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  1. So far, I've given my giftee a chrono xenowyrm, a caveborn red, and a duotone hatchling. I'm in negotiations for more. Mpolo has accepted every gift presented so far
  2. I want to sign up! Forum name:MiniatureCowgirl Scroll name:MiniatureCowgirl Wishlist: 1.CB gold? Please? 2.Alt black 3.Vine alt 4.Any Lunar that's not a bronze 5.Anything from a spriters alt 6.Surprise me! Breeding abilities:3rd gen silver shimmer, possible neglected (it's only worked once), second gen coppers Catching abilities:Dinos, cheese, chicken, Xenowyrms (pretty much anything that's not a cb metal) Also I might be able to trade for a cb copper, but it's not assured
  3. I found this pretty little rainbow AP hunting
  4. Basically, press printscreen, paste it into paint, crop it, save it, load it into imgur or another site, and then post the link.
  5. Aeroides certainly likes shiny things. Now if only I could convince that Bright Pink. Siiiiiigh
  6. Mmmmm.... Insulssimus Portenta, (Witless wonder)- Best name for a duotone ever. After that... Well.... I don't really name them silly all that much.
  7. Let's See... xXMAU- xXMauXx JrJEe- Junior Jee raith- Raith tim5v- Tim Timiny (Full name is Tim Timiny Tim Timiny Tim Tim Tiroo) I had a magi that I gifted before I read the code... the code was phot0. I should have kept it and named her Selfie Queen
  8. I've just made arrangements to get a second gen silver shimmer /runs off into the distance and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES
  9. I have another chicken eggy! I'm looking for low gen shimmers or anything shiny. CB rares are also perfectly welcome, but I'd prefer an offer of hatchlings if you aren't offering anything shiny. Them's the rules, now offer!
  10. I have~ 1x 1x I want~ ~Preferably 3rd gen, but I may accept a fourth ~Cb or 2 2nd gen ~CB or 2 2nd gen Any other cb rares are acceptable, but the above is instant accept. I prefer clean lineages for those who want to make offers. I completely forgot to post the trade link here, my apologies. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. Sorry, I know I shouldn't feed the troll... My fault. Anyways, I'd love to see a bronze x Lumina lineage. I think that would be just gorgeous
  12. Here we go~ I have 2x 1x I want Shimmers. I love shimmers second gen/cb gold/silvers Rare offers. I am willing to combine all 3 plus a paper for a second gen shimmer. I am willing to combine 2 (no paper) for a third gen shimmer Pm me for combining, but otherwise, just offer! Cheeses- Make an offer on my egg! Make an offer on my egg! Dino- Make an offer on my egg!
  13. It sucks for you, but in the end it's all chance.
  14. So what, just because I'm starting out I shouldn't have been allowed to participate? I'm more active than a lot of people, but since I have a bronze trophy I shouldn't be allowed to try? If a noob like me takes the time to get on and at least try the game, then we have just as much right as you to the raffle.
  15. I have x1 I want: Just about anything, make an offer. I like cb rares and unbreedables, and I love shimmers. I'm not expecting anything too amazing, so try me!
  16. I have x1 I want: -low gen -low gen Any rare, surprise me! (Just to note- I would just die for a second or third gen shimmer) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Gone for a third gen from Shadow! SQUEE!! Seriously, thanks. Now all I need is to go hunt down a cb silver.... eheheheh
  17. Right now, I'm just waiting on people to accept my gifts so I can go catch some more rares in hopes of trading them for something decent on Dragonmarket
  18. Congrats to everyone, have fun with your new shinies!
  19. Gonna assume they were all sent by now..... sigh
  20. I solemnly swear that I, MiniatureCowgirl will never view bomb other players' dragons and I will not add any eggs or hatchling to any hatcheries without the owners' express permission.
  21. HELL YEAH! Cb blusang Hopefully that doesn't hurt my luck....
  22. I'm about to go glomping people..... TO THE INTRODUCTION THREAD~
  23. I just gave a newbie a caveborn thunder hatchie and a caveborn thunder hatchie. Maybe karma will kick in?