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  1. Adding onto what Stellaluna said, Black eggs are fairly common now. It might take a while to find a CB, but they're not that sought after (in my experience, anyways.) Black alts are still very valuable, though.
  2. Your Forum name: Lily14130 Your Scroll name: Lily14130 The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): RNOBW Egg type: Water Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 4:11 PM EST on Sunday, August 23 Time of Death: 4:15 PM EST on Sunday, August 23 Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 0/0/0
  3. Short post, but I just realized that Rimaline should probably be really fidgety by now.
  4. "Sounds like you've already have a good start. If you want to be an experienced healer then it's a good idea to possess other skills rather than depending entirely on magic." Rimaline beamed and decided that she wanted to impress Artemis as much as possible. After Artemis excused herself, Rimaline sat and waited a little bit impatiently while she wondered what, if anything, Artemis would teach her. Scratching at the rock with her paw, Rimaline watched Artemis and Mihari talking to the pillow hatching. It turned out that there was also a pygmy hatchling with him. Rimaline stood up and sat back down again, trying to find a comfortable position. She hadn't felt so excited in a while, and her bottled up energy from staying inside the cave was finally starting to show. "Hopefully we'll get to go outside!" She breathed in, trying to remember the scent of the outdoors.
  5. I'm currently looking for a 2nd gen Gold dragon from Yulebuck, but I'm having trouble finding one. Probably because it's hard to find someone who a)Has both a CB female Gold and CB Yulebuck, and b)Is willing to trade one for what I'm offering. Does anyone know what kind of stuff I'd have to offer for a 2nd gen Gold from Yulebuck? Right now I'm offering a Green Dino hatchling, but I don't think that's enough.
  6. Rimaline immediately regretted being so brash, and glanced at Enzy to make sure that the little hatchling wasn't disturbed. The tiny hatchling was fast asleep. She took a deep breath and whispered, "Well, I know how to heal cuts, scrapes, and burns using herbs, and I started to learn how to use magic to heal bones. But I didn't get much practice... at all. So I have no idea how to use healing magic..." She was ashamed. Aren't white dragons supposed to be experts at healing? There were voices in front of the cave. Mihari seemed to be talking to some other hatchlings who Rimaline didn't recognize: a pillow hatchling and something else in his fur. After looking at them intently, she quickly looked back at Artemis hopefully.
  7. Yeah, the idea seems really interesting. I'm going to post right now.
  8. I feel lucky, because I grabbed one from each biome when they were released. Now I want to get a mate for each one, but I think I'll wait for the craze to die down. Hopefully they don't get super rare.
  9. Hmm... how much could I get for a CB gemshard? I haven't seen many people looking for them or offering them.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your family is okay.
  11. Sorry, just did. So do hatchlings just grow their wings overnight? Oh wait, I just realized some edits that I need to make.
  12. Rimaline was watching Irah play outside from the shelter of the cave. She was itching to run around, but didn't want to do it in front of everyone. The black thunder hatchling, whose name was apparently Seldash, was nearby. Her mind wandered as she watched Crusher leave the cave. Absentmindedly rolling a pebble around with her claw, she realized, "My wings should grow in any day now. Who's going to teach me how to fly?" The only dragons she had felt comfortable with were Artemis, because of the one moment she had made Rimaline feel safe, and Raven, who Rimaline had not seen in a while. As her mind wandered, she realized that she hadn't practiced her healing in a long time. Before everything had turned upside down, she had just started learning to heal broken bones, and now she was out of practice. She could barely remember the exact ingredients for a burn-healing ointment. And that was just the practical side of healing. "And what about healing magic? Where am I supposed to learn that? What if I never learn how to channel healing magic ever?" Her heartbeat started to accelerate. Restless, Rimaline got up and walked over to Artemis. She blurted out, "Could you teach me how to heal broken bones?" Her tail flicked nervously.
  13. Oh no, I'm locked! Thanks TJ and spriters!
  14. Does anyone know how much a 2G purebred Thunder would go for?
  15. Okay, so which characters are out and which characters are in the cave? I know the hatchlings are inside the cave, but what about the adults?
  16. I was stuck for a long time, but I finally got a couple eggs. Not a finish, but well on the way!
  17. Don't worry, I don't think any of us were mad. I kind of want to create a new character, but at the same time I don't think I could. When/where are we time skipping to? How far into the future? Rimaline should be close to getting her wings by now, so she might be in the process of learning to fly when the time skip happens. I think we also need some internal tension, too; not just being threatened by Evil Crusher. Like jealousy or characters not getting along. I know that Rimaline's sensitive... so maybe something like that...?
  18. Yeah, I think that we really need that. There are a lot of dormant characters just hanging around in the cave as well, and when we're cooped up here, there's not much action.
  19. This is crawling by slower... and... slower...
  20. Yeah, people were just making fun of the typo. It was probably meant to be RPing.
  21. The figure was diving straight towards her! But before Rimaline could even react, Artemis had swept her, Irah, and Mihari safely out of the way with her long tail. Tulvir was running in circles, screaming, which only accelerated Rimaline's little heartbeat. Artemis then let go of Rimaline and the other hatchlings and blew the dust off of the crashed hatchling. Rimaline slowly crept forward, making sure to stay safely behind Artemis. She peeked her head around Artemis to take a closer look. The dragon was coughing and covered in dust. He was a hatchling with dark scales (although Rimaline couldn't make out the exact color) and pointed wings. Sky yelped, "Who are you?" at the hatchling, who was still heaving. Rimaline leaned closer, but she was ready to jump away at the slightest threat.