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  1. I've got extra Desert and Alpine eggs if you want to trade! I'd happily send 2 for 1.
  2. Ahhhh!!! Happy Birthday, Dragcave, and YAY 8th EGG SLOT!!!!
  3. Well, it's officially 12:01 Cave Time. And the eggs are still there.
  4. stares at computer screen anxiously
  5. Managed to lock myself with six and a misclicked egg that I bit into a vampire. Of course everyone in my cave was fine with a vampire during release! Sigh... Really hoping these are legit, they look awesome.
  6. I had the fortune of just snagging this feearful Antarean
  7. And completely locked with all 21 slots Somehow managed to cycle my eggs perfectly this drop, thank you army of reds for your contribution to the cause!
  8. Is anyone else having issues with the site loading? It keeps breaking on me :/
  9. Got three! Somehow one from each biome. That was intense.
  10. Or Amphitheres? I would love to see more Amphitheres!
  11. Well, today was a good day to forget to grab new eggs! Got all six of the different biomes, 2 of the Alpine and one each of the rest. Can't wait to see what they hatch into!
  12. Fantastic, couldn't snipe eggs yesterday so I was completely open today! Got my 7, all at 6 days until hatch. Very excited to see what dragons they are!
  13. Oooo, Eastern dragons! I'm really thinking of hoarding Puddles and breeding them with Nhios, that'd make a pretty lineage. Super happy about the Gemstones as well. I shall hoard them all!
  14. I just caught a CB Silver!!! First one since I joined way, way back when.
  15. And now it's back. Hopefully that means more things are happening! Now time to stop stalking this thread and go catch some sleep. Hopefully emails will go out overnight!
  16. Bettas are much better. 10 gallon tank with a heater and filter and they're happy and active little fishies!
  17. Okay, I thought it was something on my end causing the images to stop loading. Glad I'm not the only one having issues! (hopefully this means emails are imminent!)
  18. Woot! Managed to grab all the holiday eggs I missed out on the last few years, and a holly!