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IOU friendly
DC info doc! † I track my messages

Looking For: 2G Holly IOU / 2G from spriter's alts!


If you need a bloodswap for ANY lineage, PM me! If I'm working on it, I'll breed the one you need, if not, I'll breed you 2Gs for free!
Boyfriend owns a CB female SIlver Tinsel. Send me a PM if you want to arrange a trade (he doesn't know a thing about english)



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    ~ ~ ~ Saying Hello ~ ~ ~

    So, okay... I think it was time to do this...
    Hi! My name is Ximena and I'm from Colombia, I love collecting dragons and I like making friends here. You can always send me a message or ask for my Skype, e-mail or fb and I'll be happy to talk to you!
    I've been playing since February 2013 but managed to miss every single Holiday event but past Christmas and Valentine's day ^^u


    ~ ~ ~ DC Excel document ~ ~ ~

    The excel doc for my DC related stuff is on my profile under "Give me a hand". There you'll find my IOUs, Holidays, Shinies and other stuff you might find useful when it comes to be about a trade with me or something else.

    ~ ~ ~ I breed on request! ~ ~ ~

    I breed on request and mostly for free! So don't ever be afraid to ask me to breed something for you. I might take a while, but you'll wake up one morning with a pretty egg on your inbox ^w^

    These are the special dragons I have you might find interesting for me to breed. Have in mind that most of this are only up for trade and not gift, but we can work something out:

    - CB Gold: Male/Female: Closed!
    - CB Silver: Male/Female: open
    - CB Mistletoes: Female x2: open
    - CB Heartstealers: Female x2: open
    - CB all colors Coppers: Male/Female: open
    - CB Spessartine: Male/Female: open
    - GoN: Female: Closed! Male: open
    - Shinies: Look at my excel doc :)


    ~ ~ ~ If you're a newbie, send me a message! ~ ~ ~

    I'll give you a full BSA pack: Pink, Red, Magi, Purple... And ONE Trio of your choice (Magma, Thunder or Ice). If I'm lucky with breeding, you'll getting a PB Soulpeace too ^w^


    ~ ~ ~ Do you want to make me happy? ~ ~ ~

    * I'm currently looking for a pair of CB Almandines... If you have one, please PM and we'll work out a trade!!!!! I'd love you for ever! *

    * My favorite dragons are:

    Terrae, Blusang, Nhiostrife, Mistletoe, Winter, Autumn, Silver Tinsel, White, Ochredrake, Glaucus Drake, Storm (Gray), Falconiform Wyvern, Soulpeace, Nebula, Blue/SIlver Lunar Heralds, Spirit Wards, Gaia/Chrono Xeno, Moonstone, Royal Blue, Shadow Walker, Heartseeker and Grave ^w^
    I always take them home!!!!!

    ~ ~ ~ IMPORTANT ~ ~ ~

    If you requested me to breed you a Silver, please contact me!
    Thank you! ^w^