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  1. Is it just me or are eggs in the cave not showing up for other people? I've checked back for hours on end, constantly refreshing, even restarted my computer to see if that would help. Nothing. There's just no eggs ;-;
  2. Morgan ventured towards the thing. He thought he had seen it move, but he was not quite sure. It had not moved in the way trains usually did: forwards, backwards. It almost looked like it had leaned. Trains did not lean. As he came closer, Morgan’s strange eyes roving the scene, his gaze landed on a young boy that was there with the train. He was being… held somehow. Was this thing even a train? It was holding the boy in a way trains did not. It had to be a train. It looked like a train, but this was the most bizarre train he had ever seen. “Um, I’m sorry to disturb you,” Morgan called out, stopping his advance as he noticed the way the boy was looking at him. It was almost fear. More like worry. Morgan could swear he felt another pair of eyes trained on him. The hair on the back of his neck rose at the sensation. But where were those eyes coming from. All senses alert, he searched the train for signs of movement, finding nothing. “Is this your train?” he asked carefully. There was something so strange about the entire situation, but what did he know about it. It went beyond Morgan not knowing that the train was, for all intents and purposes, alive, but he was sensing things only Lindor could sense for the first time, and it puzzled him beyond expression.
  3. Yah, kind of. Otherwise, I do lots of different human rps.
  4. A reverse would be interesting: wolves that shapeshift into humans.
  5. I would definitely be interested. Open world is my jam. I can definitely post at least once a day, though I'm usually on multiple times a day.
  6. Seeking RPs Username: Ravencrime Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.): Anything. Preferred Genre: Anything Other: Anything... jkjk I am pretty much open to anything. I can do long and short rps, one on one or not. I prefer original rps compared to fanmade rps. I would love to join a DragonCave related rp though. HMU. Can also find me on chatango dreadknightmare.chatango.com
  7. Seeking RPs Username: Ravencrime Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.): Anything. Preferred Genre: Anything Other: Anything... jkjk I am pretty much open to anything. I can do long and short rps, one on one or not. I prefer original rps compared to fanmade rps. I would love to join a DragonCave related rp though. HMU. Can also find me on chatango dreadknightmare.chatango.com
  8. The Raven Hunt was criticized and critiqued left and right by both leaning political parties, and then some third wavers that meant nothing yet strove to make a name for themselves by attaching it to this marvelous work. They argued it was the pinnacle of society. Others euthanized it with zeal. He thumbed the cover and preface. The raven hunt began. Those four words were the opening of an epic that would overturn literary society forever. At least it felt like forever. It was all over in a moment. He flipped the book shut and tucked it under his arm. He remembered the opera. The first bars of the opening scene, he hummed them softly to an audience of one. The soft light lilt that heralded the delicate ballerinas to the stage. Then began the dance with the drums. He remembered watching the opera commence in awe. Maverick would braid his hair and Malcolm would sing along what words he knew in whatever language they were sung in. French. Russian. German. Morgan would just watch and stare. The raven hunt began. And now so did he. The sunlight was warm, piercing the chilly air so long as the wind refused to blow. It helped some, as Morgan was wearing barely anything to keep out the cold save a thin, worn sweatshirt, cargo pants, and boots. Resources were crippled, along with the economy. The only people that didn't care were the upper crust of the town’s society that somehow managed to stay floating above them all. Morgan had always lived transfixed between the two realms. There were the wealthy, the destitute, and him. He floated on the inbetween. Always in want, always in need, but what he had was always something more. His brother, the oldest one Malcolm, said they were high class beggars. They only had one blanket to share for keeping out the cold, but it was made of luxurious fabric and stuffed with feathers. They seldom had food to eat, but what little they had was the remains of a fois gras or half burnt croissants. They had no home but slept in the rafters of an opera house, entertained by its many wonders. Now it was just Morgan, and he was not begging for his life, but for his missing brother. That meant more to him now. He felt so hollow when he was alone. So he left that gilded sanctuary and began his own hunt. He left the city proper and was on the outskirts, keeping to a direction summed up in his head. He had no idea where exactly he was bound for. His brother was plain missing. No trace, no clue. But Morgan had to start somewhere. North seemed like a pretty good idea, so North he would go. He hummed the tune in his head, remembering without trying exactly the placement and precision of every instrument and key. His opal eyes squinted into the sunlight and wind as he made his way towards a wood. There were traces of burned coal still in the air. He was used to it by now, but it still tasted awful. He stopped suddenly. There was something there that did not quite make sense. A… train?
  9. Atrocitas absorbed the organic under the wriggling things, burrowing into the organic much as they were. It consumed all the stuff it could possibly reach, determined to take all the organic away from them. And then maybe Atrocitas would take them too.
  10. Atrocitas paused when it sensed the wriggly things. It slimed over them but did not absorb just yet, trying to get a feeling for what they were or what sort of motion they were using. They were very wriggly, that was for sure. And it seemed that they were absorbing things too somehow. Atrocitas began to absorb the wriggly things, burrowing deeper into the big thing as well.
  11. The slime crawled back and forth over the big thing to try and gauge it, and was rather ambitious enough to try and start at one end. Even if it could absorb just a little, that would be enough for it. It oozed its way through quite a good size of the thing before pausing at the top.
  12. Atrocitas was not working to satisfy needs, only its biological imperative. Pushing through the stuff, it tried to go somewhere to perhaps find something to absorb. It was absorbing everything as it went, but it did not seem to affect it much.
  13. Atrocitas moved along then, no longer interested in this thing if it was not going to do anything for it. It then skipped the next several things it came across, searching for something more profitable. Atrocitas' only function was to grow and evolve. That was what it was programmed to do from the beginning. But nothing was making it grow and evolve at all, save something entirely useless that it had no need for. As its biological imperative was not being fulfilled, the slime began feeling a strange sort of desperation.
  14. Atrocitas felt around this sweet thing and as it had nothing better to do, it absorbed the sweet thing.
  15. Serra had fired off another round at the Oakthorns, and in return, a pistol shot buried itself in his shoulder. He glanced at it for but a moment before getting ready to aim again. "Everyone, shut up!" Serra froze, struck by the order. The Oakthorn elves had been readying themselves to attack him, when they too heard the order. Both sides looked at their captains in confusion. To Serra, the captain looked a little nervous as she peered into the surrounding void on all sides of them. Was there something amiss? Serra too turned his gaze elsewhere, trying to see if there was something wrong. And then, he caught a glimpse of something. He saw it for just a brief moment, a flash or, or was it a shape? He couldn't be sure. he tried to pinpoint it again in the voidlight.
  16. ..::SERRA::.. The fragile looking automaton climbed up the stairs from below to the deck, having heard quite a lot of commotion going on overhead as he worked. As various crew members ran past, he caught snippets of their talk, and so he grasped their basic situation. Looking out to the void, he saw the ship they were all speaking of. The Willow Queen. At the Captain's shout, Serra grabbed onto the railing and braced himself. As the Willow Queen slammed against them, he was roughly jolted, but otherwise was perfectly fine. Do we attack or...? Serra blinked and looked to the Captain, wondering what she had in mind. Of course, the Willow Queen was not going to wait around for Serra to get a move on. Since Zefel had decided to go in guns blazing, they were much obliged to reply in full. A bullet whizzed past Serra's face, nearly clipping his cheek. He raised his arm, palm out, fingers spread. A glow gathered at his palm, building and roiling within itself, and then a great blast of fire shot from his hand and slammed into a pair of the Willow Queen's men. They dropped to the ground, screaming.
  17. There was something interesting there, but the rest of it was strange. Abandoning it, Atrocitas slimed its way off to find something else.
  18. I would like to join this roleplay if anyone's still wanting to keep it alive. I love Savage Worlds rpgs, but never saw a roleplay based on one before. I am on every day of the week. On the rare occasion that I'm not, I will usually give a heads up if I need to be somewhere without internet.
  19. Atrocitas absorbed the strange, sweetness rapidly. The hunger from its change made it all that more ravenous. Even bitter things were desirable at this point. If the expression can be used, then it would be more than enough to say that Atrocitas inhaled the sweet thing. But there was not a whole lot, and suffice to say, not enough of it then. Moving on from the sweet thing, Atrocitas searched out more things to feed on, hoping in part for a rather large specimen to take into itself. It needed to replenish lost energy, and fast.
  20. Either way, popup or text change, I just get stressed out when I lose my eggs. It would just be nice if there was a warning, cause they never give you one. And trying to get them back is nearly impossible once they're gone.
  21. EDIT Introduce a pop-up feature, so that when your egg limit is reached and you breed two dragons, it will let you know you reached the limit, and will then ask you if you wish to proceed. Facing the issue of getting my eggs abandoned when I reach the egg limit from not noticing I hit it when I breed dragons...
  22. Atrocitas absorbed the sweet stuff quickly. Working to generate the venom sac had made him feel the need to absorb more than before. Making quick work of the sweet stuff, the slime limply crawled along, searching for more things to absorb to replenish its energy and satisfy the craving to absorb.
  23. I love and will accept ANY and ALL CB eggs that are unwanted. Here are my rules: No inbreds. No frozens. While I do accept any and all CB eggs, here are the ones I don't have or the ones I definitley want more of. For now, I just want at least 2 of each gender. ONES I DON'T HAVE AND DEARLY WANT Cheese - 0/4 Copper "Rainbow" - 0/2 male, 0/2 female Copper "Sulfur" - 0/2 male, 0/2 female Copper "Virdigris" - 0/2 male, 1/2 female Gold Dragon - 0/2 male, 0/2 female Paper - 0/4 Pyralspite "Almandine" - 0/2 male, 1/2 female Pyralspite "Spessartine" - 0/2 male, 0/2 female Silver - 0/2 male, 0/2 female Xenowyrm Gaia - 1 (any gender) HARDCORE HOARDING, ALWAYS ACCEPTING none currently
  24. Atrocitas felt a wave of relief wash over itself as the feelings spread, met, then vanished. Now that the pain was gone, Atrocitas felt the desire to guard itself against such pain again. Thinking again of the pain, Atrocitas felt a part of itself warming, shifting. The slime in this part began to congeal and eventually harden somewhat. The slime worked at this area until what had formed was something like a tiny, pencil eraser sized sac with a point protruding from one end. And this point would be the prime deliverer of the pain like the sort Atrocitas felt. Now, at least from what it determined by its limited capacities, Atrocitas would avoid pain by causing it. But this focus of energies drained Atrocitas of its energy and made it hungrier more than before. Desperate for sustenance, the slime began to make quick work of the closest organic it could find: some strange, multi-textured thing. ((OOC: If it's alright to evolve this early, Atrocitas now has a little black widow venom sac that tapers to a point, and stabbing things with it pushes out the venom. Let me know if I did something wrong...))
  25. (( OOC: Is the hourglass marking the only thing I have unlocked from the black widow? Or have I unlocked the black widow's useful genes as well as the marking? Or is this marking a result of taking on the possible ability of having black widow poison?)) Atrocitas felt nothing but pain coursing through its being. Perhaps not the way in which sentient creatures experience pain, for Atrocitas was still a very undeveloped slime, but it could 'feel' this pain in its own way. The spams that wracked its form added confusion to its growing list of sensations. Something was not functioning. Something was controlling it involuntarily. Atrocitas's form wiggled up against the other things that surrounded it, organics and otherwise. Perhaps it could fight the pain. Somehow. So Atrocitas put aside concentration on the pain and returned dutifully to its need to consume. Consume to fight the pain... consume because Atrocitas needed to... that was all Atrocitas knew, and in the face of crisis, one merely responds as one is trained.