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  1. I've activated a few looking for checkers in today's low-time AP - looks like I have five here currently. That's a permanent group, so potentially useful for folks browsing the thread in the future.
  2. I don't freeze until at least 3G so no hatchlings yet but I've got some adults Tercorns: 1 2 3 4 Corals: 1 2 3 4
  3. Just coast - the others are empty because the ratios are telling the cave 'there's waaaaay too few new guys, don't make anything else until there's more new guys on site'.
  4. @dragongirl02 I have a rather disappointing One Whole Celestial Freezie Also linking my freezie group in case that helps anyone for other breeds.
  5. It now looks like there's now just one egg out of sync with the rest of the AP - I've checked there's nothing at the same time behind it, people just don't want that egg right now. Touch wood this may be over?
  6. @Alwerien small group of corporealised celestials (temporary group removed)
  7. 3:XX pm cavetime both were found in the Coast and the Forest 4:XX pm cavetime Forest chills have moved to the Jungle, both still in Coast and lights still in Forest now it seems like at 5:XX pm cavetime light are in Forest only and chill are in Coast only? Unfortunately it's time for me to go sleep now, I'd very much like to keep picking at this mystery.
  8. I believe 'Unclaimed Account' means you are temporarily using the account/username and no one has picked a password or assigned an email to it yet - choose a password and tell it your email to permanently adopt a username.
  9. On the hour all un-claimed egg are destroyed (or possibly just hidden, I've never checked) and a large new batch is added in. Every five minutes a small new batch is added in at the 'front' where they can be seen, without getting rid of existing eggs. This behaviour is most obvious early in a holiday drop when the biomes are often emptied and you can actually see that new eggs appear in a previously empty biome.
  10. Looking at the other dragons on your scroll though you were definitely going for views and not clicks last time - if you assume those numbers were about half while they were eggs and half while they were hatchlings you were actually getting more views before your hiatus than I'm suggesting for a lot of dragons, and hardly any clicks at all. edit: actually allowing for breed perhaps my estimate was a bit over, but nonetheless I don't think numbers have actually changed considering what your older dragons have.
  11. I'd recommend using a view site (like most of the hatcheries listed in the fan sites section) as opposed to (or in addition to) a click site - as far as I know most people don't try to hatch based on clicks, instead we rely on larger amounts of views. Dragons can hatch as soon as they're 3 days old*, so to be safe (and efficient) most people aim to hatch by then. If they didn't hatch by seven days they were probably quite a long way off that since the number needed goes down the older they get.As a very very rough estimate, I find that 500 unique views and 1800 views will hatch most breeds at around 3 days old. I always take the slightly paranoid approach that all isn't well until they're safely hatched (* incubate allows hatching at 2 days)
  12. It shouldn't matter for valentines breeds - they are always fixed genders, so you can know just from what the breed is. I guess 'gendered hatchie' trumps 'valentines breed' in terms of which error message shows up.
  13. There is no mechanic to allow this - I'd recommend changing your password. Either you forgot that you named them, or someone else has logged into your account.
  14. I put an adult at the top of my scroll to guard the babies so it seems like where the eggs go makes sense, but sometimes new eggs will just go below the last egg to appear on my scroll putting everything in reverse order. Oddly when I summon a Sino it goes to the very top. I've basically given up trying to understand it I use AoND as a handy list of their ages and sort them all out every day or so.
  15. I think that's normal - CB prizes are the same as far as I know. Since you can't control with any confidence who will pick them up from AP it means you aren't forced to keep them if you don't want them, but there's no incentive to multi-account that might come with being able to reliably trade them.
  16. I wouldn't say 50% but for sure a much higher percentage than I'd expect of forum and discord users have prizes. I'd love to know how many people enter each month. In the discord we did some maths and if I think it was 4000 people enter each month you have nearly a 20% chance of winning at least once if you enter every month for a year. You've got to be careful about assuming which ways that sample of forum users with prizes might be biased though - yes it's biased towards users who are dedicated enough to the game to try every month, but it may also be biased towards users who already have a prize: they may find the forum/discord helpful for managing their prize, there may be those who wouldn't use the forum without a prize to organise trades/ambush gifting around or even who would have quit or played with much less dedication if they hadn't won. Being on the forum may indicate a level of investment in the game that leads to higher win rates but it may also be caused in some cases by having won a prize.
  17. I'm seeing downtime/loading errors too, and sort of repeatedly checking the news section... But I'm not optimistic that it'll really happen so much as I want to be sure to catch it early in the unlikely event it does.
  18. According to WraithZephyr above there has only ever been one, in 2012. I'd be very surprised if we had one now, with less than three weeks til the Valentine's release and even less before Valentines breeding.
  19. I make it 21.5 hours so far, minimum. I really appreciate what it's done for the time in there. They're not actually that messy for the most part either - a few hours ago they were coming through at least 50% 2Gs. Snagged a few to keep myself.
  20. This would be very handy for those times when you write 'W: CB Hatchling (only room for 1)', because you only have room for 1 growing thing, and get offers with two hatchlings and an egg. I imagine initially you'd click an 'Accept All' or an 'Accept Some' button (or 'Decline' - essentially just a third option on what we have now), and after clicking 'Accept Some' something similar in format to the page used to create the trade could be used to choose what.
  21. I would assume that both the ratios and basic economics would dictate that a rush to buy something would drive its price up, but goodness knows what will actually happen.
  22. @FlyingDragona I think there's something like a 1/6 chance of producing a random Xenowyrm; you got 'lucky'
  23. Yours finished my unlocks at either 32 or 33 adults observed (and 100 hatchlings - wasn't taking any chances on having to wait a whole year after they came out the hatcheries XD).
  24. @Astreya Thank you! That's unlocked them completely for me
  25. My adult Starsingers. https://dragcave.net/lineage/SPHRO https://dragcave.net/lineage/PAwZN Should bring us to 14/15, which will be enough for most people with their own. This thread has been so, so useful filling up my encyclopedia after years of hiatus - can anyone show me naked dark luminae or corporeal adult celestials? (edit: I'm now sorted for these, thanks peeps!)