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  1. Have: 2nd Gen pure prize Looking For: 2nd gen from spriters alts 3rd gen EG from spriters alts (pair eg both 2nd gen have same breed and color of spriters alt) preference for: odeens garland pair,starsinger pairs, floral crown pair, sakuhana pair
  2. Have 2nd Gen double prize: Lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/itsP0 Looking For: Even Gen 2nd or 3rd from the following spriters alts(must have one parent on both sides be a SA): -Sakuhana Wyvern -Floral Crowned -Snow Dragon (EscapistLore) -Garland Dragon(Odeen) -Arcana Make an offer!
  3. I guess I just don't see it to be as complicated as you do, to me you add an option that lets you trade one way later letting you know who received it. You could set up the trade, post it and then leave and that's it. You wouldn't have to stay on to accept, and then dump the traded egg. Yes as you said at the moment we only have the option to publicly post transfers with the knowledge that you can't control who you give it to. Or do a two way trade but with a third option you would be able to see who took your gift egg and they would be aware that you know.
  4. ah okay I think I understand your point of view a little better now. The main reason why I would want this is for the giving tree. To try and explain a bit better if I know who I gifted to I could help them out if they are on one of the giving trees lists (mainly it would be an easier way of seeing if a player is active or not rather that PMing everyone on that list and find that hardly any of them are active). That being said I do think the current one way trade should be kept just renamed 'anonymous one way trade' and add another one way trade where it wouldn't be anonymous. It would also te
  5. I would like this to be implemented. I find it a little sad when you cant see who your baby goes to after you gift it. I used to gift random eggs on the gifting tree where you are supposed to post who gifted you what (or who you gifted to) and I always wrote "please post if you take" but hardly anyone would so I hardly gift any more. It would also be a good way to track who you traded with as I do to the best of my ability. Whether or not this is implemented there will still be some degree of harassment, there are just some sucky people in the world. But as easy as it is to say 'j
  6. I'm running into a problem when I am making a reply message. If I half screen the window I will only be able to see my inbox and not the reply message I was writing. This isn't a problem with composing a new message just when replying. I want to be able to make a reply message at half screen. So if I'm putting links in the message I can easily do so without so much back and forth.
  7. 1this 2isnt 3even 4myyy 5inal 6form.... nice
  8. Something I think would be nice to help people get their valentine/woliday dragons: Allow people to get 7(max) valentine/woliday eggs but once 2 of them grow up the rest "run away" to the AP. Until then you can give/trade them to those who missed out on the release?
  9. I am guilty of using ect in the past. Occasionally I still do it out of habit and do my best to catch myself. If an emote popped up when I made that mistake I personally would find it hilarious. I would want it to look like an ectoplasm goo monster or something.
  10. If :3 was an was one of the smilies it would probably be my main...probably use it as a signature. I also think more custom made emojis would be super cool I think out of the ones we do have is my fav I do know some people who prefer text based emotocons over emojis. We do have a post options like enable emotocons so you could turn that off to keep the text based version (which I just discovered while writing this post ) However if you wanted to use a mixture of text based emotocons with emojis I think that would be a problem.
  11. Not saying we should get a TON of new emojis/smilies (not to the extent my phone has anyway) but would like to see a little more of them. Ones in particular I would like to see are: :3 0:) (angel/good) > (devil/evil) x.x (dead) What emojis/smilies would you like added? Would you like any to be added at all? Edit: For some visuals I made some of the smilies I was suggesting:
  12. Found out today about the party hat pikachus. Went downtown on a journey and caught 2! Bringing my total amount of pikachus caught to 3...
  13. Was too late to pre-order it but I did purchase a bundle! I just have to wait a month for them to have more switches in stock .. so jealous of all you people who planned ahead and pre-ordered!
  14. I would go absolutely crazy dragon hunting/hatching if this is how it happens.... I only just recently got to 1,000 myself but I will say the motivation for catching/hatching dragons had gone down for me. I know when I was silver my scroll was almost always locked because of the amount of hatchlings on it. The anticipation of having 7 eggs at once was almost too much! Now I mainly only catch new release and breed SA lineages. This would give me something new to do!
  15. I don't feel taking away ALL options would specifically appeal to "transphobes" as you say, I would not say I am in any way transphobic, I respect everyone's right to be who they are and think everyone should be who they are and would personally treat everyone with the respect they deserve regardless of their gender identity, what I'm saying is gender has no real purpose on a forum, it doesn't matter whether you identify as male, female, transgender, non-binary etc. Gender of an individual is not something I pay attention to on a forum, I would say gender is rather irrelevant. side
  16. I think there is a little debate in that area, for instance there is the Horse Dragon, yulebuck, waterhorse, and dark green dragon which look less traditionally dragon than others. Mainly saying since dragons are a mythological species, what they look like is up for debate. And I think the type of dragon I'm going for gives a little more leeway, It would be a DC drake which are described as dog-like and I would give the sprite all the set characteristics for DC drakes. Yes very true, it would just be something a little extra is all I'm saying. I also have yet to attempt it so I'm als
  17. The whole idea with tracing my dog (assuming I (can and) end up doing it and it ends up on DC) is so that when I look at the sprite I can be "that is an actual picture I took of my dog!" kind of making it mean something special for me specifically. Like that's "literally" my dog! of course I would change a bit from the picture (make neck/tail longer, add wings/horns,etc.) but I would keep the face and the body the same, It would be a dragon but also my dog. Yea the whole idea of having a bunch of pictures that are okay to trace was mainly so if something like what happened o
  18. Yes I agree that's why I wanted to include the article so people could look into it and draw their own conclusions. I don't want anyone to decide anything just because I say so. I didn't mean for this to be taken as gospel that was never my intention. Of course not. However In table 9 on page 9 " Lifetime suicide attempts by being “out” in various settings" It has a section for "in private social settings" (which I think the internet qualifies as) and those who are not out have a suicide attempt rate of 37% and those who are out have 41%. I'm pointing out this article to s
  19. A few things I would like to say on this. Originally I was like sure! lets add an 'others' button that has a box that says please specify or something like that but upon further investigation... I would like to point to this article from the Williams institute of law concerning "Suicide Attempts among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults" findings by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and National Center for Transgender Equality. On page 6 it has a table(2) looking mainly at the part labeled "Strength of Identification with Listed Identities" with the exception of tr
  20. Hello everyone! Given the whole tracing controversy that happened just last month I know this might be a touchy topic. I just want to be clear on my standpoint; you shouldn't trace other peoples work without their knowing or consent, whether a drawing or picture. That being said lets get on with it: The whole event got me thinking, My family just got a puppy and I have been taking pictures of her like a madwoman and I think it would be super cool if I could turn her into a drake, even cooler if the sprite could be of the actual picture I took of her (this of course would require me to tra
  21. Ahh...... I need to pay a little more attention to detail... My bad my eyes didn't pick up on the green. Thanks Sock and Ruby Eyes for putting up with my insanity
  22. I don't think that's the case. If you go to the Dragon request page there is a topic "Vampire dragon expansion" that at the moment has 898 replies and 6,675 views and is an open topic while there are some topics considered hot topics that have considerably less views and replies for example there is one with 39 replies and 787 views that is considered a hot topic. What makes this less viewed and less replied to topic more "hot" than the much more replied to and much more viewed topic?
  23. Thats what I would think but I've seen hot topics that have less views and replies than some others that are just open topics so there must be something else to it as well.
  24. Tried to find the answer for this one but didn't see it anywhere. Wondering what makes a topic a hot topic here on the forums, mainly what is the difference between an open topic and a hot topic. From what I can see they seem the same.