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  1. Dear journal, I am laughing my scales off. Well I would be, if mom wasn't in such a towering temper. You see, Larkkin finally accepted her advances (I KNEW there had to be something fishy about that, I really should have!) and with him mom laid two eggs, which she cooed over. When the time came to select one egg, mother picked the one she was sure would be an all-black and cast the other aside for Larkkin to deal with. I'm not sure if Larkkin switched the eggs or if mom's all-black-sense is as nutty as her head, but the egg she fawned all over hatched yesterday as a normal black. The egg Larkkin smuggled into some other dragon's nest? Was a scrawny all-black! "Let this be a lesson to you," he told mom. Mother's still screeching loud enough to scare all the new hatchlings. If Larkkin shows up again, there will be blood, I know it. She won't even take care of the black anymore now that it's not an all-black like she wanted. Only Alyward and Gallien have been able to stop her from tearing the little one to pieces in her fury. The poor thing doesn't even know what's going on... -Roark Donolith
  2. Dear journal, the wild black mum was fussing over finally grew up yesterday, after one of the sliver hatchlings did. He calls himself Eternal Session, and the first thing he did was make awkward advances on the girl silver Ars Arcanum. He got a swift kick to the snout, then got hollered at by mum for being a blundering idiot. Poor guy, he was good friends with Ars before they grew up, too. I keep trying to impart some half-brotherly advice on him but mum keeps hovering over him all the time. I saw Eschaton and her son Giustino smuggling something shiny out of the cave when mum was distracted. I'm going to go hang out under the apple tree until this all blows over. -Roark Donolith
  3. Dear Journal, Mom's taken a black hatchling under her wing--a wild one, that wasn't the spawn of any of the cave's dragons. It's not an all-black, though, so I don't see why she's so interested in it. I could trounce its scaly little behind if I really wanted to, but that would be bullying. She also keeps hovering over Climhazzard's egg, trying to peer into the eggshell. Climhazzard and his mate Schzero di Notte aren't liking that. Heaven help them if that hatchling turns out to be an all-black, mom might kidnap it or something out of envy... Oh, and the clan has seen a sudden influx of silver eggs. Two of them have hatched. I wonder if they'll be anything like Rayein? -Roark Donolith
  4. Snow Log, Entry 5: Snow two paws and a tail shallower today. No new snow since yesterday. Seven fewer icicles along the cave entrance. Not good. Spring might be coming. Magis won't magic more snow. Renauld laughed at me when I told him I was going to melt. Heladas still unconcerned. Doesn't anyone take me seriously?! Heard that the high mountains are always cold. Thinking about moving there to save my life. Will bring Heladas along whether she wants to come or not. --Rime Ruceli THE FIRST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!! I grew up today! I have antlers and big wings and AWESOME stripes! I don't smell minty fresh like Blixem though, bummer. But YAAAAAAY! I'm a dragon of the New Year! I'm gonna have a party! --Tainzer Dear Journal: Mother is trying to woo Larkkin again. Larkkin hates her, thank goodness, her and her delusions that she's of noble blood. Dad's still moping in the back of the cave. I wish mom would stop being so obsessed about breeding an all-black son. What have all-blacks got that we haven't? --Roark Donolith