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    ** Wishlist **

    Even gen checkers
    2nd gen Avatar of Destruction from Ember x GoN
    3rd gen Gaia from Celestial x Gaia
    2nd gen Gold from Gold x Aria

    Holiday fails
    2nd gen Pink from Sweetling x Pink
    2nd gen Avatar of Change from Guardian of Nature x Rosebud
    2nd gen Black Tea from Heartseeker x Black Tea
    2nd gen Royal Crimson from Heartseeker x Royal Crimson
    2nd gen Autumn from Heartseeker x Autumn
    2nd gen Carmine from Carmine x Arsani
    2nd gen Moonstone from Radiant Angel x Moonstone
    2nd gen Striped River from Heartstealer x Striped River (x2)

    2nd gen Avatar of Creation from Yulebuck x Guardian of Nature
    2nd gen Nhiostrife from Yulebuck x Nhiostrife
    2nd gen Bleeding Moon from Bleeding Moon x Ribbon Dancer
    2nd gen Lumina from Winter Magi x Lumina (x2)
    2nd gen Nhiostrife from Winter Magi x Nhiostrife
    2nd gen Frostbite from Frostbite x Solstice
    2nd gen Bright-Breasted Wyvern from Wrapping Wing x Bright-Breasted Wyvern

    3rd gen Royal Blue from Shadow Walker x Royal Blue
    2nd gen Harvest from Shadow Walker x Harvest
    2nd gen Ember from Ember x Grave
    2nd gen White from Grave x White

    Holiday dragons
    2nd gen Desipis from Desipis x Arsani
    2nd gen Winter Magi from Winter Magi x Cavern Lurker