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  1. Updated to here! ------------------------ afterlyfe, your wishlist has been denied. Please reread the rules and resubmit. allmah, your wishlist has been updated. Happy early birthday! Sapphire Ryu, your wishlist has been updated. Happy early birthday! Terrafreaky, your wishlist has been added. Happy early birthday! Dirtytabs, your gift has been added. ------------------------ August birthdays James1011 4th PM CB Xenowyrm CB Almandine CB Lunar Herald Anything with a strange code that isn't an inbred non-common (e.g. baBBy, asTr0) Chromatic lineage (no inbred) Common hatchling (inbred ok, must be ok with freezing) Clya 8th PM 2nd Gen Prize (any color/breed, from female Golden Wyvern would be a dream come true!) PB Male Black Dragon Alt Any 2gs from Male or Female Graves 3g Checkers, any dragon combos (I love SAs in base <3) BSA Dragon Hatchling(s) (Red, Pink, Magi, Purple, Green) Just... anything from my wishlist in my sig? WWECornSerpent 17th PM 2nd gen from Spriter's Alt 3rd EG from Spriter's Alt 3rd EG Magelight from Pumpkins, "arrow-type" lineage, as a mate for This 3rd gen Moonstone X Ribbon Dancer checker as a mate for This OR 3rd EG Black-capped Teimarr with a matching lineage to This but w/o the Spriter's Alt Any EG, non-inbred Surprise! Any lineage you are proud of having created and want to show off! ajc 24th PM 2-4 gen prize Avatar of Change PB vines PB blacks Surprise me (I love fun lineages) allmah 25th PM Neglected Alt dark green CB black capped teimarr surprise me Sapphire Ryu PM 2G or 3G gold shimmer Any 3G from H o l y (blue Radiant Angel), preferably a White Any "purebred" 3G or higher Soulpeace (whites/daydreams only at base). Most wanted! M Bolt x F Sapphire Soulpeace Shallow Water
  2. Updated to here! ------------------------------ PMs for users with August birthdays have been sent. ------------------------------ FAstudent12, your wishlist has been added. Happy early birthday! gigglymonkey12, your wishlist has been added. Happy early birthday! Jedi40, your wishlist has been updated. Happy early birthday! WWECornSerpent, your wishlist has been updated. Happy early birthday! Pluviophillia, your wishlist has been added. Happy early birthday! Gealach, your 2 gifts have been added. Thank you for gifting! Dirtytabs, your 5 gifts have been added. FAstudent12, your gift has been added. Thank you for gifting! Blueocean, your gift has been added. Thank you for gifting! gigglymonkey12, your gift has been added. Thank you for gifting! ------------------------------ Additional July birthday Pluviophillia 30th PM 2g from Holly 3g from Spriter's Alt Tinsel Pink dragon hatchie (female)
  3. Banners If you'd like to submit a banner, please post it in the thread or PM me! Natevaelle - [url=https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/164871-happy-birthday-gifting-v2/][img=https://i.imgur.com/WsaIZFX.png][/url] [url=https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/164871-happy-birthday-gifting-v2/][img=https://i.imgur.com/63jPcyc.png][/url] Banners from Previous Thread Kamiko_Cullen - [url=https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/164871-happy-birthday-gifting-v2/][img=http://oi53.tinypic.com/2hf3prl.jpg][/url] lunardivinus123 - [URL=https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/164871-happy-birthday-gifting-v2/][IMG=http://i52.tinypic.com/20p9aiu.png][/URL] athdaraxen - [URL=https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/164871-happy-birthday-gifting-v2/][IMG=http://i56.tinypic.com/2nks0ad.png][/URL] Naruhina_94- [url=https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/164871-happy-birthday-gifting-v2/][IMG=http://i43.tinypic.com/aa92rn.png][/URL]
  4. Occasionally Asked Questions Questions about Donating Are there any requirements to be a donor? Nope! Anyone can gift. Can I breed/donate more than one gift for the same person? Of course! Can I breed/donate anonymously? Of course! Just message this account or a mod with a link to the gift with the name of the recipient, and I will make sure the person gets it. Can I send gifts to someone after the month of their birthday has passed? Yes. Most often this occurs because dragons have been uncooperative, or a user signed up right before their month ended. You are free to send belated gifts, though try to keep the time frame reasonable. You just updated the thread and I just now discovered my gift had been accepted. How do I notify you of this change from offered --> accepted? Please send a message or post a note in the thread. I'll make the appropriate updates the next time I run an update. A user has not taken my gift after >24 hours. Some donors are kind enough to send a reminder message to the recipient, but you are not required to do so. If you're still holding a gift longer than 24 hours, please mention it on your gift report ("No response..."), and you may also message this account. The recipient will be warned and their list possibly removed from the main list depending on how/if they respond. Things like this happen sometimes, usually by accident - I hope it doesn't spoil your gifting experience. What does it mean when an update says my gift has/gifts have been "added"? It means your gift has been added to a secret spreadsheet. There's no points list on this thread, but if you'd like to know how many gifts you've given, PM and you'll get a number! Questions about Receiving Gifts How do you decide what breed goes in what tier? Tier items are decided by their rarity or how difficult they are to acquire. If a recent release seems rare enough to go on tier 1 or 2, I will announce that in an update. Because "rarity" isn't always easy to determine (and availability of some breeds changes over time), please message this account or mention on the thread if you think something should be moved or added to a tier. Can I accept more than one gift? Yes you can. Can I sign up several months before my birthday? You can sign up whenever you want. Just make sure you respond to the activity check PM so you don't get removed when your birthday comes around! Can I sign up the month of my birthday? Of course! Can I request an egg to be bred or caught on my birthday? Of course! Will I get the gift on my actual birthday? Donors are in charge of when you'll get your birthday gift. It may be on your actual day, within that week, or within the month. It all depends on how easy it is to get your gift. You may request for something to be bred/hatched/caught on your birthday if you'd like. May I freeze a gift? This is up to the donors. If you plan to freeze a hatchling, it would be nice to note it in that entry that'd you'd like something to freeze. If someone offers me a gift that isn’t what I asked for, can I reject it? You are expected to take gifts you are offered, and I believe donors wouldn't send things to you in bad faith. However, if this is due to a mod mistake, such as an incorrect list being published, you do not have to take if if you really want it to go to the correct recipient. I will message you and your donor if I've made that error to resolve it. If I need to be offline for a few days during the month of my birthday, can I still receive gifts? Absolutely, but please say that you'll need to be offline and provide the dates. When your month comes along, there will be a note by your list about away dates. I will try to pay attention to signatures, too, but as long as it's announced somewhere, you're fine. What happens when I receive a warning for not accepting a gift in time? If you don't take a gift within the allotted time (24 hours, though some donors are willing to wait longer), you will receive a personal message from the Birthday Gifting account, and your list will be removed from the main list. While we understand that sometimes accidents happen or you need to be away for some time, it's not fair to our donors to make them hold things. If you received such a warning but wish to be added back, simply respond to the PM (and it would be nice if you PM the other user to sort things out as well). Please pay attention to your inbox. If you receive a second warning for the same infraction, your list will not be added back. I signed up and didn't receive anything! That might be because your list is too difficult (only asking for CB golds and 2nd-gen. prizes for instance) or you signed up right before your month has passed. The donors here are the backbone of Birthday Gifting, and sometimes they just can't fulfill a request. It's unfortunate, but it does happen. How do I remove myself from the Birthday Gifting list? If you would like to be removed, please message this account or a mod or post on the thread. If it's currently not your birthday month, you may ignore the next check-in message from Birthday Gifting. I was looking at the spreadsheet and I noticed my name and row are highlighted. What does it mean? Green means you have responded to the activity check, or if you just signed up, you've followed all the rules. All is good to go and you will be added the month of your birthday to the main list on the front page. YAY! Red means your list does not meet our requirements in some way. Failing to update it will result in your list not being published the month of your birthday. Grey means you have not responded to the activity check or do not seem to be active any more. (Grey entries will be cleared out a year after they've been marked.) Questions about the Thread How often is the thread updated? I will try to update it at least once every few weeks, although I visit the thread often without updating. I have a complaint/concern/suggestion. What do I do? Message the account or a mod. What's the quickest way to contact the mod of this thread? Message the account or a mod. I check the thread, too. Unanswered questions? Message the account or a mod!
  5. White List WWECornSerpent for donating so many gifts. Thank you for being so generous! Gray List (you've been warned) None! Black List (do not donate/gift to these people) None!
  6. The Masterlists These were compiled using the old thread. If your name is on here and your list is accurate, you are officially signed up. If your information is incorrect, submit an update my list form to fix it. January February March April May June July August September October November December
  7. Announcements December 8, 2015 - Dirtytabs is the new secondary mod. March 24, 2015 - Tier gifting system approved and added to main list. Gift requests are reopen in thread. March 3rd, 2015 - We are only accepting March requests via PM to test out a new gifting system. Anyone who requested in 2013 or before will need to re-request. This is done to ensure people are active still. Anyone who requested in 2014 should have been added. If not, your name should appear here with a reason. Changes from the old thread to now: There is a special clause for people requesting neglecteds now. If you request a neglected, you may not request other rares. This is to ensure breeders/gifters can give you something. If you signed up with a neglected and a rare in the old thread, it is recommended that you fix your form to comply with the new rules. The forms are different. Please make sure that you use the current forms. Thank you. Formatting of things is different too. Hopefully it is easier to read?
  8. August Birthdays Astaroshe Asran 1st message CB Neglected CB Staterae Pseudo-Wyvern Drake Surprise me! Varislapsi 4th message CB metal (gold and silver preferred) 3rd gen SAltkin with even lineage, best if checker A beautiful checker or other EG lineage including breeds or themes described on my wishlist (see part two "Bred dragons") CB blusang, nebula or elux lucis Any other CB of a breed listed on my wishlist as one of my favourites or a breed released quite recently Surprise me with anything that isn't messy or inbred. I love dragons that share my birthday but for those hatchies are better! Tinibree 5th message 2g SA kin, non duplicate of https://dragcave.net/group/116636 CB Pink, yellow, or black zyus a mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/d4Bbs or https://dragcave.net/lineage/mTONY High gen checkers or pb lines. Any cb 13th birthday release birthday borns! Here's some of my favorite breeds https://dragcave.net/group/98401 Kaini 7th message Neglected Cheese 2g from Wintertide CB New thingo (from recent releases) EternallyShadow 17th message 2nd gen Prize (Prizes are my favorite type of dragon!) Golden Wyvern from Black Truffle Any kind of prize lineage Hatchlings for freezing Surprise me! Cemeroll 22nd message CB silver 2G gold from red or white mate 2G amalthean BSA red or purple (CB would be lovely but I don't mind at all) CB pargulus (they're so stinking cute) Surprise me with a pretty lineage?
  9. 🎉 Happy Birthday Gifting 🎉 This thread was approved by rubyshoes. It went inactive for a while, but it is finally back. Credit: Founder: gravija Current mods: dsnet06 & Dirtytabs Previous mods: flower1818, sheppardkid, simkim PURPOSE: to give players a birthday gift each year. Sign up with your birthday wishes and wait for your birthday month to get your gift! For all other gifting purposes, please check out the other threads on the forums. OUTLINE Rules/Specials/Signing Up/Forms [this post] Current Birthday List [second post] Announcements [third post] All Birthday Lists [fourth post] Dedicated Donors & White/Gray/Black Lists [fifth post] Possible Questions and Answers [sixth post] Banners [seventh post] FOR GIFTERS (AKA People Giving Gifts) GENERAL INFO Anyone may gift and sign up with their birthday. You may gift to anyone who has followed the rules, complied with the tiers, and included the answer to the instruction from the Rules. You may gift at any time during the month. A gift does not have to be gifted on their birthday. You may gift anything you want that fulfills the recipient's wishes. In the case of surprises, you may even gift items that may not be requested, like low-tier items, new releases, etc. Donors are what makes this thread possible. Please consider donating a gift today! REPORTING GIFTS ONLY ONE person should announce the gift has been offered. This makes it easier to update. Use forum names under gifter/giftee. Be sure to include the ACTUAL lineage link and not just the code #s. It makes it easier to update. To input the gift's code, copy it, highlight "CODE" in the form, and click the link icon in the menu. Replace both "CODE"s in the prompt with the gift's code. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Giftee: Lineage link(s): CODE Breed(s): Status: Offered/Accepted/No Response FOR GIFTEES (AKA People Receiving Birthday Gifts) HOW TO SIGN UP First be sure that you’ve read the rules below and understand the terms. Fill out the SIGN UP FORM farther down this post. Do not edit the fields in the form, and DO NOT forget to answer every question. Make sure you follow the directions for the tiers. If your sign-up or update wasn't very recent, you will receive a check-in message from a mod just before your birthday month. You will need to reply to it or post an update by the date given. Failure to show that you are active will result in your list not being added for the month. Be ready to receive gifts the month of your birthday. A gifter is not required to hold them if you are locked. You will have 24 hours to respond and collect your gift. Gifters may wait longer if they choose, but they are not expected to hold them beyond 24 hours. RULES Keep all posts relevant to the thread. Gifts may not be traded, released, or killed. If you intend to freeze your gift, please specify in your request. Gifts must go to the person signing up in the thread. If the person does not have an account, please specify when signing up. You have 24 hours to respond/pick up your gift. Failure to comply will result in being graylisted, and a second failure will result in removal from the official list. Repeated violations of the rules will result in being blacklisted. Tell me your favorite dragon(s) somewhere in your sign-up post so I know you read the rules. (If your favorite breed is among the items in your wish list, please make sure to point out that's your favorite.) Do not beg for a gift or PM anyone directly asking for a gift. Post your request ONCE. If you need to update it and you have not been added to the main list (AKA an update hasn’t been run by the mod yet), EDIT the request directly instead of posting again. If an update has been run, please fill out the UPDATE form. Once your birthday month has begun and your list has been approved, please do not change your wish list repeatedly, since this is confusing to other users. If you only want one of something, we suggest linking to an updated wish list instead. If you need to be away sometime during your birthday month or won't be able to check messages once a day, please mention in a post/your signature. You are expected to take any gift offered to you. Remember to thank your gifter! WISH LIST OPTIONS AND TIERS REQUESTING Holiday requests are not allowed, even if your birthday is in February, October, or December. You may request non-holiday offspring from holiday parents. 2nd gens from Thuweds or Dorkfaces are not allowed. Higher gens are permitted. Be wary of requesting new releases. You may request them, but if it's later decided a new breed belongs in one of the higher tiers, its new place will be announced, and lists submitted henceforth must adhere to the tiers. Hatchling requests are allowed, but remember that we're gifting out of the goodness of our hearts. Some gifters may not like to hatch an egg for you. If you intend to freeze your gift, please specify that in your wish list. Remember that gifters are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts! As such, it is IMPORTANT to make sure there are a variety of dragon rarities in your wish list. Be sure to follow the tier system. HOW TO USE THE TIER SYSTEM Pick one item from tier 1, one item from tier 2, two items from tier 3, and two items from tier 4. You may choose things of lesser value / from farther down the line as well. For example, for tier 2, you may select something from or of equal value to tier 3 or 4, but not something from tier 1. You may also list "surprise me" or link to a wish list (if it has a variety of common, uncommon, and rare items) to your post. TIER 1 Only 1 from this tier or one thing from any of the tiers below it Option 1: CB Gold; CB Silver; CB Coppers; CB Staterae; 2nd-3rd gen Prize; Neglected; 2g from Spriter's Alt TIER 2 Only 1 from this tier or one thing from any of the tiers below it Option 2: CB Zyumorphs; CB Aeon Wyvern; CB Trio: Ice, Magma, Thunder; CB Xenowyrms; Unbreedables; CB Almandine/Spessartine Pyralspite; CB Golden Wyvern; CB Red Dorsal; CB Tan Ridgewing; Alt Black, Alt Dark Green, Alt Undine (any gen.);; 3g from Spriter's Alt; 2nd gen metals from nonmetal mate; 4th gen Prize TIER 3 Any 2 items from this tier or the tier below it Option 3a and 3b: Anything with a lineage. Be as specific as you want. Includes: 3rd gen metals; 2nd gen or higher items from Tier 2; 5th+ gen Prizes TIER 4 Any 2 items from this tier Option 4a and 4b: A hatchling or CB egg that is not listed in the tiers above If something is not listed here, consider its closest equivalent to determine its level in the tiers. Please remember that gifts are set up this way so that there are things on your list that are likely to be gifted to you. FORMS TO SIGN UP To link to your scroll in the form, highlight "SCROLL NAME HERE", click the link icon in the menu, and paste your scroll link in the prompt. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: SCROLL NAME HERE Forum name: Birthday: {provide the month and day, e.g. April 9th} List: 1. 2. 3a. 3b. 4a. 4b. {Remember to include the item mentioned in the Rules.} UPDATE YOUR REQUEST (If a mod hasn't updated the thread, just edit your original request. Once your birthday month begins and your list has been approved, you cannot repeatedly update your list.) I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Forum name: Birthday: Revised List: 1. 2. 3a. 3b. 4a. 4b. REPORTING GIFTS ONLY ONE person should announce the gift has been offered. It makes it easier to update. Use forum names under gifter/giftee. Be sure to include the ACTUAL lineage link and not just the code #s. It makes it easier to update. To input the gift's code, copy it, highlight "CODE" in the form, and click the link icon in the menu. Replace both "CODE"s in the prompt with the gift's code. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Giftee: Lineage link(s): CODE Breed(s): Status: Offered/Accepted/No Response