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  1. I figured this would be a very interesting thread for other people to read and participate with their own experiences, and if there's another place that better suits it, mods feel free to move it.


    First thing's first. Sleep talking, what is it? It's the unconscious, asleep mind speaking, sleep talking usually happens during a deep sleep, most times the sleep talker isn't even aware they are speaking unless told the next morning. Sleep talking is generally harmless, and in most cases hilarious, if not accompanied by sleep walking.


    I am a sleep talker, typically I don't say many things during my sleep, maybe mumble a thing or two...but sometimes I get quite mean, specially if someone tries to wake me during my sleep, I'll tell them to get the f out, or shout at them no, and have no remembrance of these events when I next wake up, usually I'm only like that if I'm extremely tired before I go to sleep. I can relay one story to you all.


    My sister and her girlfriend came into my room one day wanting to know which key was the mail key, I sat up and started talking to them. "It's not one of these" I remarked. "Where is it?" My sister asked. "It's on the blue...the blue...the blue..." "The blue thing?" "Yes...wait, what's a blue thing?" They only became aware I was asleep because of that, I had sat up, opened my eyes and spoke to them like I was wide awake. My brother had never experienced me sleep talking before, until today that is. He came in and told me my mom had made food and I sat up, stared him right in the eyes and told him "Get the f out" and went back to sleep, which prompted much confusion from him later when I told him he never told me the first time.


    I often wonder where my sleep talking came from, be it from genetics or just something I developed over time, we'll never know. How about sharing some of your sleep talking adventures?

  2. Day: Day 1

    Location: Forest

    My Dragon Species: White

    Visiting Dragon: Teimarr

    Item Ratio:0:10:9:0:0

    Message: A teimarr dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she liked the collection of meat, but left to find a dragon with more shinies.

    Adding another shinies gives me a

    A teimarr dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems mildly interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she left to find a dragon with more meat.