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  1. actually quiet yum. Chicken Noodle Soup?
  2. SamKins96

    Bad ideas...

    Never invent a permanent pencil... I don't want to talk about it....
  3. Holy Guacamole and Chips!!! You cant have Holy Guacamole without chips!!!
  4. CHRISTMAS!!!! Umpaloompas (from willy wonka) or Gnomes?
  5. street was anarchy between
  6. I apologize. I'll have the chef put in the whole alphabet. Waiter, why are you in my soup?
  7. For me, nom nom yumm. Coffee?
  8. Eggs and Cereal. "I like cereal." -Cheese
  9. Yummmm~~ Nutella and strawberries! <3 <3