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  1. That's too bad about Kapa not being here. I don't think anybody else would want to double check my counts. Category: Breeders Title of Record:Breeder with the highest number of dragons raised in a day Name of Submitant(forumname): mmizuki Scroll Name (link):mmizuki Proof for Record: http://dc.makegames.de/tool.html Category: Breeders Title of Record: Breeder with the most Total Trio Dragons, Ice Dragons, Magma Dragons Name of Submitant(forumname):mmizuki Scroll Name (link): mmizuki Proof for Record: My scroll What has changed?: increased, see below My Manual Counts: Ice- 101 Magma- 152 Thunder- 86 Total: 339 perhaps I need to start aiming for Shichibi's record
  2. Ever since the RxR, I've been trying. I have two pairs each of cb golds and cb silvers but so far, no luck.
  3. =o I had more than I expected. Thanks for checking Kapa. Really appreciate it.
  4. Category: Breeders Title of Record: Most Magma Name of Submitant(forumname):mmizuki Scroll Name (link): mmizuki (prefer not to be linked) Proof for Record: http://dragcave.net/user/mmizuki What has changed?: increased Just really curious what I have. Could I also get a count on the other trios too (though Shichibi probably have more )?
  5. Basically got zilch for gold, silver, black, stripes. Though, I think this just even outs the crazy breeding few weeks back. I can't say I'm not at least slightly glad that I don't have to deal with bloodswapping. Got a pink and a purple egg so commons are probably still breeding.
  6. Wow...they are gorgeous! Can't wait until mine grows up. Might even be tempted to not freeze one...though the hatchie is cute too.
  7. ^ I have 23 thunders atm. When does this thread gets updated? I've already applied for most trios dragons but should I update on the numbers?
  8. Grr...need my DC fix! But a faster cave would certainly make me happy =3.
  9. My Count Ice: 13 Magma: 20 Thunder: 16+1 Total: 49 Previous Records Breeder with the most Trio Dragons: spyro76 - 43 Breeder with the most Magma Dragons: n/a And at time of posting, 1 thunder and 1 magma hatchling. edit: thunder grew up
  10. Category: Dragon Breeds Title of Record: Breeder with the most Trio Dragons Name of Submitter: mmizuki Proof for Record: My Scroll I'm not really a breeder since almost all my trios are CB..but anyhow... I have a thunder and a magma hatchling that's growing in a day (so, I might have a magma record as well).
  11. I think blue. Took me the longest to get one the last time I needed a set.
  12. wow, they look like eastern dragons o.o
  13. wow vamp lineages are awesome edit: is there a way to remove the page stuff if there's only one page showing?
  14. long lineages = okay inbred = okay messy = not okay theres certain breeds that i just cannot stand to see in the lineage page b/c of personal preference for the sprites
  15. wow, I'm a female pink with a huge lineage
  16. bump i dont think its hard to code making it the view page might make it more consistent with all the other dragon images but lineage page is just as good i find i spend a lot of unnecessary time clicking through to find the potential dragon mate on the scroll page would like to see this implemented!
  17. My first bunch of dragons...before I realized hatching/growing is time-based not view based. Glad I wasn't spammy or they'd all be dead.
  18. killed 3 - 2 adult earth and 1 black hatchling none evaded 2 zombies (one earth and the hatch)