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totoro2.gif<-CLICK if feeling lucky ON HIATUS | will occaisonally come back and try to breed rares to give away

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    I would love to breed for you - plz PM! Please do me patient though, my dragons are not always cooperative. Also, if I owe you anything, please remind me! I can be forgetful and I tend to lose track of PMs!
    In my sig I usually try to put CBs, shimmers, metals, or shimmer fails in my lucky thingy-ma-bob :D
    I am attempting to hoard

    - shinies of all kinds - any lineage - I love them
    - moonstones - any lineage
    - reds and pinks
    ~~2g tan male ridgewing x silver
    ~~cb pinks perferably male
    ~~low gen thuweds
    ~~low gen dorkfaces
    ~~low gen shimmers
    ~~CB reds perferably female
    ~~CB metals
    ~~low gen from spiriter alts

    Looking for mates:
    need a mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/gCYWW

    For lineage projects I need:
    CB pink (male)
    CB flamingos (male)
    CB reds (female)
    CB moonstones (female)

    All shimmer fails are welcome on my scroll.

    I will take any hatchies that fail to alt.