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  1. Here's the thing though - I value a 3G prize as pretty up-there (I don't own any 2G or CB) but that doesn't mean I want one. I happily breed 2G commons from holidays for free but I do that on discord where I can send it over immediately or via PM on the forums where I can plan a handover time. I value that egg slot more than anything Feel free to PM me for any 2G commons from holidays you're hunting right now! With the CB commons if you're asking eggs I think there's a worry that the trade might be completed before any caught egg comes off cooldown, and if you're asking hatchlings the odds of someone interested and happening to have one are just too low. Prize values are definitely going down but there are oddities of trading that can make things look worse than they are.
  2. I like it! Same softness to their colours, same curled and tangled pose, but plenty of contrast in the actual colours.
  3. TJ's babies have grown up and now we can see the glorious adult sprites; this means time for making some plans! I got a tad over-enthusiastic mocking up various combos I thought might be interesting. Spoilers below if you're waiting for your own to grow up! Anyone else fancy sharing some ideas or plans?
  4. You're trying to get complete rows or columns of tiles which will leave mana shards on the board - tiles must go adjacent to another tile, and every adjacent tile must share either a background colour or a border colour. You want to fill the whole board with left-behind shards, though you get partial credit for filling part of the board before quitting.
  5. I'm hearing reports they're now growing up the wrong colour? edit: just to clarify in terms of numbers, the reports I was hearing were from Soulsborne
  6. Oops, should be visible now 🤦‍♂️
  7. @Mangrit 6 of each in a temporary group here
  8. Doesn't look like it - the numbers for image unlocks are consistent (5 owned or 15 clicked for adults I think?), and I should have owned enough easily to have unlocked it, but I only have Rosy visible in the encyclopedia.
  9. The sandy eggs are also patterned/textured like Sakuhanas and Leodons. I think that's reflective of artists involved and a chain of artistic influence more than body type or in-lore relation. I like 'em, they're sort of jellyish After all the eggs we've now got it's good to be able to have eggs that are in a sense a simple single colour but yet very distinct from the flatter/more opaque traditional egg style.
  10. I donated! FiveSix -> Laura-Lana | Fever Wyvern from Radiant Angel | https://dragcave.net/lineage/5hWun | accepted
  11. I received a gift via direct request! spring_dragon -> FiveSix | White from Solstice | https://dragcave.net/lineage/OHeIs | direct request I donated! FiveSix -> Kiyoura | Ice from Pacficed Aegis | https://dragcave.net/lineage/eJ8YN | accepted I donated! FiveSix -> stardust13 | Gemshard from Holly | https://dragcave.net/lineage/BfcDD | accepted
  12. I'd support options that limit how many eggs from a massbreed can show in AP at once. I originally liked the per-breed option best but having seen arguments against it in this thread I see why per-breeder is better. Personally I quite like the subtle mixed 'walls' that you get when one breeder breeds many different breeds (such that you can only tell from the consistent lineage types or naming schemes), so I'd support only hiding additional eggs from one breeder if they're also of the same breed, but equally I can see that this would still leave a fairly large loophole for one person to take over the AP with undesirable eggs.
  13. I'm sure I remember posting to one but there's nothing in my post history and even manually combing through all the threads in that section back to before they were release turns up nothing so I guess I imagined that O_o
  14. FiveSix

    Super-bad lag?

    It's been pretty bad for most if not all of the halloween event but I've now got to the point of 2 minutes of loading landing me on an error page. There's no way the current number of players online is causing this without some additional extenuating circumstance.
  15. Possible issue: cases where you find a lineage you love in the post-holiday wall, under 3 days, but it precogs wrong. This happened to me today and I was so glad to be able to pick up a sibling for another chance at the gender, which I was luckier with. Also, what would be the behaviour if you kept the first sibling? I'm sure there's folks out there that love to keep twins. I avoid both repeat grabs and sibling grabs by checking codes, though of course that's no good if you struggle with reading or memory or if you're on mobile. I'm not super invested either way though.
  16. Clicks count only if you actually click it, view will count if it just shows up as an image on a page such as a hatchery site when you load it or I believe someone else's scroll, but not your own. From your own scroll clicks and UVs are basically the same. edit: I would recommend leaving your eggs out of hatcheries for 12-24 hours after you catch them, to avoid them getting sick. Lots of views on a young egg can make them sick easily.
  17. I've activated a few looking for checkers in today's low-time AP - looks like I have five here currently. That's a permanent group, so potentially useful for folks browsing the thread in the future.
  18. I don't freeze until at least 3G so no hatchlings yet but I've got some adults Tercorns: 1 2 3 4 Corals: 1 2 3 4
  19. Just coast - the others are empty because the ratios are telling the cave 'there's waaaaay too few new guys, don't make anything else until there's more new guys on site'.
  20. @dragongirl02 I have a rather disappointing One Whole Celestial Freezie Also linking my freezie group in case that helps anyone for other breeds.
  21. It now looks like there's now just one egg out of sync with the rest of the AP - I've checked there's nothing at the same time behind it, people just don't want that egg right now. Touch wood this may be over?
  22. @Alwerien small group of corporealised celestials (temporary group removed)
  23. 3:XX pm cavetime both were found in the Coast and the Forest 4:XX pm cavetime Forest chills have moved to the Jungle, both still in Coast and lights still in Forest now it seems like at 5:XX pm cavetime light are in Forest only and chill are in Coast only? Unfortunately it's time for me to go sleep now, I'd very much like to keep picking at this mystery.
  24. I believe 'Unclaimed Account' means you are temporarily using the account/username and no one has picked a password or assigned an email to it yet - choose a password and tell it your email to permanently adopt a username.
  25. On the hour all un-claimed egg are destroyed (or possibly just hidden, I've never checked) and a large new batch is added in. Every five minutes a small new batch is added in at the 'front' where they can be seen, without getting rid of existing eggs. This behaviour is most obvious early in a holiday drop when the biomes are often emptied and you can actually see that new eggs appear in a previously empty biome.