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  1. I think I prefer the females of both new species. Their shape and form would compliment other dragons.
  2. This is awesome. Thanks TJ!
  3. Whoa! Caught me completely by surprise. Thanks TJ 😃
  4. Got my 8 eggs. I'm a happy camper.
  5. I wanted a picture of a water dragon or sea serpent. I found this cool picture while searching the world wide web. 😊 I think it's beautifully done.
  6. I really do like it when the males and females have a different appearance. It allows more diverse breeding patterns. Love my Pygmies 😊
  7. Both have bright colors. Very nice, I can hardly wait to see them full grown.
  8. Is this new Pygmy going going to be our first true aquatic pygmy? It is awesome!!
  9. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! There be new eggs!!
  10. Whoop! Let the Games begin!!!
  11. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGON CAVE! Thanks TJ for the wonderful gifts! ALL 6 OF THEM I can't wait for them to open
  12. Pale blue eggs with "Faint Markings" are falling in the Coast and Jungle Veined eggs fall only in the Volcano with the colors changing each hour. It will be interesting to see how they breed.
  13. 3g Rosebud X Gold Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 3g Radiant Angel X Silver Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Please name Enjoy
  14. Silver Tinsel 4g will mature in hours Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Please don't kill
  15. Thanks for the heads up TJ I hope the event is not a difficult as the Halloween event. I never did figure it out.
  16. I want to sign up! Forum name:Hydramorph Scroll name:Hydramorph Wishlist: 1.CB Silver (I can dream can't I?) 2.CB Spessartine 3.Red Dorsal or Purple or Red Dino 4.one can never have too many Reds 5.2g Valintine 09, or 2g Frill (is PB Frill possible?) love them 6.Blacktip, Spitfires Breeding abilities: I can breed some pretty checkers using 2g silver or golds with holidays. I can also breed PB Xenos and Hellhorses. I can make a 3rd or 4th gen Tinsel Catching abilities: I can sometimes catch Xenos, Tan Ridgewings, GWs or Blusang if I'm lucky. Trading abilities: I do have a couple Val-09 Pink/White I could start a stair with either.
  17. Fishies... lots and lots of fishes Big ones, little ones, fat ones and long ones. Bright colors! Some with scales and some without. Fish with big teeth and fish with big lips. Some I'd keep in huge aquariums and some I'd keep in ponds. I'd feed them and pet them. and my favorite would be named Henry
  18. I picked up 2 Heralds in the Alpine last night just after midnight. Actually I was looking for Xenos
  19. This has given me plenty of time to name dragons. It helps ease the frustration My Heralds have been given the name of Heralds for various ancient Gods and Demi-Gods most of them Celtic. Each Deity's name begins with the letter of the dragon's bio. Herald of Angus Og is from Alpine, Herald of Vulcan is firm Volcano. It helps me keep track of the CB.
  20. Yeah! That would be awesome! Thank-you
  21. I think it would be wonderful if someone who has an understanding of the timing of lunar phases could start a thread which can inform us when the next phase will occur and which Herald will appear. This would be so helpful if Heralds breed like Seasonals. We would then know "when" to breed 2 Blues to get a Silver egg.
  22. The site was down last night. That should be a good indication of a pending release.
  23. Valentine's Egg Request Forum name: hydramorph Scroll link: MyScroll PM link: PM Pairings I would like offspring from: I don't have any Valentines so.. Valentine 2009, Sweetling or Rosebud bred with any Metallic Love letter: Love makes everything easier even if it results in challenges.