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  1. my fav have to be Markiplier. & Cryaotic there the only youtubes i still watch daily since i found there vids
  2. yes i have, rifle dont remember witch one, 22 shot gun ad 12 shot gun my dad is part of a hunting club ad sometimes i go with them for practice never shot a real animal, have to get my license for that kind of hunting so i most shot moving/non-moving targets ad flying disks
  3. i do think it also depends where the food place is at some are really ad some are just bad the only decent fast food around us would be wendy's ad arby's the rest just arnt that good as they should be
  4. cancer ram/sheep in chinese astrology
  5. if i could go back to the past i would change my mind ad not go on the trip to NY ......
  6. if im not hanging out with friends, im on the computer mostly playing online games between DC ad town of salem im also playing storm fall: age of war
  7. havent try that yet peppermint hot chocolate?
  8. CrimsonAkira


    i play neopets on & off >> i dont know how long its been now since i last play
  9. it very fun ad addicting not sure what roles i like ad dislike since most of the time im bad chara which is fun been get some towny roles here ad there if you want to add me my user name is the same as here