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  1. Atrocitas had never felt this sensation before, not that it actually had experiences to begin with. Ever. Except the tree perhaps, and now this sensation that it did not like. Atrocitas could understand that pain was bad in that it was not natural and was causing problems to itself. Atrocitas needed to do something to combat this pain, but it could not determine what to do about it. Atrocitas continued to absorb the thing until it was entirely consumed, and then it focused on combating this pain the best way it knew how, even if it had to change itself physically or chemically to do so.
  2. (( OCC: I had been trying to describe the rock stuck in the glass of the canister, cause Atrocitas hadn't left yet, but hey! Maple tree! I shall endeavor to describe things better.)) Atrocitas extended itself over both these strange sensations. One felt disturbingly close to itself: a slime. But this slime or substance was not itself. Then there were the spheres. The spheres brought on more senses of 'confusion'. Atrocitas could not determine wether it was compelled enough to absorb these. That which it had absorbed earlier had been strange and oddly settling, but these spheres could perhaps contribute to itself in some way. So without much thought or desire, it moved to the spheres. Slipping over a few of them, Atrocitas chose one that had a strangely distorted texture to it. With some speed, Atrocitas absorbed this sphere into itself.
  3. Atrocitas sensed a disturbance, no, a change. The feeling of motion passing over itself, a sense of being 'aware' that there was this thing known as motion passing over it. With delicacy and a very purposeful slowness, the slime extends itself towards this change, reaching for that which is unknown and unknowable. Pain! The slime does not know this sensation, but it is something that cannot be liked. It is unpleasant. What is it? The slime reaches around this pain. It feels solid and inorganic, but in certain places, the inorganic substance has spaces. The slime senses nothing beyond these spaces. The spaces are lined by that which causes pain, which is the inorganic substance it does not wish to react with. The slime creeps itself forward through the spaces until it touches something most certainly organic. There are crevices in it, minute and subtle, but there all the same. The slime attempts to devour the organic material, either to get it out of the way or merely to give itself sustenance, it does not have the capacity to care. It just 'wants' this obstruction removed, and so it attempts to absorb it.
  4. I would like to join if that is okay. Name: Atrocitas Bonus DNA: boomslang (Dispholidus typus) Starting location: sewer Description: a small, fist-sized clear slime (everyone starts this way, but it changes probably before the third post) Equipment: (just a placeholder until you start finding DNA and special abilities, which is likely the second post)