slipped acid into our food?" "I couldn't tell you. But if we're both on acid, why are we seeing the same thing?" He moaned, suddenly scared. Jess couldn't remember anything, which was bad; she had trouble with small things like a homework assignment, but she picked up names and identities perfectly. The fact that she couldn't remember anybody from Terrible Squad was bad. He rubbed his head...and felt a wave of moist, sickly heat wash over him. "Bleugh, what was that?" He grumbled, turned around...and saw a set of gleaming teeth in front of them. Some sort of monster rose to its hind legs, tripling the height of a human. "Jess, RUN!" Kyle yelled, turning on his toes and heading back. However, the monster had other plans. It slammed its paw on the tile, sending a shockwave. Jess dove to the ground, striking her shoulder on the tile. She looked up to see Kyle flung back, screaming as he flew. "Kyle!" She yelped, gripping her shoulder. Ow ow, landed a bit too hard. She got up, slowly backing away from the monster. "N-nice monster, good monster..." --- Obsi listened to the gem, utterly confused as in a split second, she went from held at arrowpoint to hugged. Obsi squeaked a little when the glowly girl wrapped her arms around her, blubbering about once being friends or whatever. I can't remember jack squat, but I have a feeling that's not true at all. Then again, she might know more than me, so maybe I should take her word for it? "Uhm, sure. We might've been." She tried smiling, but it felt awkward. She really is a cutie...but I have to focus on getting out of here, and oggling her isn't getting me anywhere. The yellow-haired dude spoke, just as a rumble shook the hallway. "We probably should." Obsidian agreed. "Sorry lassie, we can hug later." She smiled coolly at the other gem. --- Eventually, Kyle landed, rolling on the dark tile before slowing to a stop. He moaned a little and laid there -for how long he didn't know- trying to collect himself. It was so dark...it would probably be cold if not for his jacket...what was the type of jacket? He couldn't remember. Frankly, he couldn't remember who he was. He felt he should have an identity, but no sort of thing came to his mind. He had a...name, right? A name was something someone called you, he could remember that. Only blurred memories of who he was came back to him. There was one word though, one word that seemed to ring to him...'Baritone'. He heard it loud and clear, so it must be something important. Maybe that's my name. That's a start. Running a hand through his hair, he slowly stood up and looked around. Nothing could be seen through the fog...wait! There was some sort of pink glow in one direction. Light was good. Following the light would be best. He made his way towards the pink thing. The pink glow grew brighter and brighter, until at last it was clear. It was through some sort of hole. The fog was much thinner in here, but still prominent. But he could see. "Baritone" stepped through the hole, to see the source of the light. A bright pink circle, maybe about as wide as his arms outstretched. The moment he set his eyes on it, they were locked there. It was quite possibly the most beautiful thing he ever saw. It enticed him, stuck him in a trance. Whoever else was in that room, he didn't care about them, for they were not as stunning as this circle. I have to...I have to touch it. "Baritone" walked towards the circle, reaching out his hand...his hand went through the circle and onto the tile below, but pink smoke poofed around him...
  6. Jess walked close to the chair, trying to pick out anything strange. Besides the fact that it was upright and showed no signs of damage. It was just a chair, in the fog...She looked at the smooth, polished surface, and looked over her shoulder at Kyle. "Bro, it's a chair. Nothing else but a chair. No traps. You can rest assured, there's nothing but a chair." "It could still be a trap. Someone leading us into a false sense of security." Kyle called to her, refusing to get any closer. Jess rolled her eyes and crouched down, examining the chair some more. She reached out her hand to feel the chair...and her fingers fell right through, tingling a little bit. Jess froze, utterly shocked. That wasn't possible. She shook a little bit before letting out a yell, jumping upright and running back to her friend. She didn't hide behind him, but nonetheless Kyle snickered. "Hehe. 'Bro, it's a chair. Nothing else but a chair.'" Kyle mocked in a higher-pitched voice. "'No traps. Absolutely no traps!'" He mock-squealed, batting his eyelids. Jess slugged him in the shoulder, nearly knocking him over. "Ye-ow! Jess, that hurt." He whined, rubbing the inflicted area. "Insufferable cuck. I couldn't know that it was a...hologram, I guess." Jess huffed. She didn't like admitting she was wrong, and it was hard for her to do. Kyle was a cool guy, she knew, but the fact that he was freaking out like this got on her nerves. "Where could it be coming from? And why a chair? And what would the kind of person who could make this place do with a couple of teenagers?" -- Obsidian eventually stopped running when...the glow seemed to enlarge? She could only assume it was getting closer. Great! To be honest, now she wasn't sure why exactly she was drawn to the light. Maybe it was comforting to see it, through all this fog. Obsi smiled, but her grin was short lived. She took a few more steps before she saw the source of the glow...but there was an arrow. An arrow aimed right at her gem. Obsidian stopped dead in her tracks; why did she want to find the glow again? ...wait. Somehow, despite all the strange memory loss, Obsidian could identify what the humanoid facing her was. A gem. A gem, like her. Obsidian clutched the egg a little closer and didn't dare to move further. She examined the gem a bit; certainly a cutie. But Obsi couldn't sleep with another gem; there was nothing to fiddle with. "Alright, cutie. Listen here. I have nothing to do with this. I was flying nearby this planet called Earth when my ship crashed -I can't remember why- and when I opened my door this fog rushed in. Homeworld sounds faintly familiar, and for some reason the thought of it is funny, but I swear to you, I have no association with this 'Homeworld' stuff." Obsidian said. "Now...who are you?"
  7. I'll be taking that, thank you very much. Waiter, there's a quantum theory in my soup!
  8. There's a hidden biome called "civilization", just ransack some farms for the eggs. I was hacked!!!!!!!!! What can I do?
  9. I stuck a fork in a power outlet (do I even have any remotely comical dragon names? dunno man)
  10. You don't breed the chickens. The chickens breed themselves. They can breed as often as they like. It's a very good food supply. What's a GoN and how can I get one?
  11. You hack the game. How do I get a custom dragon?
  12. Jess rubbed the back of her head. "You wanna know who we are?" She looked at her quivering friend behind her with a slightly confused expression, then returned her gaze to the dragon. "I...really don't think you could've ever heard of us, but, uh, I'm Jessica Velcheck, and my friend here is Kyle Ossler. My apologies for his...behavior, I guess you could call it." Kyle met her eyes with a glare. "Hey! How else would you expect any reasonably-headed person to a F**ING LIZARD! Whatever that is! Look at it! It has claws, and teeth, and if it's an actual dragon, oh I dunno, FIRE?!" He screeched the last word, and Jess reeled back. "Oi! Don't scream in my EAR! And don't be rude to the clearly sentient animal." "Well so-rry that I can't help but be scared! Not everybody is a dragon-fanatic like you, Jess!" "If you value your life, maybe you should stop insulting the dragon!" That got Kyle to shut up. Sticking his hands in his pockets, he looked at his feet, slightly embarrassed. Suddenly, something caught his eye..."Guys...why is there a chair there?" Jess looked in the direction Kyle was looking. Would you look at that? A random chair, sitting upright, in seemingly perfect condition. It was a curious sight, especially remembering how she and her friend had entered this strange place. Pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose, Jess examined it closer. There was no mistaking it; it was a chair. "I'll go check it out." Jess shrugged, walking towards it. Kyle put a hand on her shoulder. "W-wait! Maybe we shouldn't investigate the chair? It could be a trap." "Kyle...Kyle." Jess sighed. "It is a goddamn chair. What could go wrong?" "Everything. Everything could go wrong." He moaned softly. --- A curious object was peacefully rested in an orbit around Earth, among the satellites and other chunks of space trash. It was an old Gem warship, once the fastest fighter in its fleet. Now it could barely be recognized as such, painted black and covered in graffiti in several different alien tongues. Its pilot was reclined in the seat, fast asleep with her muddy boots on the dash and a copy of an erotic magazine on her face. A loud snore ripped from her mouth. A tiny crack emitted from one of the alien-creature eggs that she had to deliver; she was amused by how desperate the client was to get the eggs to their destination. He was willing to pay anything to get the job done! With the promise of many credits ahead, Obsidian had stopped here to take a little rest. In a few days, she'd be rich! The idea was tantalizing, oh so tantalizing. A smile appeared on her face as she slept. A sudden jolt of the ship snapped Obsidian from her nap. Suddenly annoyed, she got up to check what was wrong. I know I didn't forget the shields. Did I? Shoulda known better than to park in a junk-riddled atmosphere. But anywhere else and I woulda drifted off into space. She bent over the dash and looked out the window...and things began to get trippy. Some sort of...monster was suddenly thrashing in the zero-gravity space...how did it get there? There was some sort of hole left behind, and it was sucking things in. Suddenly, Earth looked flat. But Earth was far from flat. A split second later, panic sparked as the gem realized what was happening. Her ship was getting sucked into the hole. She let a colorful string of curses fly as she jumped into the chair, kick-starting the ship into action. But alas, it was too late for Obsi to pull out of the hole's grasp. As hard as the thrusters worked, she was helpless against the tug. The ship whacked the creature's head as it slipped into the hole, and Obsi heard the abomination screech as she fell in... ~~ Various bits of space junk were landing on the ground, and soon Obsi's ship nose-dived into the ground, the whole front of the ship crumpling with the impact. She clung onto the seat, afraid to hit something too hard and be forced to revert to her gem form. Obsi avoided using her gem form when she could, as it was inconvenient and a pain to wait. She always felt refreshed afterwards, but she always had business to do, and that couldn't be interrupted. After the ship slowed to a stop, Obsi landed on her feet and looked at her wrecked ship. "My baby..." Obsi groaned, hugging the ship's broken wall. "How could I let this happen to you?" She patted the wall, sniffling. "I'll miss you." There was no way she could fix this, and the price of having a professional do it would be a fortune. It would be cheaper to buy an entirely new ship! Crouching down, Obsi examined the eggs. Smashed. Her money, ruined. There was one egg left, a lucky survivor. Might as well have something to sell. She picked it up carefully and looked for a way out. She pushed the door and it fell out, clanging on the ground. She walked out, and the first thing she noticed was that a wave of amnesia hit her. Gasping, Obsi rushed back into her ship, but she couldn't see anything; already, a thick fog had filled the ship. Running back out, Obsi began to panick, running in a random direction. "Help! Help!" She cried, but no answer came. Suddenly...something was up ahead! Obsidian stopped and examined it. Some sort of glow shone through the fog...ah, what was the term?! Frustrated with the sudden memory loss, Obsidian walked towards the light, eventually entering a room. The fog was lighter here and she could see, and there was something inscribed on some sort of stone. Obsi squinted to see...wait. How could she forget how to read?! Obsi growled, then returned her attention to the thing. It was in some sort of hallway, where the fog was thicker. She was determined to keep up with that glowing thing. Obsi began to run again, trying to catch up to the glow...
  13. Username: Esko_the_Wolf Character Name: Obsidian Universe: Steven Universe Gender/Pronouns: Female Species: Gem Appearance: [X] Personality: Obsidian is easygoing and a laid back individual, preferring to live her life on the fun side. She's always had a bit of a wanderlust, and she constantly explores the reaches of space to satisfy it. She enjoys meeting new people and flirting with any kind of sentient, humanoid creature that she comes across. Obsi loves, loves to have fun, whether innocent or suggestive, and she's willing to break the rules to get that thrill. Unfortunately, she tends to make a joke out of everything, even when it's far from appropriate. One thing sticks out about her, and that is her confidence. She moves and talks with said confidence, and it's not uncommon for her to become dangerously cocky. Obsidian often acts on impulse and doesn't think things through, often getting herself or others hurt as a result. While certainly brash, she is not only confident in her abilities but those of others, and this leads her to being extremely supportive and stubbornly so. History: Obsidian was not made on Earth, but a moon in a system located near Homeworld. Made for White Diamond, she did not spend much time on Homeworld. She was declared to be severely defected compared to other Obsidians. She was perfectly fine with this, and just before the outbreak of the Gem War, she hijacked a ship and flew off the planet. From the start, Obsi explored the galaxy, stopping at various taverns and meeting a diverse bunch of people. She made a business out of giving them rides to various destinations, and eventually smuggling became a part of her income as well. She met very few Gems on her adventures, and the handful that she did were generally trying to escape Homeworld's caste system, or even the Gem War erupting on Earth. Obsi watched the galaxy evolve and flourish over her millennia of living, and life never got boring for her; there was always something to do that was new. Abilities/Weapons: -She is able to summon a scythe from the gem on her neck. -She's able to glide through the air, but not actually fly. -Obsi can shapeshift. -She can conjure a black fire and manipulate it to her will. Other:
  14. "Jess? You know what that could be over there?" Kyle pointed to the shadowy shape up ahead. Jess rubbed her eyes and squinted to see. Even after dropping her glasses, she was still able to make something out. "No clue." She then bent down and felt for her glasses. "What I'd do to have 20/20 sight." She muttered while feeling around. Kyle also bent down and looked along with her. He had to admit, the fog was certainly messing with his vision. "Can't believe I just noticed that my glasses were missing. I know my memory is sh**, but I can't remember anything." Nah, your memory is just sh**. He was tempted to tell her that, but he kept his mouth shut. Maybe the fog contained some sort of memory-screwing agent; Jess was the big science-y one, maybe she'd know if one of those existed. Not to mention her dad dealt with chemicals all the time. His hand brushed something solid, and he picked it up. Lo and behold, it was her glasses, somewhat bent and with a cracked lens. That's sure to bug her until the end of time. He brushed off the dust and placed the glasses on her face. "Better?" She stood there for a few seconds, blinking. Her expression became agitated, surely at the broken lens. "At least it's the right lens and not the left." She grumbled. Suddenly, she remembered there was something on her neck. "My camera!" She suddenly exclaimed, looking down at the professional camera hanging from the strap on her neck. Well, it wasn't really hers, but she had been allowed to use it by her dad. Even worse. She pressed the button to turn it on, and to her relief it worked. The lens wasn't broken, and it appeared to have a mostly full battery. She decided to flip through the pictures, and as she looked her eyebrows furrowed. A funny picture of a cute boy with fluffy-looking brown hair. He looked faintly familiar, but she couldn't remember why or what his significance was. Another was what looked to be a...what was the term? Something that began with an S. It was her, Kyle and some other dudes, including the cute boy, all looking excited. Why were they excited again? "I don't remember who the f*** these people are." She commented, growing more and more confused. Kyle rubbed the back of his head. "Hm...I can't remember what I had for lunch today..." He remarked in a curious tone. Jess shot him a look. "Nobody remembers their lunch, Kyle." "Yeah, but there's a certain forgetting-lunchiness to it." "'Forgetting-lunchiness'? I swear to God, you're worse at making up terms than me." "I dunno how else to describe it!" "Whatever, Let's keep going and see if we can find ourselves a way out." She grunted, walking forward. To Kyle's surprise, she was walking towards the figure. He didn't feel like telling her this was a bad idea; he was too tired to do so. She was one of the most stubborn people he knew, anyway. Even though Kyle knew the thing was probably dangerous, he couldn't brace himself for what he was about to see. They both heard a deep voice, demanding to know who they were. Jess stepped forward, and Kyle followed. I'm gonna regret this so bad... They emerged from the mist to find... What was that?! Immediately, Kyle screeched and dove behind his friend, one hand on her shoulder and the other on her opposite arm. He shivered, and he stuttered a few times before he was finally able to speak. "Holy sh**! Is that a f***ing dinosaur?!" He exclaimed. Jess was too busy looking at the thing with wonder. "Woah...so cool!" She said, almost jumping with excitement. "It looks like some sort of dragon. Like something I'd draw." She came closer to it. "Were you the one who spoke? How do you know English? Do you have a name? Are you a real dragon?" Kyle groaned, his hands over his face. Of course. As soon as she sees something that looks like a moving dragon, she's up and close to it, ignoring any sort of danger. At this point, it would be a miracle if they survived to get out of this fog. --- It was just another day in the country; bright and sunny, with a cool breeze moving through the grass. The Great River flowed normally, with all its might. brimming with juicy fish. Gamma was standing by the river, crouched down, trying to see if he could spot something. He was hungry and it wasn't quite lunchtime, but he would've snatched something from the pantry if Tralk didn't come by with his gang of goons. Every young male in the village looked up to Tralk; he was allowed to do whatever he wanted, including skip school. Gamma wasn't low on the cool meter himself, but impressing Tralk was something he aimed to do. So, he aimed to do it by catching the biggest fish in the river. Suddenly, he spotted something. It looked to be an amazingly large fish, just asking to be caught. He opened his jaws when... He heard something tear behind him, but before he could turn around, something hit him in the back of the head. He stumbled a little before blacking out, being sucked into a hole...
  15. Before he knew it, Otabek was being pulled around the gym by his friend through the downpour. The air was full of the shrieks and whines of students displeased with the water; he should've guessed that out of the large array of species, some would be adverse to water. Especially Yuri. Sometimes, it seemed like Yuri himself was a different species. Occasionally, Otabek almost slipped on the slick floor, but it was a bit too loud for him to try and shout at Yuri to slow down. Not like the figure skater would listen to him anyway. Soon enough, Yuri was running towards shelter, in the form of a case of floating stairs. How could that possibly be useful? It was just a floating set of stairs. However, there was a puffy white ball of something that could be no one but Tchaikovsky. Once Yuri reached his cat, Otabek was freed from his friend's grasp, and he shuddered from being wet. "So, we finally found your cat." He commented while squeezing out his scarf. He looked at the bot curiously. "I wonder where it came from?" Right after he asked the question, the downpour ceased. "Finally. Zabina must've been freaking out over her frizzed hair." -- Boy, was it a relief when the "rain" stopped. A sopping wet Luke made his way through the crowd, picking up a convenient megaphone. "Alright, please wrap up whatever you're doing and head to your dorms. Your dorm information should be on the paper you've been given when you got here." With that, he went to go find that bot. Xhirra Force-jumped over to him; a good deal of students watched her flip through the air in awe. She was a talented student, but even to his standards, it was hard to imagine her as an actual Jedi. Showoff, slightly arrogant...Han was rubbing off on her. She had loads of potential, but overall she was aggravating to teach. "Yo, Master. What're we gonna do about that bot? It's...cool." She remarked, squeezing water out of her ponytail. "Funny, I was just going to investigate it. We'll probably contain it, then Ziegler will decide what to do with it." Luke sighed, rubbing his face. Not even the first week, and already he was wishing for summer. The two of them walked over to the bot, under a set of floating stairs. The floating stairs were a relic from Aeris's rule; they were a pain to use, but also a pain to remove, so Lilanne kept them there. "Looks cool." Xhirra began to approach the bot, but Luke stopped her. "No. We don't want to scare it away, and if you fool with it, you're going to have a bad time." Luke warned. Xhirra stepped back and put her arms slightly in the air, but she still smirked. If he didn't know better, he would've thought Xhirra was Han's kid. The mannerisms were similar. And the last thing we need is two Han Solos running around.
  16. Username: Esko_the_Wolf Character Name: Gamma Universe: Dusky's Universe (idk) Gender/Pronouns: Male Species: Tenebris Dragon Appearance: [X] Personality: Gamma prefers to stir up trouble rather than actually do what he's supposed to. He's smart, but he tends to use his sharp mind to manipulate others into doing his work and tricking others into doing things they normally wouldn't do. He loves to adventure and enjoys swimming in forest lakes and the great river that runs through the countryside. He's goofy, and sometimes he can be a sweet guy. He's stubborn and tends to argue a bit easily, especially with his fellow boys. He's often fascinated by gross things, such as dead cats or insects. History: To be frank, Gamma's history was...not very great, in the grand scheme of things. It didn't compare to being a war hero or having super special powers and saving the world, but in the tiny rural village he lived in, what he got was enough. After his mother ran away from her father, because of reasons that have not yet been revealed, she ran to the small town of Burrow, located in the beautiful countryside. There, she married a fisher and gave him a total of six children before she was tired of making eggs. Gamma came along somewhere in the middle, and as soon as he began developing ideas, he was trouble. He constantly annoyed adults and set a poor example for his peers, inspiring them to cause trouble. Despite punishments, it never stopped Gamma from stirring up the town. Abilities/Weapons: He has claws, teeth, and fire. Other: Character Name: Jessica Velcheck Universe: Original Gender/Pronouns: Female Species: Human Appearance: Jess [ft. Kyle] Jessica is about 5'9", with dark brown hair and green-hazel eyes. Personality: Jess is the kind of person who wants to be likeable, but can't help but sometimes be a prick. She has a degree of social anxiety that slowly gets better over time, but she tends to run from social situations rather than face them. She's artsy and wants to better herself, but isn't motivated to do much other than browse the web and make half-drawn sketches that pile up and make a mess. She's rather lazy, and comes with the typical teenage angst and argumentativeness. She has a bad habit of procrastinating and not learning from this particular mistake. Jess has a habit of being insensitive and apathetic, not being considerate to other people's problems. However, this doesn't mean she doesn't care at all. She can be selfish and think more of her own crisis than other's -probably more important- situations. Jess is very bright, but...she doesn't always think things through. History: Jess was first raised in Piscataway, New Jersey, a moderate-sized town. Her father did own a house for a while, but it was falling apart beneath their feet. Her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis before she was born, and as she got older, the condition got worse. Soon, there was no choice but to place the woman in a nursing home and move to Jess's grandparent's house, still in Piscataway but close to a shady area in a bordering town. For several years they lived there, her father dealing with bankruptcy and her and her sister dealing with their grandmother's heavy cooking. Jess started out as a cocky jerk, believing she was all that and that her artistry was amazing. She never understood why she wasn't in "honors" band, despite never practicing her trombone. It wasn't until sixth grade hit that she entered her angsty phase, and finally realized how shotty of a person she was. She shelled herself away from social interaction. Then her father met a new woman and fell madly in love. After a couple years of dating, they decided they wanted to move in together, and after research, their destination was East Brunswick. This news was devastating for Jess, but mostly because she didn't want to be separated from the school iPad. She tried convincing herself that she had reasons to miss Piscataway, but once the move actually happened, she didn't miss her old town at all. East Brunswick was a bit of a scary place at first. The middle school was ridiculously large, compared to the school she had spent her 6th grade year in. She was intimidated, to say the least. What surprised her, however, was when Kyle Ossler began to say "hi" to her in the hallways. Being the antisocial prick she was, she ignored him at first. However, one day she suddenly felt the compulsion to say "hi" back. She didn't know what hit her that particular time, but whatever happened, she and Kyle became friends after that. He managed to crack her out of her shell, and she even made a few more friends along the way. Marching band happened, and she made even more friends; one of her online friends told her she would make friends as soon as she entered clubs and such. What a way to prove someone right. Abilities/Weapons: Teenage talk-backing, her camera, and sometimes she uses her brains to come up with a useful idea. Other:
  17. At last, all the 4-A bands had finished up, and were waiting outside the MetLife stadium for the results. The air was abuzz with spirit cheers, chatter and even some music over the loudspeakers. Kyle stood among his fellow musicians, wearing his varsity jacket and form-fitting athletic pants. Excitement danced in those near-black eyes of his; even though it was his sophomore year, and he'd done this before, he was as giddy as he was his first year. He socialized with everybody, joined in a few selfies, and took a group selfie with Terrible Squad. Jess had her dad's professional camera, and was taking pictures for the Band Booster's Facebook page. Her photography skills were something to admire. She managed to capture an embarrassing photo of Nick, and he sharply glared at her. She goofily grinned back at him, her teeth plastered with braces. Frankly, he felt bad for her. His braces had been removed almost a year before, and good riddance. The crowd of teenagers quieted down as someone tapped the mic. Kyle couldn't hear the first words, but by the time everyone stopped talking, the rankings were already being announced. After each band was called, a little bit of anticipation was released; if you weren't called, that meant you were one rank higher, and that was always hopeful. By the time rank 6 was passed, the East Brunswick band was whispering a bit with excitement. Top five? Out of twenty bands or so, that was pretty fantastic. Fifth place was called. Fourth. "And in third place, winning awards for Best Visuals and overall Best Performance, East Bruns-" The rest of the sentence was cut off from Kyle's ears by cheers erupting. His bandmates jumped in the air and whooped. Ryan wrapped Terrible Squad into a group-hug, Kyle being squished in there. "Third place! We got third place!" One of them gleefully shouted. "We're getting Scott a Fatty Patty!" Jess jeered. Scott, who was nearby, cocked his head in confusion. "I'll pitch in a five." Nick sniggered, and all of them laughed. It was mean, but Scott was just fun to make fun of. Nobody liked Scott, and his selfish and whiny antics drove Jess out of her sanity. Suddenly, a loud riiip sounded. Almost everyone turned their heads to see some sort of...slit in the sky? It looked to be a small window into a glassy-colored world. That was impossible. Nothing like that existed. Riip. Riiiiip. Black claws suddenly slipped out from the crack, widening it, and the claws gripped the side of the slit. With a rough jerk, the strange opening yanked wider, and a head appeared. Some sort of bony creature with an exoskeleton of sorts. Suddenly, a strange feeling overcame Kyle- one that could barely be described with words. It was as if anything real was suddenly dream-like, time stopped, reality itself twisted? But how? It took a little while for a shrill shriek to pierce the air, as the warped face dragged itself out, revealing a body. It landed on the ground, smashing teenagers as everyone began to scramble. Adrenaline rushed through Kyle, and he pushed past other people to get out of the way. The thing was huge. The hole it crawled through began to suck people in. His surroundings began to look like twisted mirrors, and it gave him a headache. He crashed into Jess and the two fell to the ground- the ground itself began to form into weird shapes. "What's going on?!" She yelled, but both of them knew nobody had an answer. The creature was killing left and right, in some sort of raged fit. Its tail whacked Scott into the Metlife Stadium letters, and Kyle couldn't help but flinch. Ouch. One of the monster's claws shanked Nick in his left side, and he crashed down with an agonized yell. "Nick!" Kyle screeched, running over to him. As he ran, however, the monster's tail whacked into his side. In a last-ditch effort to stay outside of the hole, Kyle hugged Jess, hoping she was grabbing onto something stable. She was not. Jess shouted in alarm. "Oh GOOOOOOOOOD!" Kyle screeched as the two of them were sucked in the hole... ~~~ It felt like an eternity that they fell, through a glassy tunnel. For a while, he screamed, but then he just gave up. It took a while before their shoulders barked cold tile, and they laid there for a few minutes, gasping for breath and groaning. "What just happened? Was that a dream?" "That was some Doctor Strange s*** right there." Jess rasped, managing to pick herself up. Kyle followed suit, wincing at a pain in his foot. "Well, if we both experienced the same thing, it's extremely unlikely we both shared a hallucination...what is this place?" The two looked around to see grey fog, and blue and pink swirls of color poking from cracks in the tile. They walked forward a little, one in a varsity jacket and one in a sweatshirt. Kyle wrinkled his nose at the dirtiness of the place. "Damn, this is gonna ruin my jacket." Jess rolled her eyes. "Suck it up, dolphin. We have to find a way home." As they inched closer, they could see a silhouette of some overgrown lizard. "But what if there's no home left?" They both shuddered. What if?
  18. With the conclusion of Ziegler's speech, the students were free to mingle and explore the campus. Well, at least the main island; it was quite possible that the transport pods were not fully running yet. To all the islands, anyway. Luke stood a little taller, a little uncomfortable with all the students yelling and pushing past each other. Students came to meet him; some had actually heard of the "legendary" Luke Skywalker and were dying to meet him, while others were his new Padawan, excitedly greeting him for the first time. Rey also said her hellos. At least, until he heard the sickening wrench of metal. Looking up, he could see someone clinging onto the hole they...how did they even make that hole? Some sort of mystical power, probably. Luke sighed. How did Lilanne convince him to help her make a multidimensional school to train a bunch of immature teenagers in protecting the universes? Something scuttled out of the hole, something droid like...with a bird head? The jedi couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. It ran around, grabbed a cat and tried to escape... Suddenly, an unwelcome spray rained down on the crowd's heads, and various cries of displeasure rang out. Luke groaned. Ten minutes and he already needed a nap. He looked at the cat again, wondering if he should go save it. It wouldn't be good if a student's pet was lost on the first day. --- The sudden downpour really caught Otabek's attention. Lifting his head with alarm, he looked around. Apparently there was some sort of bird robot carrying a cat. Wait. That cat looked familiar...could it be? If Tchaikovsky was here, than surely his catlike-owner had to be here as well. The idea of someone he knew being here -besides Zabina, of course- excited him a little. He had to find his friend, and probably help him get his cat back. Otabek began to speed through the crowd, mumbling various apologies along the way. Surprisingly, it didn't take long to find his Russian friend, standing with a lady clad in white and a monkey-like man laying on the ground by him. Leave it up to Yuri Plisetsky to get himself in a scuffle. "Yuri!" He yelled through the noise, and he couldn't help but smile a little. Just a little. He ran to him, then looked back up at the bot. "We should...get your cat."
  19. Of course he couldn’t tell her. Back on Tatooine, Luke had always wanted adventure. He could never guess what kind of ‘adventure’ he would have. Defeating the Empire was enough, and perfectly fun, but being sent to another planet in another dimension by sheer accident? Not to mention fighting and killing a Sith Lord who turned out to be him, but not him? Remembering it all made his head hurt, and the memory in itself was quite disturbing. Ripping off Aeris’s mask, only to find a dirtier, scruffier Luke? Yikes. What shook him most was the fact that in another universe, Luke Skywalker had descended to the Dark Side. Somewhere, somehow, he had followed his father's path and become wicked. That could very well happen to him again. It was a thought that kept him up at night, it haunted him so. Not to mention making the decision to kill the Sith Lord, forever severing him from those he loved. What of his family back where he came from? Besides little Phoebe, but he'd rather not think about that. Was Aeris really too far gone? Could he have been saved, and was his death truly necessary? Luke had been wracked back and forth with the guilt ever since the fateful day. He knew, he shouldn't feel sorry for the son of a ***. But...something in him felt there was another way, a path that could've led to a much happier ending. Neither of the girls could know that he was technically their father. Luke had zoned out in his thoughts, and nearly forgot to pay attention to Lilanne's speech. Well, this was maybe his third time hearing it, but he was a teacher. He had to pay attention to what she said. Well, at least he had to look like he paying attention; he had to set an example, for star's sake. When the headmaster mentioned the TAs, his eyes jumped to Rey, who was listening eagerly. Her passion for the school and education was quite remarkable; even though she was too old to be a student, there was still much she hadn’t learned. Everything must’ve been so exciting, after nineteen years on the dismal Jakku. Every twist and turn was a new adventure for her. It felt terrible to be keeping the secret of her heritage from her, especially whenever she asked. He could do nothing but shrug and say “I’m working on it” with a slight smile. Both options -telling her and keeping it from her- seemed awful. Maybe it's better for you to not know, Rey. Now if only students would stop asking why little Phoebe looked like him. Same shade of hair, same blue eyes...Luke sighed. -- Honestly, hearing the same speech over and over was getting tiring. Remember, Xhirra. This is the last time you'll hear this, before you're free to kick some villain ***. Well...she wasn't actually sure what she would do after this. Han was right; not constantly living as a fugitive was actually rather refreshing. She didn't have a heroic drive to kill baddies or anything, but at the same time, it sounded fun. Xhirra leaned back and tilted her head a little higher, pretending to pay attention. Han might chide her for falling asleep during the opening ceremony again. Han chided her for anything he could. She quietly snorted at the thought. Oh, if only she could catch him taking a snooze during Professor Ziegler's speech. That would be fantastic. When Professor mentioned the dating rule, Xhirra couldn't help but snicker. She was surprisingly good at following most rules, but that was one guideline she was sure to break. She had before, after all. Not like it was very well enforced; the plants in the gardens provided perfect cover. For some odd reason, she had a strong hunch. This is gonna be one hell of a year. She smirked and looked towards Professor with a playful glint in her eyes. -- Otabek wriggled uncomfortably in his 'seat', which ended up being the gymnasium floor. He wasn't sure how he'd ended up separated from Zabina, but luckily he was able to spot her head a few rows ahead. Assured that she wasn't lost, the young man listened to the headmaster's speech. He found it interesting, at least. He heard a quiet snort next to him, and his eyes gazed to a tall student next to him. Sleek, black hair that waved slightly past her shoulders, a nose that had clearly been broken before, and green-hazel eyes that glinted lightly; the eyes of a person who rarely took things seriously. The kind of person he didn't want Zabina to interact with. The girl made eye contact with him and raised an eyebrow, as if to say who're you lookin' at? He quickly looked away and fiddled a pencil. "Nervous?" The student purred, spotting his fidgeting. Her words were almost mocking. Almost. "No." He quickly answered, making eye contact briefly before looking away again. He wasn't sure how to feel about this. He focused on the headmaster and her words, eager to head back to his dorm.
  20. Name: Kyle Ossler Gender: Male Universe: Fandomless Species: Human Alignment: Neutral Appearance: Kyle stands at about 5'7", with an olive skin tone and nearly black hair that reaches just past the top of his ear. His bangs are swept to the side. He has a narrow face and a soft jawline. His eyes are so dark they're almost black, and his eyebrows are of an average thickness. His arms are slightly toned due to three years in marching band, playing with a heavy baritone. Personality: Kyle likes to be social, talk about band and the dank memes. He enjoys joking around and chilling out with his friends, especially his squad in marching band. He's rather passionate about what he likes, and once he starts talking about a subject he's into, there's little chance in stopping him. He's a nerd and likes video games, and he's relatively sharp-minded. Kyle is a fun-spirited chap and rather easygoing and chill most of the time. Occasionally he can be a bit paranoid and sporadic, easily scared and rather cowardly. Looking at him, he's far from the heroic type. If something's not right, he'll be the first to point it out, but unlikely will he do anything about it. One thing anyone will notice right away is how musically attuned he is. He would rather just relax and jam out on an instrument than do much else. History: Kyle lived his life in a large suburban town in central New Jersey. His father was often busy at work, so most times it would just be him, his mother and his brother. He always had an interest in music, especially '50s music and rather unknown guitar players. In fourth grade he started playing the trombone. Kyle loved to watch the marching band preform, especially. He would beg his mom to go to the football games just to see the marching band perform at the halftime show, and worked super hard to sound the best that he could on his own trombone, practicing whenever he could. He was able to join in eighth grade and so he did, and had a lit time with his squad, even after the season ended. Extra: Name: Dr. Stephen Strange Gender: Male Universe: The Marvel Universe Species: Human Alignment: Neutral Good Appearance: [X] Personality: While not nearly having as large of an ego as he used to -and certainly being more humble than he was- Strange retains a degree of cockiness when dealing with people or things. This, paired with his inquisitiveness and his willingness to break rules, allows him to be more willing to compromise and to be flexible with his own principles. He is relatively selfless, having apologized to his coworkers for his past treatment of them. Having sworn an oath as a doctor to save lives, Strange doesn't like the idea of killing others with his own hands. However, he has begrudgingly accepted the fact that sometimes, he will have to kill others. He has a photographic memory, a trait that allowed him to earn his MD and PhD at the same time. Powers/Abilities: -Strange can travel through different dimensions, one example being the Mirror Dimension. - Strange is able to create, shape and manipulate Eldritch Magic. He demonstrated the ability to form Eldritch Whip, and Mandalas of Light. -Strange can create fiery portals to teleport to different places using a device called a "Sling Ring". These are also used to travel inter-dimensionally and across different universes and planes of reality. Eternal Shadow knew of this, of course, and created a bubble around Valkemare to keep Strange from teleporting back home. -Strange has the ability of transmutation, demonstrated when he turned Thor's cup of tea into a mug of beer due to the latter's comment about not favoring tea. -Strange has the power of astral projection, allowing his spirit to enter the Astral Dimension. -Using the Cloak of Levitation, Strange can fly and float. He is also able to use it to slow down a fall. The cloak seems to partially have a mind of its own... History: Stephen Strange studied his way to the top, becoming a world-famous neurosurgeon. However, he was known for being arrogant and having a huge ego, despite being a brilliant doctor. His life was flung out a window when he got into an accident, severely damaging his hands- thus rendering him unable to continue his work as a surgeon. Devastated and broken, Strange searched desperately to find someone who could cure his hands and return him to his former life and glory. His search led him to Kamar-Taj, where he had a fateful meeting with the Ancient One. After she projected him through several dimensions, refused to help him, and let him in after he waited on her doorstep for four hours, he had begun training as a sorcerer. His original intent was to heal his hands, but over time -and after one or two encounters with the Zealots- he decided to defend the Earth instead. He had a natural affinity for the mystic arts, and despite his inexperience, he was raised to be Defender of the New York Sanctorum, one of the barriers that protected Earth from mystical threats. After the death of the Ancient One, he rose to become the Sorcerer Supreme. Extra:
  21. Xerick nodded approvingly. Amazing to see a reasonably-headed serpent these days.. Without a word, he dipped slightly below the clouds, craning his head to view the ground. There had to be some sort of cover...There were a few small trees clustered on the ground; it wasn't much, but it would do. Xerick beat his wings and dove towards the ground. He wasn't tired, per say, but landing on the ground sounded wonderful to him. It would be nice to get the cargo off his back for a little while, Nico included. It wasn't long before his talons touched the grass and he landed. He glanced at the sky to see if the wyvern was following him before turning his head to Nico. "Unload the bags. And yourself." Surprisingly, Nico nodded and proceeded to set down the bags, instead of throwing back a snarky remark. Then again, the day in itself has been rather strange.
  22. "He's...definitely strong-looking." Xerick coughed. Then the wyvern's voice butted into their minds with an accusing tone. Who could blame him? The magi listened to his inquiry and shook his head. "Heavens no. I'm sure that hunting party would rather kill me than let a dragon hunt for them, anyway." He hovered in the air, casting a dismissive glance towards the rude Balloon. Three sentences spoken and he already wanted to poke his airsac and watch him fall to the ground. "My goal is not a fight, but rather a sort of...alliance. Two dragons is better than one in this kind of time, after all." Xerick could not believe he was using a variation of Nico's words; he did sort of have a point. It was the magi's idea to team up in the first place, after all; it was just the boy's idea to continue with the plan.
  23. Nico cast a glance behind him as the two sped into the sky. "You think they saw us? He asked worriedly, and received a snort from Xerick. "Of course they saw us. How could you ever miss a bright orange dragon, flying through a plain, for god's sakes? You really are daft." He looked ahead, scanning the clouds for the duo. "It shouldn't be way too hard to find a shiny dragon in the clouds, especially a golden dragon. Now- ah, there he is." Soon enough, the hide of the wyvern was visible, even through Nico's droplet-covered goggles. He encountered many kinds of dragons, but the rare dragon was absolutely magnificent. To be truthful, Nico hadn't actually seen a Golden Wyvern before, only looked at sketches. To be able to see one at last would've been amazing, except for the fact that they were being chased. Nico cleared his throat and cupped his hands on either side of his mouth. "Hello!" He shouted, expecting a snide remark from his magi companion. To his surprise, Xerick did not answer, but he did attempt to get a bit closer to the wyvern. Let's hope this works...