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  1. @Booo I'm sorry, I've just been really busy lately. I haven't actually been reading, but just going on periodically. I'm sorry because everyone's trying to get it started again, but I've just not been able to write anything good lately and I haven't really felt very inspired. I think I'll leave for now, since I'm not doing anything right now anyways. I might get started again in a few months, but not for a while.
  2. Aww, the ending is sweet. Thank you to everyone who worked on this event! It was awesome!
  3. I just bred an Avatar of Change and an Avatar of Destruction. Do you think that I would be able to get a 1:1 trade for a CB Verdigris copper, or would I have to trade both avatars?
  4. Just as Rimaline started to calm down, she heard a scream outside. Before she mustered the courage to take action (or do anything at all), a humungous dragon lumbered into the cave. Rimaline froze and stared at him. Her heart was pounding and she was half surprised that he didn't hear her gasping for air. The dragon ignored her and the other hatchlings and started to descend into the depths of the cave. Artemis ran past them, following the stranger. She was limping and had gashes on her hind legs. "Where's Crusher?" Rimaline worried. "He must still be outside." Rimaline scuttled over to Irah and stood near her, trying to stand in a position where she could see where Artemis and the stranger had gone and watch the cavern entrance at the same time.
  5. Oh my gosh! Sorry for suddenly leaving for so long! I've just been really busy. It's late now for me so I'll be catching up on everything tomorrow.
  6. Uh, some stuff is going down. 0.0 Do you want me to post a reply or should I wait a little?
  7. "What was that about?" Irah asked. Rimaline suppressed a yawn. "Erm, sorry, I don't know. I just woke up right before you..." She blushed, slightly embarrassed that she hadn't really been paying attention to what Artemis was doing until Irah mentioned it. The embarrassment was quickly replaced with unease. What could be so bad out there that would make Artemis get Crusher? Rimaline's anxiety had lessened in the past year since she first came to the cave, but she still got streaks of panic sometimes. It was more potent than constant worry, but it came in short bursts. She felt one coming on, and took a deep breath. The feeling lessened, but she still felt her heart fluttering. "We should probably stay in here and wait for them to come back. I don't think Artemis meant for us to wake up."
  8. I feel like Rimaline should have made some friends by now, but I don't know who she would have befriended. Any ideas?
  9. Hearing footsteps, Rimaline groaned and turned over. She squinted her eyes open and saw Artemis run past and descend into the lower levels. Blinking sleep out of her eyes, she pushed herself up and looked around. Everybody else was still asleep. Suddenly, Rimaline felt a jolt of excitement and fear. She ruffled her wings. "We're going to go flying again today! I'd better get ready!" She sat daintily and started to preen her white feathers, not giving a second thought as to why Artemis had looked so anxious.
  10. I'm excited for the time-skip now. But I need a little time to prepare; I need to figure out how Rimaline's character will change. She'll be more confident for sure, but other than that... well, I just need to think about it.
  11. Sorry guys, I'm just here lurking. I don't really know what to post... A really big time skip sounds good to me; it would help us skip over all the awkward stuff right now, and let us start new characters/change characters slightly without having to actually show the change (does that make sense?). And maybe we could show that some friendships have formed over the years. We also need a concrete goal, like getting through the desert... or something?
  12. I want to announce a breeding pair! Dragon names: Caligo Galaxy, Avital Galaxy Children: Scintillula Galaxy Have any of their eggs been gifted? No. It's kind of redundant to also add a form to announce a new galaxy dragon, right? Eh, I'll do it anyways. I want to announce a Galaxy Dragon Forum Name: Lily14130 Name of the Dragon: Scintilulla Galaxy Lineage Link: Lineage
  13. Thanks! I just caught a blue one using this.
  14. Oh, no! That's scary. I'm glad to hear that he will be alright. I'm fine with you taking over his character or anything else. He can also feel free to jump back in once he's feeling better (if he wants to...)
  15. As Rimaline watched the others conversing outside, she started when Artemis glanced towards her and said to Mihari, "But that doesn't mean I can't teach you a thing or two. In fact, I've already agreed to help someone else who wants to learn magic and you're free to join us." She had mixed emotions about this. She wanted to feel special, but at the same time she was shy about interacting with just with one stranger for a prolonged period of time. "Well, I guess it'll be less awkward. Hopefully." Taking this as "permission," Rimaline stood up and walked over to Artemis. She still didn't know the new hatchling's names, so she just gave them a weak smile and immediately cringed.
  16. Two finishes today! This is the first one that I started. I didn't think too hard on the colors, so it just looks okay. This one, though, I really love how it turned out!
  17. The timeskips don't seem to be working. Maybe we can do a bigger timeskip where we actually change location.
  18. Thanks, TJ! And I'm not sure who sprited these, but they look beautiful! How will the colors work? I'm guessing like Seasonals, where you have to catch them during their appropriate seasons?
  19. I can't really do anything right now. Artemis told Rimaline to stay, and Rimaline isn't really the type of hatchling to disobey, especially when she wants to impress Artemis. :/
  20. Finally got two halves that I needed to finish both of my projects: him and him. After they grow up, I'll just have to breed the end product! Now I need to think of a new combination...
  21. I recently bred an Avatar, but I forgot I was locked and it went off to the AP. Thankfully, it looks like someone is taking care of it.
  22. I want to join the Galaxy Lineage! Scroll name: Lily14130 Do you want an egg from a breeder or do you want to breed two nebulas to get your first egg? I already have a bunch of CB nebulas, so I can start with two of those! How active are you on Dragon Cave + DC forums? I check almost every day, but I can't always spend a lot of time here. Are you willing to also assist in breeding of the nebula dragons? (COMPLETELY optional!): I will probably be able to. I actually don't have a favourite country, so... let's just say Canada!