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If it has a face, it has a name|The Giving Tree|Breeding, Gifting!|Lovely CommonsYou can see my wishlist in my profile.IOU friendly! (After working it out over PM)My scroll


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    I never kill eggs or hatchlings on purpose. Any dead eggs/hatchlings on my scroll are failed vampires or failed neglecteds.

    I accept IOUs after working out the details over PM. Please tell me if I forget to put one on here!

    ~~Current IOUs~~
    I owe:

    Owed to me:

    ~~My wishlist (genders are just for my reference)~~

    • CB Verdigris copper
    • CB golds
    • CB Trios
    • CB Silvers
    • CB Xenowyrms (any biome; female for all except Gaia)

    Holiday 2Gs that I'm looking for to kickstart checkers:
    • Snow Angel (white wing)
    • Ribbon Dancer

    I'm always open to Red, Purple, and Pink hatchlings! (especially Pinks)