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  1. After the to-be apprentices has finished their vows, Ratha nodded approvingly. It was not easy to give such an oath in the beginning of their path but they could not risk this secret being given away. Some of the youths even looked angry or afraid; they had all spoken the Ancient Language and given the unbreakable vow. They hadn't been asked do they want to do this and had been assumed they would follow blindly. However, Ratha challenged with her icy-blue gaze some of the most angry-looking faces. She didn't intend to subdue them, but asked them to hold their anger until this event would be over. 'It is understandable why they feel angry. Barely has their journey began and already they are being restricted and ordered around and taken to weird places like ducklings following a mother duck,' Aatris mused. 'I agree. But you know as well as I do how much these vows matter to the safety of the Order. I'd prefer to be safe than sorry,' Ratha replied as she began to turn around and face the Rock. 'Dragons do not want to be safe. And all these children have some dragon blood, fiery and fierce.' At her gentle touch and a swift golden light that seemed to bring the scent of oranges into the field, the Rock made a soft creaking sound as it slowly split into two and an ancient cave path appeared beneath the Rock. Stairs had been crafted at a later date by the Riders, while the cave itself had been carved by dragons - or some other force of equal power. A few audible gasps came from Ratha's crowd and she raised an eyebrow, humored, for this had been her exact reaction long time ago. And so the wheel turns. Without a word, she stepped into the cave and started the descent into the cave. As she walked, the walls lightened up at places, dwarf-crystals powered by magic reacting to the presence of a moving being, allowing the descending people to see in the dark in their steady light. The air soon began to grow warmer and the pungent smell of sulfur drafted upwards. Ratha's cape fluttered behind her like the wings of a dragon and her silver-white hair took a golden hue in the growing red light that grew stronger as they went deeper. Through their link, Aatris enjoyed the primal heat of the earth, reliving memories of sleeping in his egg in this very same cave for many decades. At the end of the staircase, where the air was now equivalent of a hot summer day, a large archway appeared. It was covered in runes alike to the ones that covered the Rock of Kuthian above the ground, except these glowed blue with varying luminosity, the light seeming to swim beneath the rock like waves. Because of these runes, most didn't notice Cuaroc, who stood vigilant in front of this archway. Even knowing that Cuaroc obeyed her, seeing the massive artificial body with the head of a dragon still put Ratha on her guard. The body was entirely made out of shining metal, alongside his shield and iridescent Rider's sword. Cuaroc was massive, both in height and muscles, and the gentle pulsing glow of his purple Eldunarí could be seen deep within his chest. "Valokein wah faal Diirz do Sil," the metallic dragon head spoke, his voice rough and low like thunder as he bowed slightly to Ratha, still keeping his glowing eyes on the crowd. "Aal hin yol neh dir, Cuaroc. Zu'u laan hin kogaan tol mu aal rahn naal hin skuld," Ratha replied with a strong voice, betraying nothing of the worry that one of the youngsters might lose their nerve and cause Cuaroc to activate his self-defense mechanics. Maybe the physically long-dead dragon saw this, for the metallic body made a sound that was alike to a chuckle. "Zu'u ofan hi dii kogaan. skuld los bex. Aal hin paal faas hin faan," he replied and stepped aside. Leading the to-be apprentices into the cave, Ratha presented to them rows and rows of eggs, each sitting on a pillow and glowing softly in the red light and heat that came from somewhere deeper within the caves. Ratha could also feel all the Eldunarí within the room, hidden from the immediate sight of the apprentices and even some Riders, too. A wave of inquiring minds came to probe her and she allowed her defenses drop slightly, greeting old friends and paying respects to the elder ones. 'New apprentices!-' 'I sensed something worrying in my dream-' 'That child reminds me of my own Rider-' 'Quiet! I am trying to sleep-' 'Ratha-' She heard her name and asked for the others to be silent for a moment, for the voice belonged to one of the oldest Eldunarí, Ryn. She could feel his mind's slow swirling, like watching the night sky turn as time passed. Ratha felt a moment of utter weightlessness and quickly reached out to Aatris to ground herself. 'Easy, little one, take it easy,' Aatris said but he, too, had shared the moment of staring into infinity where time flows by like a river. 'The white claws saw a blue feather. There is infinity within everything! Ahhh, nothing is permanent, nothing is eternal. The only thing that is permanent and infinite is the word Temporary. Remember this well, child,' Ryn said softly and then sank back into his dreams among the stars. The exchange left Ratha slightly rattled, but the assistant Riders were taking care of matters meanwhile, knowing that the Eldunarí always assaulted the Head Rider with information and inquiries. "I would ask you to all walk around and touch the eggs," an Elder Rider spoke up, motioning towards the rows of multicolored eggs, like shards of a rainbow materialized. "You need not do anything else but touch them. If it moves, please notify us and do not leave the egg." With this, the most excited nearly ran to the eggs and started eagerly moving about. Some touched each egg slowly, thinking, others walked past many at a time, seemingly driven by instinct. *** As Tanthanion and Zencoria approached them, Dänyr had to calm down her excited counterpart. 'You're like a dragonling who cannot reach their itching scales!' Dänyr sighed and Thati shrugged. 'Can you really blame me? This is a proper good mission, not some sloggy partol,' she said and her dragon gave a short laugh. 'Maybe they would have given one 'proper good' mission earlier if you would show more... Less of that,' she said and pointed at Thati. The girl was ready to give a snarky reply, but heard Tanthanion approaching and bowed to him as he came closer. "We are all set and ready to go," she said excitedly and without prompt mounted Dänyr, barely containing her excitement. 'Fire within help me,' Dänyr sighed openly. "I thought dragons didn't pray?" 'I have to make an exception with you,' the green dragon chuckled. 'Let us be off before this hatchling decides to grow wings of her own prematurely.'
  2. Ratha's brisk pace quickly led the apprentices through the inner circle of Doru Araeba, where the spires rose, to the outer ones, where it was more apparent that this was a city - one built to massive scale and full of dragons, but a city nonetheless. The paved roads were wide enough to allow a dragon to walk on and parks were present every now and then, full of people either debating or reading. There were merchants, too, selling their wares with loud voices and bartering with mages, Riders, and commoners alike. Some local farmers were leading horses with their over-winter goods to exchange for seeds. The air was heavy with the smell of food, herbs and spices and full of voices of varying races. Doru Araeba was like any great city, but it seemed to be somewhat more organized and less rowdy. People made way willingly to the passing group, most giving some polite bows of head to the passing Riders, and curious gazes to the apprentices. The lower ranked Riders whom they passed gave some cheerful words as they passed, remembering themselves as they walked that way not so long ago. It took a while, but they finally made out of the huge city gates to the fields that surrounded Doru Araeba. Even though the Riders were powerful, they also needed food for themselves and for the people who lived in the city. Despite having these fields, the city had to import a lot of food and export exotic, magical goods to sustain that trade. The road they were on split to many directions and Ratha took the one that lead towards the nearest mountains, where the forest was creeping close to the fields. The road seemed to be old, older than the rest of the roads and less used, with visible marks of weathering and vegetation here and there. At this point, Ratha turned around and faced the apprentices and nodded with satisfaction, for none of them had been complaining nor protesting about the walk. "This road leads us to our destination. It is not much further," she confirmed to those who were eying the nearby mountains. Sure, the walk may take an hour or even two if Ratha didn't walk so briskly, but it was achievable. So they resumed walking, the air smelling of spring air, freshly turned soil and grass, alongside the chirps of birds that chased each other across the sky. 'Spring has always been your favorite,' Aatris hummed and Ratha saw him through their link laying down like a sphinx next to the throne. 'That is true. Our world never ceases to amaze me; and maybe I have my upbringing to blame, too,' she said and Aatris chuckled. They soon entered the forest and all sounds seemed to fade. It was dark beneath the ancient trees that were larger than any regular tree in Alagaesia; excluding, of course, the trees of Du Weldenvarden. The road became even more cracked, with plants growing from these cracks. It wasn't due to neglect the road had ended so, but out of respect. The air seemed to be heavy, yet very light at the same time. As they walked, a tingle began to touch Ratha's mind - they were nearing the Rock of Kuthian, and the magic was growing stronger by the minute. What animals they had seen earlier, squirrels and a fox, had seemingly disappeared. Before them, a opening in the thick canopy allowed light to pour in and as they came to this opening it turned out to be a large field with one huge rock jutting towards the sky not so unlike the spirals in Doru Araeba. Runes etched into the stone crisscrossed around it, forming shapes and spirals and radiating great power. No-one is sure of the Rock's origins; it was there when the first Riders came there and it has been suggested that the dragon built it with their magic in the old days. Of this, there is no confirmation for those who would be old enough have long since passed or are so deep in dreams that nobody understands them when they speak. Ratha halted before the stone and allowed the apprentices to gather around into a semi-circle, with the assisting Riders behind them. The magic of the stone seemed to be affecting everyone to a certain degree, drawing their gazes time and again. "I am sure you all have guessed we are at our destination. This is the Rock of Kuthian, our greatest secret. I see some doubtful gazes and I understand, for did we not just simply walk here? How many felt some resistance while walking here? Good. That was a magical barrier meant to keep out everyone who is not a Rider or destined to be one. And should someone who does not fit that category get here, the Rock itself has incredible protective powers. Now, I ask of you all to give me a vow in Ancient Language to promise you will never talk about this to those outside of the Order," she said firmly. If someone refused to give this oath, they would not be allowed to go inside the Rock. "The vow is as such: "I swear that I shall never reveal the location of the Rock of Kuthian to those outside of our order. And should i try to do so, my lips will seal themselves or my hand be unable to write or otherwise to reveal it. By this oath the Rock of Kuthian will allow me to walk inside." The vow alone allows you to go inside. Now, repeat after me," she continued, and spoke word to word, the apprentices repeating them. Some were more eager than the others and some were silent for a good while before repeating. "Zu'u vaat tol Zu'u fent neh genun nizaag do vild do kuthian wah daar tir do un uth. Ahrk fend zu'u unt wah dreh ful, dii kroslen fen strin nistmaar uv dii haal kos nivos wah pel uv hahvothzos wah genun nii. Naal daar vahrot faal Vild do Kuthian fen vos zey wah paagol ko."
  3. As the Hall of Echoes began to fill with both Riders and soon-to-be apprentices, Ratha and Aatris began to have a hard time having time to greet everyone personally. However, when Lianthorn and Sahqo arrived and the former spoke to them directly, they excused themselves and walked up to them to greet them properly. "Valokein hofkiin, Lianthorn ahrk Sahqo," Ratha said solemnly and Aatris nodded to them in greeting. Their attention soon was directed to the elven maid who had arrived with the Rider; moreover when Lianthorn began to explain the circumstances in where she was found. 'Zu'u koraav tol hin rot los vahzah - til los atruk folaas ko daar kiir,' Aatris hummed sadly as he slowly extended his neck to examine the elf, who in his and Ratha's eyes was still a child. She met their gazes evenly for a moment before dropping them, like a servant who was caught staring for too long. "I welcome you to Doru Araeba. I am Ratha and this is my partner Aatris," she said and gave a quick smile that was most likely lost to the newcomer, having her head bent. "We shall be leaving soon to unite you to your fated partner." If the maiden didn't believe her, she didn't show it, merely nodded obediently. Something flashed in Ratha's memory, like the silvery scales of a quick fish that you weren't sure you saw at all. She tried to grasp this memory, but it was gone as fast as it had come. She wasn't even sure whether it was important or not, so she let the moment pass. The early afternoon was passing steadily and soon the Hall of Echoes was filled with voices, ranging from the singing voices of the elves to the rough grunts of the urgals, not to even mention all the voices the dragons were making. When all of the Riders and the apprentices they had brought were in the Hall, Ratha ascended to her throne and raised a hand. The sea of voices slowly quieted down into an anticipating silence. Ratha looked around the Hall and nodded with satisfaction. Lately the number of apprentices had been in decline but it seemed to have stopped for now. "Fahdon, mu lost lahvraan het wah vervisk un yun prustmun. Dahsul nust fent kos grin voth niist feliig ko ney hil ahrk hah, ahrk meyz gein do mii," Ratha began to speak ritualistically in the Ancient Tongue, and while the newcomers didn't understand each word, the message was understood through the power that the language of magic holds. 'Ahrk ful rod straag. Med vah bo mindin felniir, yun prustmun los aluntiid do faal Uth. Aal mu pah aak niin voth onikaan,' Aatris finished and a polite round of applause sprung after they had finished. Ratha and Aatris walked to the soon-to-be apprentices that had been gathered into a single location by the other Riders. Some of them looked afraid, others eager, some hopeful, some worried. Only the elven maid seemed to be indifferent to the situation around her. "We shall now travel to the Vault of Souls. Follow my lead, please!" she said loud and clear and began to walk briskly out from the Hall, her orange cape fluttering behind her like a pair of wings. Aatris remained in the hall, being too big to enter the Vault anymore, humming encouraging words to the ones who needed them. A couple of elder Riders walked behind, making sure nobody would get lost in the vastness of Doru Araeba.
  4. 'Nindel detholir Usstan sevir ulu dos. Maglust dos inbal natha jatha'ur mayar d'aluin velkyn, jhal abbanen sila sreen'aur,' Ratha replied to Tanthanion's question. 'Usstan zhal lac natha abbil ulu dortho dos. Belbau uns'aa biu klew'kin.' Ratha also contacted another Rider who soon appeared before her throne. Thati's hair was like a ring of fire around her hair and Dänyr, beautiful and calm, stood beside her Rider like an emerald statue. Aatris hummed happily to the two of them, still recalling clearly how Dänyr hatched before Thati. "I have called you two, because I have a quest for you," Ratha began and had to raise a hand to stop Thati from bursting into speech. She clearly managed to hold back her tongue just barely and seemed to shiver with anticipation to prove herself. "Let me first say this: this quest will not be your regular patrol or the like. This will be serious and you will be accompanied by an elder Rider and his dragon, whose orders you will listen to and obey, for your life may depend on them. This will be a chance for you to prove how you have improved and it is also an important chance to learn something new. Do not waste it." 'We thank you, Ratha-elda,' Dänyr said politely, her clear voice ringing in Ratha's and Aatris' minds. "We will not disappoint you, Head Dragon Rider!" Thati also said and bowed, her red hair flowing beside her head. Aatris let out a friendly laugh. 'You are certainly excited, witch-fire-head. Put it to good use,' the huge dragon said and Thati nodded with a grin, although Dänyr seemed to sigh inwardly. The large doors opened then, and they saw the incomers - Tanthanion alongside with Zencoria and a girl whom Ratha didn't recognize. 'The newest apprentice,' Aatris said with a happy tone to Ratha, who also felt a leap of joy - each apprentice was the future of the Riders. Ratha descended from her throne and greeted the apprentice. "Welcome to Dorú Araeba. I am Ratha, the Head Dragon Rider, and this is my partner Aatris," she said and gave a quick smile as the dragon, whose single eye was almost half the height of the youngster, approached her and hummed softly. 'Welcome,' he also said with his low, mountain-like voice. Ratha then turned towards Tanthanion and Zencoria, motioning towards the other pair and introducing them to each other. "Thati and Dänyr will be coming with you. This will also be a learning experience for them and I trust you will take good care of them. Likewise I am sure they will be useful for the quest," the Head Dragon Rider said in her curt way. "I wish the four of you the best of luck. Thati, Dänyr, prepare yourselves and meet Tanthanion and Zencoria outside of Dorú Araeba." She and Aatris then gave traditional farewells to the four and then they were off. The younger pair quickly flew to their quarters and were ready before a quarter of an hour had passed - Dänyr was wearing a saddle alongside all of the bags they would need and Thati was wearing her light armor and her sword on the belt, checking they were all in good condition. Then they flew to the gates outside of the great city of Riders. In the Hall of Echoes, more apprentices were gathering alongside some elder Riders who would help Ratha and Aatris to take them into the Vault of Souls, where their dragons were waiting.
  5. As Ratha entered the Chamber of Thoughts, all Councilmen stood up respectfully and the Head Dragon Rider bowed her head to them, in thanks. "Aal grind gon," she declared and they all sat down. Ratha gave a look around the table and saw curious gazes - they seemed to sense that something was off with their leader. This was true, for Tathanion's news had disturbed her greatly. "Council! I have received grave news of shadows that we know still stalk the land despite our efforts. Tanthanion?" Ratha nodded to him, giving him the floor. The raven-haired elf stood up and gave his report. People had gone missing and their chewed bones found later on. The worshipers of Helgrind have become more active, sacrificing slaves twice a month, their bodies never found. And there has been rumors of a red-haired, pale girl who reaped death everywhere she went. A ripple of worried murmurs answered the report after Tanthanion sat down. Some began speaking with each other until one Urgal, Rutrok, stood up. "How are we going to react to these news? These are grave things; signs of Ra'zac and Shade activity, if I am not entirely mistaken," he said and sat back down. Another Councilman stood up, a dwarf Hvunha. "I say we find their lair and destroy them, once and for all! Root out the evil like a weed and make sure it will never grow back!" she declared loudly and some nodded in agreement. Ratha had crossed her fingers and leaned her chin against them, preferring to listen and think. 'If it would be so easy, we would have done so already,' she commented to Aatris. 'Perhaps, but there is truth in her words.' 'Of course there is - we should not allow these evils to flourish when we know they exist. But they are elusive; not a rogue Urgal band that terrorizes nearby human settlements or a mad dwarf causing problems. These are the very creatures of the night,' she thought sullenly and Aatris simply shared her discomfort. "And how do you propose we do such a thing?" Jorundr asked as he took the floor, spreading his hands. "I agree with you, we should deal with this problem, but how can we defeat shadows? I myself was part of a raiding group of Riders who attacked Helgrind, only to find nothing and enough traps to kill my teacher and two other experienced Riders," he said sadly and Ratha inwardly winced at the pain in his voice. The meeting continued on as the Councilmen gave ideas and thoughts back and forth, until it started to get heated up. Some were sure they had to take action at that very moment, some thought it better to spy and discover before going head-on, and others said nothing. "Enough," Ratha said at some point, her iron voice cutting through the arguments. She stood slowly up and looked around the table and at the various marks they had on the map. The Head Dragon Rider looked around again, judging what they were thinking. "I understand your concerns. I want to go out this very moment and rip Helgrind apart with my own hands and Aatris' claws and flames. I want to make them pay for the people they have killed and terrorized," she said and some nodded in agreement, passion in their own eyes. "But the fact remains that no matter how many times we have raided Helgrind, we never find anything and each party has faced disasters no matter how cautious they have been. Our opponents are terrifyingly smart and cunning. Going head-on will only lead into disasters," she declared and some were about to protest until she raised a hand. "This does not mean that I think we should sit idle. We should, by all means, go forth into Alagaësia and ensure the safety of the people. While doing so, we can try to learn of the nature of our enemy," Ratha concluded and looked around. Some looked unsatisfied, but most were glad at her decision. Tanthanion was about to open his mouth and Ratha gave him a small, wry smile. "Yes, I know you want to go and I know I can only stop you by denying your very nature. Go, and may the gods watch after you," she said. Tanthanion gave a sheepish smile, bowed to the Council, and was off. 'Tlu sreen'aur ussta abbil. Ragar doeb vel'bol nindolen nesst siltrin calussai lu'kheln xuil mzild taga uss quortek ph'xundus,' she added to him mentally. After Tanthanion had left the Council discussed some practical matters on how to scout the vast lands of Alagaësia, and Ratha also contacted the rulers of each race through scrying, describing them the nature of the threat. Apparently humans had suffered the most. It was well into the late morning and early afternoon before the Council was dismissed, each heading out to their own assignments. Ratha made her way to the Hall of Echoes, where Aatris was already waiting. 'This is going to be a long day,' Ratha thought, tired, as she sat down on the throne that represented a dragon. 'But there is something good today, too. I heard that a new apprentice is arriving!' Aatris said excitedly and Ratha inwardly smiled. 'It's been a while,' she thought and recalled the day she had come to Doru Araeba for the first time. Aatris also hummed happily.
  6. {Let's get this party started!} A small flower grew through the cracks of the stone, a miracle of life among the dead. It drank what little life it could that shone through the cave mouth briefly in the mornings and survived on the moisture that condensed inside the stone. With an audible crunch, a heavy leather boot stomped on the flour, instantly snuffing out the spark of life. The Ra'zac then moved deeper into the cave which was in the side of Helgrind, the sacred lair of the flesh-eaters that the maggots of Dras-Leona worshiped and sacrificed slaves to. It moved without disturbing the near-silence of the tunnels and caves that had been excavated over time inside the mountain. Only the drip of water and the occasional scuttle of a bug could be heard. Suddenly, the Ra'zac noticed a faint glow and grew immediately alert - it nor any of its partners needed light to see in the dark. It drew out a dark, wicked blade and moved even more carefully, before jumping out of the shadows into the room. There were a couple of multiple, misshapen figures whom the Ra'zac immediately knew to be its brethren, but there were also a couple of other robed figures; for them the single candle had been lit. "Sssheathe your ssssword, brother," one of the Ra'zac told the late-comer who did so, although all the while glaring at the unknown figures. "Their mistrust is understandable," one voice called. The Ra'zac had poor knowledge of other races' characteristics, but it was definitely young and female. "Aye, but let us put our mistrusts and our past grudges aside," a low male voice interrupted, irritated. "The time is ripe - the Riders have grown fat and lazy in Doru Araeba. It's the perfect chance for us to strike." "Yet their numbersss are not sssmall. How do you intend to bring them down?" one of the older Ra'zac growled. Another figure waved their hand, dismissing its concerns. "From the inside, of course. It would be foolish to charge them head-on. But before we go more into detail, I'd say we should all swear by the Ancient Tongue to not betray each other in this matter," a silky smooth voice said, to which the Ra'zacs made a short, snapping sound. The voice chucked. "Ah, forgive me, the Ancient Tongue burns you." "Vows still hold power, Ancient or not." Nods ensued. "Very well," continued the silky voice. "May this joining of powers be fruitful and the downfall of the Riders!" A dragon roared with triumph somewhere inside Helgrind, making the birds scatter into an ominous wind. *** 'Ratha, alok nu. Yun vu gruz mii!' a low and powerful grumble pierced Ratha's dreams. The elf woke up suddenly and sat up quickly, stars swimming before her eyes. Although elves never truly slept, this half-sleep had been so deep she hadn't noticed dawn arriving. Jorundr was still snoring contently, drooling on his pillow. Ratha shook her head and gave a quick ruffle at her husband's hair, before raising and changing into her daily clothes. While putting on her shirt, she recalled seeing a dream about a flower that grew from stone. 'Maybe it's a sign of a dwarf-elf-child?' Aatris suggested, amused. Ratha shared his amusement for a moment. 'Perhaps. It did not feel like a prophecy like the one we saw years ago, remember?' Aatris merely hummed in agreement somewhere outside of Doru Araeba, flying for fun and enjoying the morning sun on his scales. When the elf had finished giving her unruly silvery hair a quick brush, she stepped out from her bedroom into the two-story open space that contained her study and various rooms needed for daily living. One of the walls was partially open to the sky, only covered by curtains that had been enhanced by magic to be strong enough to withstand storms. Opening those, Ratha called out to Aatris and soon enough a huge golden dragon appeared before her, extending his tail to allow the elf to climb into his back. The two enjoyed some leisurely flying as the morning sun peeked from behind the mountains. Neither spoke words, but mentally simply shared the moment together, allowing thoughts exchange without boundaries; they were one mind sharing two bodies. A bell chimed somewhere seven times. Within the hour it would be time for the meeting to start, Ratha reminded herself. Nothing out of the ordinary, just some reports and discussing matters with the Council. Even so, she couldn't shake off the feeling something was out of place, or even outright wrong. 'What makes you think so, little one?' Aatris asked gently as he landed on the extension from where he had picked Ratha. He was now far too big to fit inside except for his head. A dizzying dance of golden colors danced on the walls as the dragon did so, in order to watch Ratha as she put her already in order papers into more neat piles and then filed them precisely. 'I do not know, honestly,' she sighed after she picked up one of the piles she knew she would need that day. 'Intuition? Old woman's superstitions?' Aatris laughed at that, making the walls vibrate. Ratha allowed herself a small, wry smile. 'Nothing concrete, in other words. I was always a pessimistic person,' she shrugged. 'Maybe, but that's what has kept many of us alive during hard times - by being cautious,' Aatris countered and took off, his task today to counsel with some of the elder dragons as their counterparts did the same. "Dragons," Ratha muttered under her breath and put Shulmah on her belt - more as a status symbol rather than a necessity to have a blade, but the weight put her mind at ease, nevertheless. She then started to make her way into the Chamber of Thoughts, the place where the Council was going to meet. After that, she had a few audiences to listen to in the Hall of Echoes. The blue eyes that were slit like a cat's glimmered slightly. This was going to be a perfectly ordinary day - yet she couldn't shake off she had forgotten something important.
  7. The RP has now been approved and I am accepting character sheets! If you're interested, do join!
  8. { C h a r a c t e r s } The character sheets are put into Google Docs to make it easier for everyone to read them. It also prevents this page from crashing from the word amount. Ratha and Aatris - Gildraug Thati and Dänyr - Gildraug Tanthanion and Zencoria - Epyon Mia and Zeditha - Zeditha Ariawynn and Rhaegos - Shiny Hazard Sign Súndav- Coryn02
  9. Please direct any and all messages to Epyon: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showuser=216603 { I n t r o } Five millennia ago, when a naive elven youth hunted down a dragon and slaughtered it like an animal, the wrath of the dragons was something beyond what the elves could've expected even in their worst dreams. Revenges followed revenges as the two races had no methods of communicating between each other and the cycle of blood started flowing faster, resulting into a full-scale war later called the 'Dovah Kein', or Dragon War. It lasted for five savage years. Great losses were sustained by both sides: the dragons losing many of their elders and eggs, the elves losing most of their brightest minds and most beautiful smiles. However, from the dark storm of blood, a white dragon emerged with a young elf on his back. The young elf was Eragon and the dragon was his companion, Bid'Daum, with whom he had formed an inseparable bond through friendship and love. Together they traveled between the elves and the dragons, working as negotiators between these two races. Their great efforts were not in vain, as soon treaties were signed to bring peace back to the war-torn Alagaësia. Yet the two races could not forget the danger of another devastating war breaking out, should old wounds be re-opened. They had to find a way to work together else they would destroy each other. Working together by using the raw power of the dragons and the sharp minds of elves, the order of the Shur'tugalar was formed to work as ambassadors and peacemakers between each and every race. Eragon became the first Shur'tugal with his partner Bid'Daum. As time went on, the other races were added to this pact, too - humans, dwarves, and urgals - to ensure that there would be an equal representation for every race. The elves commemorate the alliance with the dragons during the centennial 'Sos Vahrot Visk', or the Blood-Oath Celebration. The Shur'tugalar built their headquarters, Doru Araeba, on the inactive volcanic island of Vroengard from where they could keep peace in Alagaësia working together with the leaders of each race. So they have done for centuries and so they will continue. Now there have been dark whispers about Ra'zac and Shades. Hushed mutters are uttered on the streets: darkness is creeping over Alagaësia and the light is fading. { L i n k s } - - > Your friend in this RP, the Ancient Tongue Translator™ - - > God of all name generators - - > Inheritance Wikia - - > The anatomy of a sword - - > Dragon size chart - - > Describe your dragon's gem-like scales with a gem! - - > Anatomy of armor - - > Link to our Discord Server. This is where the OOC discussion will happen. { P l o t } Drem yol lok, Shur'tugal! Greetings, Dragon Rider! You will have a few options for your character's story line. You may either be... an Prustmun/Apprentice arriving to Doru Araeba to meet your dragon and be trained as a Dragon Rider. a Shur'tugal/Dragon Rider who has already completed their training and does missions according to the Council's wishes. an Zuwuth/Elder, a wise Shur'tugal who teaches the apprentice. a Mahlaan/Fallen - a Shur'tugal who has abandoned the order and lives as an outlaw, shunned on by all races. There have been dark tidings in Alagaësia, with hushed whispers about Shades and Ra'zac roaming the earth. Restlessness spreads across the land and nothing is considered safe anymore. People have been known to disappear at night and their mangled bodies are found by morning. The duty of the Shur'tugalar is to keep peace and order with a just hand - however, the Mahlaan, often aiding those with darker intentions, are determined to halt the Shur'tugalar from interfering with the amassing forces of shadows. This RP is centered on Christopher Paolini's fictional world, Alagaësia. You are a Dragon Rider, living mostly in Doru Araeba, going out for missions set by the Elder Council and making sure peace and justice is alive and well. On your free time, you train with your sword and magic, spend time in Doru Araeba's massive library studying, or have fun with your fellow Shur'tugalar and your own dragon partner. {This is a sandbox RP with a flexible plot on which I am more than willing to hear your suggestions and ideas } Everyone will start their RP in Doru Araeba. From there, depending on your experience level, you will either train or go for missions. If you are a newcomer, you will be introduced to a dragon egg destined to be your partner. After it hatches, you will acquire the 'silon milah', or the silver palm when you touch your partner for the first time. The name silver palm comes from the fact that the mark glows when the Shur'tugal uses magic and often channels magic though the mark. {Note! If there's a lot of apprentices, more than three or so, we will have a time skip after they have met their partners. This is simply to speed up the RP and not doom it to the same fate the previous one met.} A more experienced Dragon Rider will be given a mission by the Council which they must fulfill in order to keep peace in Alagaësia - there have been dark tales of Shades and Ra'zac roaming Alagaësia's lands again... Now, not all Shur'tugal are good. Some have found the strict rule of the Council suffocating and oppressive, and have left the order, living as an outlaw, shunned on by all races. These 'Mahlaan Shur'tugalar', or Fallen Dragon Riders, are sought out by the order to be brought forth to the judgement of the Council - a Mahlaan is considered to be a danger to all of Alagaësia as a Dragon Rider holds great power. The Mahlaan often side with the darker forces of the world. Is is possible that they have something to do with the sudden appearance of Shades and Ra'zac? {If the choice of playing a 'good character' does not appeal you, note in the 'Other' section of the sign-up that your Rider is a Mahlaan. You will start your RP elsewhere than Doru Araeba. Being a Mahlaan/Shade/Ra'zac requires you to be a skilled RPer who can create their own plot that work well with the main one. You will be the antagonist of the RP.} { S e t t i n g } The RP is mostly set on an inactive volcanic island called Vroengard. At the center of the island there resides the Shur'tugalar city Doru Araeba, built to a massive scale that allows even the largest of dragons to fly freely inside. However, the rooms which are given to the Shur'tugal cannot house a mature dragon, forcing them to sleep outside the room in the hallway or outside on the training yard. The city, although mostly dominated by Dragon Riders, also hosts many merchants, scholars, warriors, and farmers alike, making Doru Araeba a bustling city large enough to compete with the capitals of Alagaësia. The island is covered with enormous trees, possibly affected by the strong exposure to magic on the island. Strange creatures also inhabit the island, including creatures such as the Snalglí, direwolves, tree serpents, and black squirrels with red eyes - to name a few. The crater in the middle of the island holds a small lake. West from Doru Araeba rises Mount Erolas, the inactive volcano. Close to it stands The Rock of Kuthian, which leads to the the Vault of Souls, a sacred place where the eggs and Eldunarí are held. There are also other caves near Mount Erolas, where the dragons prefer to go to tend themselves when wounded, the warmth of the caves speeding up their healing process. The land of Alagaësia itself varies from mountains to plains, from desert to sea, depending on where on the map you are. West from the Spine, the land is evergreen thanks to the presence of the sea, and east from there stretches the plains. South from the capital, Urû'baen, the plains give away to gentle forest land, ending to the warmer climate of Surda. North of the plains there are evergreen forests. North-east, the forest of Du Weldenvarden is covered in tall, pillar-like trees, most of them older than all the cities of Alagaësia. The elven towns coexist peacefully with nature. The dwarf capital Tronjheim is beneath the Beor Mountains in the south-eastern corner of Alagaësia, within a hollow volcano the dwarves call Farthen Dûr, Our Father. { S h u r ' t u g a l a r } The name Shur'tugal means Dragon Rider, and Shur'tugalar is the plural form of the word. They are often also called Silonhall/Silverhand, thanks to the viintaas milah/shining palm mark on their hand which glows every time the Rider uses magic. The viintaas milah appears when a Dragon Rider touches their dragon for the first time. At contact, the Rider will feel an icy blast shooting up from their arm which will knock them unconscious. Upon waking up, the Rider will have the viintaas milah on their palm and a mental connection to their dragon. A Rider and their dragon are immortals, but can die of a wound, disease, or poison like any other being. The Riders not only were peacekeepers - they were also healers, scholars and the strongest magicians throughout the land besides Shades. They kept peace between and within all races, and worked as neutral diplomats and ambassadors. All Alagaësia's threats and problems were treated with equal attention, no matter the origin of the problem or the race. Dragon Riders also amassed a huge library over the centuries into Doru Araeba, one which outshines all those in Alagaësia. Each year, a few destined dragon eggs are chosen. Words are uttered before these eggs, preventing them from hatching before they meet their Rider, the one with whom their dez, fate, is sealed. When the destined person will touch the egg or be in its presence for a long time, the egg will hatch. After a second touch, the minds of the Rider and the dragon are connected, until death do they apart. It is crucial for the Rider and their dragon to form a strong, healthy relationship. When it is certain that the Rider and the dragon have a good connection, their training may begin. Zuwuthar take one or two students at a time for training, where both the Rider and the dragon are trained vigorously. The dragons are taught aerial maneuvers, stamina building, increasing flight speed and the time of their fire breath, and Ancient Language. The Riders, too, are taught Ancient Language as it is crucial for spellcasting. They also practice swordsmanship, reading, debating, archery, magic, building flexibility and agility, and studying philosophy of many races to understand them better. The Rider and their dragon have to keep their minds open and share their knowledge at all times - the teachers quiz every now and then to see if they have done so. At the end of the training session, the dragon will receive an armor forged by the dwarves, and the Rider shall be given a Rider's blade, forged by the elven master smith Rhunön, who has forged all of the Riders' swords. The sword matches the color of the Rider's dragon, as it is the custom. The Shur'tugalar have an order of five ranks as such: Apprentices: These are new Riders in training. Dragon Riders: Young Riders and dragons who have completed their training and carriy out missions for the Elders and the Council. Elders: The oldest, wisest and most powerful members of the order. The Council: Made up mostly of the Elders and some of the Dragon Riders - decide together on big issues concerning Alagaësia and the Shur'tugalar. Head Dragon Rider: This is the title of the overall leader of the Riders. He/she is usually the oldest or wisest of the Dragon Riders. They also have a Right Hand and a Left Hand to aid them. The Right Hand helps the Head Dragon Rider with matters of war, and they are usually the strongest Rider. The Left Hand helps with political and study matters. {I will RP the Head Dragon Rider to avoid any confusion/problems.} { M a g i c} {Take great care with this section - I know it is a little bit confusing if you haven't read the books, but I've tried my best to make it as clear as possible.} Lu/Magic is the manipulation of energy needed to cast a spell which costs the same amount of energy needed to complete the task by mundane means. Like an arrow or spear, magic's power diminishes over distance and requires more energy. Should the spellcaster use all of their energy, they will die. Casting an extremely powerful spell which drains more energy than what the caster has also kills - you cannot cancel a spell once you start it. This danger can be avoided by formulating spells as processes which can be cancelled at will; no absolute spells. Spells are uttered in the Ancient Language. {Note: Paolini's Ancient Language would be here. However, since I found formatting complete sentences using only this dictionary (not to even mention grammar fiddling), I decided it would be easier to use the Dragon Language of Skyrim - I found the translator extremely efficient, although you might have to change some words. Paolini's language is based off from Gaelic and Old Norse. Dovahzul not only takes inspiration from Old Norse, but also Old English, Icelandic, and German.} --> A large force (like your dragon) is falling on you. First spell that might come in mind is Vuth fus - Stop the force. This is an absolute spell, where there are only two options: the spell will succeed (by stopping the falling dragon entirely), or the spellcaster will die. Instead of the absolute spell, one could say Geson fus - Lessen the force. Note the difference - the other is an either/or spell, whilst the latter is one that the spellcaster can mold by their willpower by increasing or decreasing the amount by which they lessen the force. --> You are dying of thirst, but there's no water in sight. Wahl lom - Create water is possibly the first spell one might use. However, creating something out of nothing or changing the physical properties of something uses an insane amount of energy and could easily kill. An alternative would be Verilir lom nol gol - Draw water from earth. This time, you are absorbing the natural water from the ground instead of creating some out of thin air. Magic is the art of thinking, where the caster must be focused at all times. A magic user's abilities are limited to the amount of Ancient Language they know - or so the common think. In truth, a spellcaster's abilities are limited only by their inventiveness: the smarter the spellcaster, the more they can accomplish with one word plus what they can do without the structure of the Ancient Language. --> A spellcaster says Lom - Water, but creates a gemstone instead. The correlation is clear in the spellcaster's mind. They also must have a large Ancient Language vocabulary, which allows them to understand the nature of their spell better and clear any confusion there might appear. Sound itself has no control over magic. One can cast a spell without uttering a word, but it consumes more energy and is much, much more dangerous. To make sure that the spell caster's thoughts will not stray, spells are uttered out loud. A good example of a silent spell is lockpicking a door by fiddling with the mechanics with magic. No word is uttered, but magic is used. --> A spellcaster needs to set the door on fire, but their friend suddenly starts talking, distracting the caster's thoughts from the door to the person, setting them on fire instead. If the caster simply says Yol - Fire, but they are distracted, the object which needs to be set on fire is unclear. More lengthy sentences make sure situations like these never happen; Hel miiraad nau yol - Set the door on fire. As a caster's experience and skills grow, they can more safely say one-word spells, but this still requires excellent focus and thinking. TL;DR: By using the Ancient Language one can create spells they can alternate with willpower - using the language also eliminates the danger of distracted thoughts. Absolute spells are those considered having only two options: success or death. Here are some magic varieties: Energy sense is the general awareness of one's living surroundings. Dragon Riders and elves are naturally gifted with this. Energies appear like stars within one's mind - the greater and brighter the star, the greater the energy. Even if someone's mind is shielded, the energy they give away can betray who they are. Ra'zac give off no energy and thus cannot be sensed by magical means. Scrying is the art of seeing far-away objects. This art requires focus of the mind. It is only possible to scry an object or person that one has already seen before. Element transformation is the art of changing one element into another. Attempting too drastic an element change can result in the death of the person trying to transform the object. Energy transfer is the art of transferring energy from one object to another. Only a few chosen ones outside of Dragon Riders know how to do this, and even the Dragon Riders have strict rules about the energy transfer. Energy can be stored easiest within a gem or a precious stone. This is why Riders' Swords have a stone as their pommel - it works as an emergency magic store from where the Rider can draw more energy for magic, should their own energy level be too low. Energy can be transferred from any living object to the stone, even from plants. However, the smaller the "star" is, the more it is affected if energy is drawn from it - and might end up killing it. The Riders prefer to fill their pommels with their own energy over a long period of time rather than absorbing energy from nature. The order prohibits the Riders from absorbing energy from nature for only the sake of having stored energy - it is to be done only at emergencies. Physical transformation is the art of altering one's physical appearance. This art is only practiced by the elves mostly for their vanity. Teleportation is the art of mentally transferring an object from one location to another instantaneously. The advantage of this is that it will take the same amount of energy, no matter the distance you transport the object. Mental communication allows magic users and those that were trained in this to communicate using thoughts. There is a limit to distance, though with Riders the distance they can mentally communicate with their dragons and other people increases over time. Mind reading allows a magic user to read the minds of most people who can not recognize when someone was in their mind and could not keep them out. The Dragon Riders use this as a last resort and have strict rules and severe punishments for those who violate those rules. The mind is a man's last sanctuary. Mental shielding is the art of shielding one's mind from a mental attack by another magic user, this works by the defender concentrating on one thing in exclusion of all else - like singing a song over and over in your head. As time passes the shield will be easier to keep in place, even while sleeping. { R a c e s} Dragons: The dragons of Alagaësia are reptilian creatures with leathery wings, scales, sharp teeth, spikes, claws, and a barbed tongue. They learn to breathe fire as they mature. A dragon's egg's color matches that of the dragon's scales - and its Rider's magic's color. The scales are usually of one color, but may vary with saturation. The scales of the dragon are strong enough to deflect arrows, making their wings the most fragile area of their body. Dragons express their feelings with moving their tails and uttering hums of different volumes. However, they mostly communicate through mental discussion and have no means of talking otherwise. A dragon never stops growing, although the speed decreases over time, and doesn't die of old age - although the older a dragon gets, the more they spend their time asleep, dreaming. At birth the dragon is the size of a kitten, but starts growing rapidly. Dragons eat meat and like to sleep in warm places, much alike to a cat. Dragons choose their own names when they are old enough to understand the concept of names, and it is considered oppressive for a Rider to give a name to their dragon. Dragons also differ from other races in the sense that they possess an Eldunarí, or heart of hearts. This Eldunarí is a gem-like stone within the dragon. It can summon the Eldunarí once and can never return it back. Once an Eldunarí has been extracted, it assumes the color of the dragon. Not only that, but the Eldunarí is a storage for the dragon's consciousness and allowing it to live forever unless the gem was broken. Holding an Eldunarí is to hold the dragon - you can hear their thoughts, recall their memories, and draw upon their strength (if the Eldunarí doesn't shield its mind before that). The stone grants the dragon immensly buffed mental abilities, a chance to store energy, and act as a method of communication - say, the Rider and the dragon have to be far apart from each other, but if the Rider holds the Eldunarí, it's as if their minds were right next to each other. Some dragons who have disgorged their Eldunarí continue to serve the order even after their Rider and the dragon's own body have died. This, however, is extremely hard for the dragon, since they have to live without their other half. Often it takes many years for the Eldunarí to recover enough before they can communicate with others at all. In grave times, the Head Dragon Rider travels to the Vault of Souls where most of the Eldunarí are located and consults them. Elves: Elves are humanoid in appearance, although they possess angular faces and almond-shaped eyes, with sharp cheekbones and long, pointed ears. They inhabit the large forests of Du Weldenvarden. Most elves have a natural connection to magic and are very smart. Elves can run faster than humans but can become exhausted quite quickly. Elves prefer to "bend like a grass in the wind" while fighting, relying more on their agility rather than on their physical power. Elves are superb with 'mirodah', or singing in the sense of weaving magic with it. Elves are mostly vegan, as their minds are more easily open to all the life around them, and killing something unnecessarily feels horrid to them. Elves are very vain, often shaping their appearance by singing, giving themselves, say, yellow eyes or longer hair - whatever their heart desires. This, however, requires many years and a lot of skill before an elf can start shaping themselves. The lifespan of an elf ranges from a few hundred years to a thousand thanks to being the first ones to make a bond with the dragons. Humans: Humans are considered the most balanced and ideal Dragon Riders, as they have none of the flaws the other races possess. Strong in both mind and body, a human can master the use of magic almost as well as an elf and wield a sword almost as strongly as an urgal or a dwarf. Most of Alagaësia's population consists of humans. Their technology is quite primitive, with a monarch ruling over the land and most of the population working on farms. Humans can be, however, quite stubborn, and find both elves and urgals to be quite alien to them - causing some troubles as distrust might emerge. Urgals: Although not inherently violent, the urgal society builds on one's strength and willpower, praising those with strong power and excellent weapon skills. Most urgals know how to wield some basic magic, but find it easier to demonstrate their power with their sword. Urgals have two curling horns sprouting from their head, and are tall and muscular on their build. They have a grayish skin, yellow eyes, claws on their hands instead of nails, and can be anywhere from six to nine feet tall, depending whether they have "the Old Blood" or not. Urgals can run faster and further than any dwarf or human and also exceed in physical strength. Dwarves: Possessing a strong love for gems and rocks and a long lifespan, dwarves consider themselves to be the native species of Alagaësia alongside the dragons. They live beneath the large Beor Mountains. The society of dwarves is split into thirteen clans, who then elect a king to rule over the land - with the clans as part of the government. Dwarves share a ferocious family and clan pride, always siding with their own no matter even if they are wrong. Dwarves are headstrong and stubborn, but have a big heart and a warm smile. Dwarves have thick bones, making them very sturdy and strong, with great stamina but little agility. They are quite sharp on their mind and can learn magic more easily than an urgal, but prefer not to use it exceedingly. Dwarves also find it hard to trust an elf and often refuse to work with them. Werecats: Werecats are sentient creatures with shapeshifting abilities, being able to take on the appearance of either a human or a large, shaggy cat. They are said to be incredibly smart and dangerous, possessing the powers to see to the future. Werecats are extremely rare and their words are heeded by kings and commons alike. Seeing one hints towards big events, as werecats seem to always be where something significant is happening. There is a huge cloud of mystery clouding werecats, and one doesn't deliberately fight with one. Werecats have no leader and cannot be Dragon Riders. Shades: A shade is a magic user or a sorcerer possessed by spirits. No matter their origin race (dragons or werecats, however, cannot be shades), they acquire superb strength and magic proficiency. Usually, a Shade self-destructs themselves simply from the insane amount of magic within their body. However, if the Shade is strong enough and can host the spirits, they become stronger and can control the spirits within themselves. After their transformation, the Shade's skin pales and they acquire red eyes and maroon hair. Shades usually have a very lean body, yet ripped with strength that the appearance hides. Shades have no sense of remorse or sorrow, as the spirits that wish to possess a body are evil and bloodthirsty. The appearance of a Shade is extremely, extremely rare and considered as a major threat to all of Alagaësia. Shades have no need for rest and killing them is close to impossible - a blade has to be thrust through their heart. Ra'zac: Ra'zac feed upon human flesh and can paralyze their opponent with their foul breath. They have beaks and black eyes the size of a fist and have lumps on their back from where their wings will spread as they mature. They are very strong but cannot wield magic and are afraid of sunlight and water. They prefer to use poisons and other assassination methods against their opponent, always stabbing from the back rather than crossing swords with their enemy. A Ra'zacs' mind cannot be touched by magical means and thus has an advantage against spell-casters. Ra'zacs' physical abilities match that of an elf, but their mental abilities are below that of any of the other races. They are very much alike to a predator than anything else, even communicating simply by clicking their beaks. When a Ra'zac matures, it becomes a 'Reldviing', or leatherwing, a gruesome, leathery version of a dragon with a long beak. The Ra'zac ride the Reldviing as a method of quick transportation. The Reldviing can utter a high-pitched screech that immobilizes all living creatures, no matter their race or strength of mind. { R U L E S} All DC Forum rules apply. No godmodding. I am very serious about this. Your character cannot defeat someone else with one spell or one swing of the sword, nor can your dragon be an almighty beast. For this RP, I'd prefer at least a paragraph or even two for your replies. Decent grammar is always a big plus! This is a semi-lit/lit RP Do not harass other players. No character limit, but make it clear to show when another character is speaking. E.g. putting *** between different character's entries when RPing. The dialogue between a Rider and their dragon 'Should be implied like this' whilst If a character is thinking, simply italicize. This is to make things clear when the character is doing which. If there's any trouble, do not feel afraid to PM me. Have fun! Really! { S i g n - u p } PM this to me! [B]Username:[/B] [B]Character Name:[/B] (Have something very fantasy-y and try to match your race) [B]Species:[/B] Elf/Dwarf/Human/Urgal [B]Age:[/B] (Measured in regular years - have them be at least a teenager if they're a new Rider) [B]Gender:[/B] [B]Sexuality[/B]: [B]Personality:[/B] (I'd really love to see some well-planned characters!) [B]Appearance:[/B] (Go into detail; a paragraph or two, please - if you include a picture, you still need to describe your character. Clothing is around the middle ages; use wool, leather, cotton, and metal in your clothing.) [B]Background:[/B] (Tell in detail about your character's life so far. How did they discover they were destined to be a Dragon Rider? {Hint: all those with magical skills have an eye for possible Shur'tugals.} What was their life before becoming a Shur'tugal? Family? Friends? Hobbies?) [B]Rank[/B]: (Apprentice/Dragon Rider/Elder/Council) [B]Weapon:[/B] (Newcomers can ignore this. Seasoned Shur'tugal, describe your sword. Give it a name (if it has a meaning, bonus points). Remember that the color matches your dragon) [B]Dragon's Name[/B]: [B]Age[/B]: (Less than their partner's by about fifteen to twenty years; mentally are very old, though) [B]Gender[/B]: (Females are more aggressive and powerful, but males are bigger) [B]Personality[/B]: (Usually complementary to their partner's) [B]Appearance[/B]: (Colors, scales, wings, spikes, tail... Don't go /too/ fancy, tho. May use picture but please describe the dragon with a few lines) [B]Background[/B]: (How has being a partner to a Shur'tugal been? Training? Missions? Possible friends? Be creative on this one, I'm curious to see what kind of backgrounds you will come up here :D) [B]Other[/B]: (Anything else? Note: if your Rider is a Mahlaan (Fallen), tell it here)
  10. ((Okay, I'm back! So sorry for my absence and even more so if I'm at loss at times and thus make mistakes; feel absolutely free to poke me and point me at those mishaps so I can correct them!)) Kaia was busy tending to the men, healing wounds as quickly as she could, focusing on the most lethal first. She knew she wouldn't have the energy to completely help them, but at least they would stop from bleeding to death. A couple of the kitchen boys were boiling rags and helping her out. Although they had suffered a few losses and more wounded, Kaia was moderately satisfied with their outcome - as would Briagh be, too. "Water! Please, give me water!" one of the men croaked as Kaia put her bloodied hands on his thigh, muttering healing chants and drawing her divine power from Istishia. "You will get water if you stay still and shut up," Kaia rasped between her chants and the man went silent, his chest heaving as the wound started knitting itself. Without a word, the cleric gave him a water sac and helped him to gulp a few mouthfuls down before the next man demanded her attention. When her most immediate work was done, Kaia sat down on a chair and ate a few poor mouthfuls of dry bread, trying to get her strength back. Her robes were blood-splattered as were her hands - but she hadn't lost a single man, for which she was proud. Quick footsteps came down as one of the crew members stormed into the healing area, apparently looking for her. "A ship was seen! Y'better come an' look, cleric! 'Cuz we gon' get som' company!" he said almost breathlessly, excitement shining from his eyes, but it soon turned to fear when Kaia whirled around. "What?!" she snarled silently and stormed past him. They had just raided a ship, she had tended to the wounded, and now they were going to fight? What in the name of the sea was Briagh thinking? That stone-head was probably yammering about glory and gold for all she knew, but the ship was damaged and men were hurt. More would certainly get hurt and she wasn't in the condition to help them much. Back on the deck, Kaia took a quick look around and saw the men preparing for battle - and even moreso worrying was the fact that they were going the wrong direction. As the angry, blood-splattered cleric stomped past the deck, muttering curses all the while, her disbelief grew. What was going on? "Briagh!" Kaia called out to the captain and stood firm before him and Trigan. Taking a few deep breaths and putting her hands on her hips she gave a stern look to the men, knowing they were silently laughing at the sight of a young human woman huffing and puffing before them. "Istishia give me strength, why are we going back? Or not back but certainly not into the direction we were supposed to go!" "Calm yourself! Your Captain knows what he's doing," Trigan snorted and shook his head at Kaia. The cleric bristled and focused her stormy gaze at the captain. "The ship is damaged and I'm in no condition to heal more men, not to even speak of getting some aid from the sea if things go dirty. Do we even know what type of a ship they have? They might easily overtake us for all we know and right now were just making it easier for them to catch us!" she emphasized her arguments by pointing aggressively towards the sea. Kaia then took a deep breath and glared at the men. "The final decision is, of course, yours. My advice has been poor earlier and it might be again; I do not know. I will fight and heal if you order me to do so, but there's a limit. We really aren't in the best condition if they are Hunters," Kaia finished and turned her gaze back to the sea, searching the horizon, eyes shifting uneasily. The sea felt... different.
  11. Hey guys! Sorry to inform this but I think I shall let this RP die off. My long absence kinda killed this off, I apologize for it - you guys were absolutely amazing and we had a good roll going on, but we're having months between replies so I feel like that's a sign that it's time to let go of this. Maybe someday I might restart this RP again, with better luck that I will not get sudden absences :'D But once again, thank you all so, so much, and I look forwards to RPing with you guys in the future! I shall leave the Chatzy for now, too. ~Gilly
  12. All of the friendliness and team-forming made Halla happy - especially watching Amaris and the Hunter apologizing and accepting the apologies. Rainbows all around, she concluded and grinned, her freckled face shining. "Where will we go? I suppose retreating to the further Wards would be a good idea. I'm sure the CCG is preparing is hunt as we speak," Amaris inquired, looking from Halla to the Hunter. The Fox briefly realized what an odd team they were - an idealist, a realist, and a pessimist. Who was whom was another question for another time, she thought. "I will follow. But retreating sounds like a good idea for now," she agreed and stood up, dusting her jeans and adjusting her scarf, giving her already-messy hair a ruffle and stretched. She was ready to go! "I doubt we want to go through the sewers again, considering the smell. We did hide our faces last time so recognition is hard but..." she trailed off as she looked at the Hunter. "Even without a mask you might catch some, uh, unwanted attention," Halla said with an apologetic tone. "So staying out of the sight of people would be best. Masks, maybe, depending on where we are. But keep to the shadows, that's my suggestion," she shrugged.
  13. Even though evening was approaching, the city showed no signs of sleepiness. A steady sound of chatter floated through the spring air and reached the silent residence area, Serbir noticed, his yellow eyes looking out from the window of his room. As far as he knew, all of the new students were now living in the same house, although who resided in the rooms beside him, the Urgal couldn't tell. He had, however, heard some clamor from a room across the hallway, but was too afraid to go and check what it was. Food had been brought downstairs by some friendly elder female dwarf - Jenden, who apparently took care of the practical things around here - including some raw meat for the dragons, fresh bread, fruits, and the like. Serbir didn't have the appetite for it, though, and Emerald was still satisfied from her earlier meal. The Urgal loved his room; it wasn't too big nor too small, with a bed large enough even for him. Emerald had immediately snatched one of the fluffy pillows, dragged it into the corner, and before he had the chance to say anything, shred it into pieces and then make a nest into the mess. Really? Serbir had sighed but didn't dare to oppose the dragon further. She seemed smug. After placing what little belongings and clothes he had, Serbir had opened the window. The cool, fresh air felt wonderful on his burning cheeks. A time to breathe and think, for which he was very thankful. Observing the area around them, he noticed young Shur'tugalar of all ages walking about, some on business, others not. Trees grew frequently - no doubt enhanced by elven singing - and benches were set close to each house. However, Serbir noticed not all houses were occupied. The area could've had easily closer to a hundred pupils, but only a few dozens seemed to be present. A grim thought, indeed. "Goraan Shur'tugalar! I have some information for you, yes!" Jenden called out from downstairs and Serbir hurried out, thumping his way down and hitting his head against the sloping roof as he went. Emerald shook herself and ran after him, her ivory claws clacking. "Yes ma'am?" Serbir asked with tears of pain in his eyes, rubbing his head as he sat down on the stairs. The stout drawf lady had greying black hair, dark blue eyes, a single scar on the left side of her mouth, a bright smile, and wrinkles around her eyes. Serbir had never met any of his ancestors, but she seemed like a grandmother in many aspects. "Just some little rules and such, yes. I shall have a written list somewhere here-" she waved a piece of parchment in her hand, written with simple runes. "-in case any of you will forget. But you seem like a sensible young man, so watch after the others and remind them, yes?" "I, uh-" "Thank you, dear! Now, you are allowed to leave your house but do not go beyond the First Wall or inside the Second Wall, yes? Be back before nightfall and treat the property with care. Business with your teacher always comes first and leisure after that, yes. Also-" Jenden continued, emphasizing her points by shaking her stubby, wrinkly finger at Serbir who nodded obediently each time, Emerald watching the entire process with an amused mentality. After the old lady was finished, she flicked her fingers and - with a little blast of yellow-green magic - the note she had written stick itself to the door, the runes glowing briefly afterwards. "Now, remember to eat!" Jended called upstairs and pinched Serbir's cheek before taking her leave. Serbir sat on the stairs for a moment longer and scratched his nose. Well, he thought and stood up. He should probably do something. "Uh, guys? Th-there's some food here. Meat for, um, your dragons and fruits and, uh, stuff. If y-you are hungry, of course, no, um, need to come here..." he trailed off and bit his lower lip. He was such a fool, wasn't he? To his surprise, Emerald didn't seem to agree, puffing a little smoke at that thought. Oh, sorry. I just don't really know how to... y'know, interact with them? Serbir said. Even though the dragon didn't truly understand the message, she seemed to understand. It gave Serbir some comfort. The feint sound of thunder came, making Emerald jump and run to Serbir. The Urgal wrapped his arms around the dragon and shared memories of thunderstorms with her, explaining there was nothing to fear. It's natural, don't worry. ~~~ A lightning cracked within the storm and a few seconds later the thunder followed, making the air vibrate with its power. Ratha gripped her sword more tightly, standing on the First Wall with Aatris, her citrine cape billowing in the growing wind. Something is not right, the elf grit her teeth as her icy eyes flashed across the fields, looking towards the mountains and forests. It's just a storm, Aatris assured and blew a stream of hot air at his partner of mind and soul. Ratha fixed her hair quickly and returned her steady gaze towards the storm which was approaching from the West, searching with her mind but finding nothing. Because there was nothing to find, she knew, but the weird feeling had returned, the same one which had been bothering her for days. "Ratha, Aatris! Mahlaan Ki'lydwn and Slytha are somewhere around, the Rider probably heading towards the mountains in the West!" Jorundr contacted them and soon they heard Amontien approaching them, landing heavily on the wall. Zencoria also followed, landing on the other side of Aatris. The human Rider slid down swiftly and met with Ratha. The two briefly touched hands in affection, but just as quickly returned to the urgent matter. "Please explain me what's the situation," Ratha asked. Jorundr ran his fingers through his hair and took a deep breath, tapping the ruby pommel as he told. {Sorry Epyon for using Zencoria in this bit!} "Ki'lydwn, for reasons unknown, was in the city earlier. She apparently contacted someone and Tanthanion found her out. In panic, she seemingly cast a wordless spell and fled. That was probably the strong magic level you sensed. Tanthanion did not pursue but asked Zencoria to do it for him, instead," Jorundr briefed. "Why didn't he pursue?" Ratha asked the graceful dragon. "We suspect that whom Ki'lydwn contacted was possibly a Shade." "A Shade? In Doru Araeba? Why haven't the magical wards reacted to any of this? A Mahlaan walking about in our city and a Shade, too, nonetheless!" "Most likely they have hid themselves, and well. Magic has developed over the years and we have neglected to ask the Council to update them, but nor did they remember to do so. The fault is not yours, but the Order's," Aatris tried to calm Ratha down. "No! We represent the Order! Mistakes like these should not happen!" she snarled and curled her hands into fists. "Nevertheless, we are not sure they are a Shade at all. As far as I'm concerned, Tanthanion is still with this person," Zencoria added. "Of whom are we even talking about?" "Larien." Ratha's eyes widened as she recalled the face which belonged to the name. The magician who had been challenged by the young, foolish dragon? The nagging at the back of her mind returned. That might be the reason, but could they judge the magician simply by her intuition? They had no solid proof. "What shall we do, then?" Amontien asked, impatient. Aatris flashed an angry glare at the other dragon to keep his toothy mouth shut, but Ratha had already heard the question. The wind blew stronger now, ruffling her white hair and making the capes of the Riders flutter angrily. It will be hard to fly, soon. The wind is our enemy if we go West, Aatris marked. "Stay put," Ratha declared through clenched teeth. "At least until the storm is over. The only thing we are certain of is that Ki'lydwn and her dragon are here. They are not strong enough to do anything alone and the winds will prevent them from flying anywhere from this island by the time she reaches the mountains, so we can continue our search after the storm has passed." The others nodded, although Amontinen reluctantly so, accepting her decision. "However, we must be alert and on the lookout. The danger exists," Aatris added firmly as he craned his neck to the skies and sniffed the air. Nothing amiss, but his scales had ruffled ever so slightly.
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  15. EMIL "Impressive," Shrike remarked with an approving tone to her words. "Just plants or does it work on... bigger stuff as well? Complex organisms, stuff like bugs and animals. Or people?" "I do not know yet, I haven't dared to try," Emil sighed and bit his lip. "When one loses a part of their life energy, they aren't that eager to try on something too big or too complex. But to answer your question, I think I could do things with any living being, since I can sense them, too. I mean, it makes sense, don't you think, that if I can feel every living thing, I can also affect them somehow? Not too far fetched?" "Can you feel if something dies then?" she asked. "Or have you not found out yet?" Emil didn't answer immediately, but stared out into the ocean and tried to swallow the bile which had risen up into his mouth. Well, it was to be expected something like this would come up. "Yes. I can feel if something dies. I... share their last moments. That's why I said this power has its good and bad sides," he gave a soft laugh and gave an apologetic smile for his sudden drop in mood, which soon rose up again as Shrike demonstrated her powers with water, laughing genuinely as she told about a rain cloud inside her dorm. "Don't worry about it," Emil chuckled as he swiped off worst of the sea water which had splashed upon them. "It's been sprinkling the entire day. I have a feeling you might have something to do with this moody weather, hm?" he asked with a playful tone. Following Shrike, the platinum-haired boy gave wide grin as Faith ran upon them, hugging Shrike and asking about the note they had received. "Yes, we apparently had. Emil, pleased to meet you," he introduced himself with a nod to the girl who had wrapped herself in a scarf way too big for her, and a slightly tired or exhausted look to her. There was something about her life aura which made the hairs on Emil's hand stand up, a ghost of something still turning the light slightly tinted gray. He wasn't sure what it meant exactly, but judging her tiny frame he guessed an illness of some sort had affected her - and still was, although not so strongly. This power was slightly bothersome at times, Emil thought. He didn't want to start knowing people's medical histories or anything. Speaking of which, the fourth person was sitting on the sand, his head in his hands as if he had the headache of the century. Even as Emil approached him he seemed to sigh with relief and opened his eyes. "Yo, you alright here?" Emil asked pleasantly and squatted down, lifting his right palm in greeting. "Emil, pleased to meet you. I unfortunately do not know your name, but Faith was introduced to me by Shrike," he said.
  16. "I am hunting ghouls," Amaris said, very quietly and very low, like a snowflake falling on the first winter day. "That is a dangerous life. I would not wish for you to be hurt. Not when... Not when you have a family." Halla raised an eyebrow, slightly surprised by the ghoul's response. She had been awaiting for a deny, with a mocking tone suggesting of her weakness and incapability. But no. This had come literally out of nowhere, Halla mused. "Life just got a good bit more dangerous when I smelled ghouls last night. The doves are bristling with the events and I am pretty sure nothing is safe anymore. Least of all me going home," Halla said steadily, thinking of her parents and biting her lip. No. She would protect them by staying away. "The least I can do to thank you is to help you. I cannot say hunting ghouls sounds tempting, but I know they are the bad ones you are taking down. I hope. Anyways, I think you could use someone with half a brain to watch your back," the Arctic Fox winked and stood up, grinning. "Besides, I think it's high time you got a friend of some sort," she said bluntly but with a twinkle in her eyes and a smile dancing on her lips. ~~~ With a polite parting farewell to Isaac, Chiaki walked to her new team. Rank 1 Nakamura and Rank 3 Hayashi, eh...? "Greetings, everyone," she said but decided to leave the rest of the formal greeting there - they all knew her name and her rank, no need to start repeating herself. Her hands held tightly to her suitcase as she focused on breathing normally, each breath making her sides burn. Hunter. Bile rose in her mouth but with great self-control Chiaki managed to make the nauseous feeling pass. Was she truly ready to go after that ghoul? After what had happened? She was barely walking and now she had to go and hunt it down? A small chuckle escaped from her lips. What a day - and it hadn't even started.
  17. After the young human girl had scooped up her dragon and stormed off, Ratha puffed her cheeks and exhaled slowly, the air whistling between her lips. Don't show your frustration, Aatris warned and Ratha then recovered her usual face - a mask fit for one of her position, with nothing but calm and thoughtfulness reflecting from her face. I have rarely met such a complex student, the elf said as she motioned for the group to move on, quickly catching up to Daena. The elf passed her with a few swift steps, her citrine cape fluttering behind her and her jeweled belt jingling. But I cannot blame her. Who could. Ratha couldn't answer Aatris' rhetorical question but mentally sighed. Serbir had watched the entire exchange with a mild look of horror. He could literally feel the tension between the Shur'tugalar and Daena sparking in the air, taste the iron of an incoming storm. It had made his neck prickle and Emerald had her scales still ruffled up. He walked after the others, his dragon jogging with ease to his pace, the little clawed paws click-clacking against the pavement, contradicting with his long, heavy strides. Serbir could feel a somewhat melancholic feeling radiating from Emerald as she went through the events, observing things in a way he knew only a dragon could find meaning - how was a hand positioned, a gaze avoided, a sharp breath, blink. She's just afraid? Serbir suggested to Emerald, who snorted, unhappy with his answer. Well, I don't know any better. The only thing that comes to my mind is that she's afraid! When people are afraid they tend to snap and say things they don't mean. I think. Like, Daena might actually have meant what she said but... he trailed off and the green dragon seemed to sigh, although her thoughts were warmer now. Serbir dared a small smile and brushed his fingers through his long, dark hair. The path became wider and better kept as they approached the massive gates, still open as there were many hours to sunset. People flowed in and out, with a small squadron of guards watching over the entire process, but their alert eyes did not find any trouble. The guards bowed to the company as they passed, grinning as they saw the hatchlings and poking each other with their elbows, whispering good-meaning comments about the new bunch. They walked briskly through the area, passing merchants, farmers, and Riders as quickly as possible, but gaining gazes and excited whispers, nevertheless. The hatchlings were amazed by the city, so Ratha had asked the young Shur'tugalar to keep an eye out for them. Close to the second wall, the Head Rider turned left and led the Riders away from the main road which connected the center of the city to the outside world. A calmer atmosphere settled down, as they walked the wide pathway, with tall trees growing on both sides. The houses became less unique and tinier, but all of them tidy and beautiful. When they arrived to the East Spire - there were the Central Spire, where Ratha resided, and between the two walls stood tall and proud the East, West, North, and South Spires - more young Shur'tugalar could be seen, sitting with young dragons in the East Park or walking after their teachers, notebooks in their hands and their dragon carrying the pen in its mouth. "This is where you shall live," Ratha informed the young Shur'tugalar. "Each house has six rooms in where the students sleep and study. The room will be your own personal space and we will not enter it without your permission - unless we have a reason to do so. Nevertheless, the human quartermaster Luphion Ficaelle shall see to you. He resides within the Spire. Reignon, would you be so kind and show them the way? I am needed already elsewhere," she said and Serbir sighed. Of course she had better things to do. They were just young newcomers who had demanded her undivided attention for the entire morning. Ratha saw the urgal's sour face and couldn't help but give a small smile. "Worry not, I shall see you again tomorrow," the elf woman said even as the thunderous sound of Aatris' wings drowned out the other sounds. The great orange dragon couldn't land due to his sheer size, so Ratha quickly jumped on the roof of the closest house and from there leaped on her partner's tail, from where he helped her into her saddle - all happened with a smooth, practiced manner. "Okay. That was flashy," Serbir muttered and Emerald snorted. ~~~ "Ki'lydwn and Slytha? A Mahlaan pair, somewhat recent if I recall correctly," Jorundr sighed and rubbed his temples. 'What should we do?' Amontien inquired and craned his neck to observe their surroundings. His partner thought for a moment before jumping on the red dragon's back. "We must find this pair as soon as possible. The elf can hide her life spark easily - a dragon not so, even if protected by spells. We might have a chance of finding Slytha and thus preventing their escape," Jorundr explained as he urged Amontien to fly. "Zencoria, show us the way!" ((Ughugh sorry guys))
  18. I'm fine with everything related to Chiaki and Halla
  19. EMIL Emil smiled at the girl's fairly warm acknowledge of his presence, motioning him to come closer, and giving a tiny smile. She told that the other girl, the one with dark skin, had been the one to write the note. The boy tilted his head as he inspected the other, lifting his right eyebrow in a polite way of inquiry. She had been the one? How curious. "Seeing that we are the ones who have arrived, I would assume something... particular has indeed occurred," Emil agreed and nodded as the girl voiced out her suspicions. She seemed to be a lone soul, with lavender purple short hair (or was it silver? Emil couldn't choose which one it was), half-shaved eyebrows, a piercing on her nose, and a look on her face of someone who was at the same time extremely interested about everything and yet nothing was interesting at all. Most curious person, indeed. Emil caught her giving a look to him and muttering 'weird', but there was something about her tone which told him it wasn't his appearance which made her say that - though he wouldn't have been surprised if that were the case, too. Furrowing her brow, she returned her gaze towards the other girl and the boy, and then back at Emil again. "Is there something on my face?" he asked with a soft chuckle, but his words were probably snatched by a gust of wind or her mind was already elsewhere, for she didn't hear his line. Looking at the sea, dark and gray with an even more foreboding sky above it, she shuddered, watching the waves. She muttered a line of something about The Last Unicorn, so softly he almost missed it. "I, unfortunately, have never seen that movie. But I've been told it's a wonderful movie," Emil added. The lavender-haired girl, although if Emil only glanced quickly he might've mistaken her for a guy, then mentioned how all of them gathered here were in the same dorm - and how nobody else save for the guy and the girl, who had been named Faith, were the only ones to show up in class. Most curious, Emil had to agree and the gut-wrenching feeling returned and he looked briefly around, extending his consciousness as far as he could. Beetles, bugs, crabs, plants... Nothing out of ordinary, he concluded, but the shadows felt darker than a moment before. The wind howled stronger now, ruffling their hairs and sprinkling salt spray upon them. There was probably a storm approaching, Emil judged as he looked at the horizon, the clouds turning from ominous gray to threatening purple-black. "I'm Shrike, by the way. Recognize your face, don't know your name," she, Shrike, said suddenly, offering a hand to shake stiffly. Emil smiled in response and shook the hand firmly, feeling the cold fingers and then politely letting go. "And to save her the hassle of asking, nah, I can't control time. I can do something else. Absolute shot in the dark, any chance you woke up able to do something mental as well?" "Emil, a pleasure to meet you," he said and then paused for a moment, considering what to say next. Shrike was speaking openly about the powers, and telling she could also do something, so there was no reason why he shouldn't tell, right? Maybe demonstrate a little? "Well, I don't know if you can consider my power being really mental or physical..." Emil said vaguely and picked up a dried plant from between their feet. It had been a leaf of some tree, maybe a birch leaf, now dry, brown, and brittle. Its star was long gone, cold and dark now. Holding the leaf between his thumb and index finger, he exhaled slowly over it, visualizing his own life energy flowing into the leaf. Within a heartbeat, the leaf turned green, becoming lively and fresh again, as if it was the first leaf of spring. Twisting the leaf around to show Shrike that the leaf was, indeed, alive again, he gave it to her alongside a small laugh. He felt a very slight drop in his energy levels, but one leaf was almost next to nothing to an entire plant with roots and everything. "I can also feel everything living around me," he added and scratched his chin, feeling the stub beneath his fingers. He really should shave soon, Emil thought absentmindedly. "I cannot really say if it's cool or disturbing - both aspects have their moments."
  20. EMIL "Hey Emil, interested in a game of poker?" Kevin, a student from Emil's dorm, called out, pulling his pack of cards, most of them worn out from the edges from all of the games they had seen. Emil shook his head a little in response, too tired to actually reply. He was quite exhausted, his psychology book in his hand and his back to the wall of the common room, sitting in one of the armchairs. He had his notes open next to him, the lined paper crisscrossed with his messy handwriting, the ink forming loops like a drunken figure skater. Every now and then, the ink was smudged by his highlighters, as he hadn't had the patience to wait for it to dry. Figures dotted the pages, with extra notes or comments with a red pen added here and there, and page numbers for reference. "As you wish," Kevin shrugged and called out if anyone else wanted to play. A few cheerful "Aye"s echoed in the room as a bunch of second-year students scooted their chairs closer to the table and someone pulled out chips to bet on. The cards were given, the bets were set, and then began the switching of cards. A few agonizing minutes passed as people checked their cards, switched, confirmed their bets, and then revealed their cards. A chorus of moans and cheers followed and Emil couldn't help but grin when he saw one of the girls, who was in advanced mathematics, gathering all the chips which had been laid before them. They played a few more rounds, Emil proceeding with his notes a lot slower than he had earlier, and then stopped when it was time for lunch and the girl was grinning victoriously as she returned the impressive amount of chips she had won. "Want to join us for lunch, then?" Kevin grinned, but Emil declined again and lifted his notes a bit, flapping the pages. "Lunch can wait. This not so, I'm afraid. Thank you for the kind offer, though," Emil laughed and made a 'shoo' motion with his hand. Kevin chuckled to that and decided it best to leave his nerdy friend there to study. As soon as Kevin and the rest of the students left the common room, or returned elsewhere, Emil gathered up his stuff and dropped them into his own room. With that, Emil made his way through the hallways, heading towards the beach to where the note had directed him. The appearance of his powers were confusing to him, his thoughts so completely wrapped around it that he had, indeed, dozed off while writing his notes - something he had never done earlier, unless you counted that one time he had been awake for two nights straight and was basically running on caffeine. Nevertheless, he had to get a grip of himself. He wasn't alone with this, apparently. But it was so hard. Literally every time he closed his eyes, a skein of lights appeared before him, pulsing softly and radiating energy while moving about. Some lights were bigger and more active, while some were barely visible to him and didn't move at all. The stars were different life forms, Emil had realized soon enough, the smaller ones being things like bugs or plants, while the bigger ones were, obviously, humans. Even with his eyes open he could feel the stars around him, like an entire cosmos was orbiting him, with shooting stars and planets and everything - he could feel the trees outside, the insects which lived under the bark, the squirrels, the birds, the teachers, the students... everything and everyone. But that wasn't the worst. He could actually touch these lights and feel their life energies. It wasn't so bad around humans, save for those few people who had a cold or something, but to feel a bug's life star disappearing as a bird ate it, while he was in touch with the bug, was unsettling to say the least. It felt as if he himself had died a bit. Nevertheless, he decided it to be for the best to go to the beach. Maybe someone had answers for this? Maybe this all would be explained and a solution could be given? Emil hoped and his positive attitude made it a little easier for him to continue his way, exiting the school building and inhaling the cool air, which smelled like wet earth, sea, and rain. The scents reminded him of Norway a bit, although there wasn't a constant gut-wrenching feeling of wanting to leave. Every shadow seemed to breathe slowly, especially close to the Woods, with lidless eyes staring into one's very soul and following them when they weren't watching. Hungering. Of course such things were nonsense, Emil laughed at himself as he found the path which led to the beach, but you still couldn't shake the feeling off, not even after being a year here. He could feel the life around him, so he could safely say no shadow had a mind. His reassurance did not ease the feeling. The path was easy enough to follow, winding its rocky way down the hill to the beach, which had soft sand but cold water and high waves, so this wasn't a very popular place to be for swimming. Emil himself had tried swimming before going to Norway for the summer a couple of months ago, but as soon as he had set a foot into the salt water his entire being had frozen for a full minute and he hadn't been able to move. After that, he had kept clear from the sea altogether, no matter how much he loved it. Emil felt them long before he saw them - three people, two of them talking and a third further away. He knew their faces alright, but couldn't fit names to them, which saddened him greatly. He approached them calmly, taking his time and trying to not get sand into his shoes. He hated to have sand in his shoes, it was so uncomfortable! The wind ruffled his platinum hair and the crashing of waves drowned out whatever the girl and the guy were talking about. The third, maybe a little sulking person had also remained behind, watching the pair with careful eyes. Emil called out softly, not wishing to scare anyone. "Ahoy! I assume this is the place where the note directed us to meet?" he continued and gave a friendly smile as he walked closer, his left hand in his pocket and his right on his bag's shoulder strap, entirely comfortable with the situation. Here he would get answers of some sort, of that he was sure. But whether he liked the answers was another question altogether.
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  22. “Halla, I’ll go grab something for you to eat," An said before disappearing. Her voice sounded hollow, echoing in the most curious ways in her head, Halla observed somewhat absentmindedly, her entity feeling numb. "Are you . . . alright?" Halla sat up slightly, putting her weight on her elbows as she gave a thumbs-up and a weak smile to Amaris. "Better than ever, of course!" she gave a weak laugh and then slumped back down as black spots danced across her vision. God diggity damn, she was in a horrible state. Suddenly, a waft of the scent of meat drifted across the sewer-stinking room and Halla's eyes turned immediately black-and-red from the scent. Would it not have been for her weak state, she would've pounced after the meat without hesitation, driven by the instinct of survival. "Found it. Amaris, could you please make sure Halla eats something? I’m going to leave after I get my hands washed. You guys should also start leaving soon. Now that the sun’s out, they might become suspicious if there’s too much noise in here. Halla, thanks for leading us here and I hope you can have better control the next time we meet again. Everyone, I hope we can meet again under more favorable circumstances,” An said and her steps retreated again, probably for the bathroom. "I hope to see you again, An!" Halla called after the Lion, a pang of sadness flowing through her. She had began to really like the soft-spoken girl! "Safe travels and always keep to the shadows!" Amaris then handed the meat over to Halla, who began to gulp it down like a wolf after a long, cold winter with no game. It was not a clean job, but most of the blood had dripped off from the meat so her clothes didn't get any dirtier than they were before. Whatever the meat was, it filled her stomach and she could literally feel the RC cells replenishing themselves. Halla finished the rest of the meat and sighed with relief, feeling a lot better now. Her strength was returning and no longer were black spots dancing across her vision from exhaustion. "Ah, I should've thanked An..." Halla sighed as she licked her fingers, her tone sad. "Where will you go from here?" Amaris suddenly blurted and seemed to regret to have even asked. The Fox gave a small laugh and smiled brightly. "I do not know. I have a home waiting for me, but I dare not take the risk there - I think my rank got upgraded to a B during last night, so I'd rather wait for a few weeks before visiting my parents. Hålla sig vid liv, stay alive, is what they would say. In other words, I have a lot of time to waste," she said and shrugged. "If you want, I can accompany you." Halla wasn't sure what would Amaris think of it - she didn't seem like someone who would trust another ghoul as easily as she did, nor did she probably even want her company. But it was still worth a shot. ~~~ Chiaki was now glad she had taken those extra courses of English in high school. Although her skills were a tad bit rusty, she understood what lady Lucianne was talking about. "We'll split up into teams. Two to three-man teams to maximize profit, and each go after a ghoul. The first team shall be Investigator Brauer, myself, and Rank 3 Watanabe," she announced with a voice belonging to someone who is used to leading, and expects others to follow. Chiaki didn't mind that, to be frank. She looked around and noticed the pink-haired boy, Watanabe as Lucianne had reminded her, but he seemed a bit nervous, smiling carefully to everyone around him. Chiaki tried to smile back, but she feared it looked more like a grimace than anything else. The team division meant she was in the same team as sir Isaac Walken. He seemed like a fairly nice person, but how would he do on a battlefield...? No. It was not her place to judge people. Sir Walken must be an excellent investigator, despite his first impression. "It would appear I am in your team, sir," Chiaki said pleasantly and bowed slightly. "It is a pleasure, sir."
  23. don't worry, Lady Chiaki needs a partner, hint hint! So she's up for the grabs although her movements are a tad bit limited due to being thrashed by Hunter the previous day ;D