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  1. Exactly. Don't get me wrong, the Fool Mints are fun but there's no surprise anymore unless you're relatively new. Maybe add another option, like blaming the dragon? Or even another possible breed we could get flipped? Just something to spice it up. The flipped sprites could've been a fun one, especially if the Fool Mints were the only ones upright.
  2. Eaten again, there's a surprise. Look, I'm grateful for everything the team does but this is the exact same thing for the fifth year in a row and it's getting...kinda stale...?
  3. Correct. Be nice? Get eaten or maybe get a regular egg if you're lucky. If you want the special egg, you gotta blame and hope they choose to be nice, because otherwise you get zilch.
  4. 2nd gen PB Nebula, just throw something you don't mind seeing AP'd on the link so I know where it goes, please! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. Have Ready to breed, all CB Valentines My CB Silver Shimmer, Crown Prince Duren Charon is ready to breed with any female CB Valentines of your choice. Want 2nd gen Spriters Alt (Not including Caligene, Shadow Walker, Pink Omen, Black Arcana, Blue Arcana, Green Desipis) Please PM me to discuss!
  6. I adopted the Solstice and one of the Aegis. Thank you very much!
  7. I adopted him! Thank you very much ❤️
  8. Happy Halloween! Thank you, TJ and spriters! The eggs are....not fun to catch right now Not managed to get any yet.
  9. HAVE: 2nd gen Shadow Walker from MALE Silver Shimmerscale Lineage Multiple CB Halloweens ready to breed with mate of your choice WANT: Bloodswap (For the 2nd gen Shimmer) CLEAN Shadow Walkers (Length doesn't matter, checkers preferred) 2nd gens from Omens, Kohrakis, Desipis Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! PM me for CB Halloween breeding
  10. I thought it was just my connection, but having serious problems with lag, too. Sometimes it's fine, but most of the time it takes an age to load when I click an egg. It never gets so bad as to throw up an error page, but it's still irritating.
  11. Oof, completely missed this and now it's all old eggs. The hunt is on!
  12. The new adults are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the Umbras. Though, I'm in agreement with a few others here: less than 24 hours is not really a good amount of time for a new release anymore, especially when you're releasing so many breeds. One or two breeds, that is probably an okay time period, but seven? Especially considering so many people had problems with lag and errors during the release.
  13. Not getting errors, but it is lagging out so bad. I'm rather glad I filled my slots yesterday, because catching anything right now would be impossible.
  14. I love all of them, but the hybrids are my absolute favs! Time to start collecting CBs to get more of them...
  15. Full support. At this exact moment in time, I don't have any work commitments, but even so, I barely made the full set for the first time in three years. The previous two years, I was busy with other commitments and completely missed the event aside from a few stray eggs I managed to grab on the last day. Having that extra time would've made it less stressful and much more fun.
  16. Happy April Fool's! I got eaten My partner must've also chosen to blame me. Guess it's karma for last year when I got away with it
  17. Z-code 2nd gen Cavern Lurker for anyone who wants it, just offer a dummy for it, please! Unfortunately it is gender lottery, though. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. Just snagged these for my new Halloween dragons: "SCP - 4040" "SCP - 939" "SCP - 1730" "SCP - 097" "Mavra Isimeria" "The Black Autumn" Also just grabbed this one for one of my Shadow Walkers, kinda surprised there's no fans of the song on DC. "The Distortionist"
  19. The new dragon is SCP - 939 and you can't convince me otherwise (even though I know that's not the inspiration xD). That said, as someone pointed out above, the lag this year was extreme. I was lucky enough to get mine before it got REALLY bad, but when I was trying to hunt for abandoned eggs afterwards, it was pretty much impossible because as soon as it finally refreshed, the eggs you were seeing were already gone. And if that was what the AP was like, I hate to imagine what hunting the biomes was like. Even at it's usual laggiest over holidays, my pc can handle it, but this year it was taking several minutes just to refresh. I am also confused as to why, at Christmas and Valentines, we have three days to catch two dragons, but at Halloween when we can catch as many as we want, we get one day.
  20. Borderlands 2. Stupid graboid clones cornered me.
  21. A huge, HUGE thank you, @Infinis for not one, but two special babies!
  22. 17 attempts, being 5 adults and 12 hatchlings. The results were: Adults - 2 zombies, 3 disintegrations Hatchlings - 6 zombies, 6 disintegrations Total - 8 new zombies, 9 disintegrated New zombies: https://dragcave.net/view/q7KBd https://dragcave.net/view/XRhtD https://dragcave.net/view/B8pal https://dragcave.net/view/tZ7F6 https://dragcave.net/view/KMLA2 https://dragcave.net/view/ci54T https://dragcave.net/view/npslV https://dragcave.net/view/iRet3 It's better than I was expecting, but I am slightly irritated that the adult I most wanted to revive didn't.
  23. Ah fiddlesticks. Oh well, one will turn up in the safari soon enough xD Thank you!
  24. What did the machine part summon? Accidentally used mine, thinking it was for Meltan. >>
  25. I completely forgot about Halloween being the best time for zombo attempts and am completely unprepared.