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  1. Dropping through the wet around him still Crell shakes himself and finishes healing himself from whatever had been hurting him before. Swimming forward and through the wet into more of the thin things that brushed against his side he spent a few minutes snapping and eating the mouthfuls he got from this. As he does so his body lengthens and things some, just enough that the fin on top of his back hardens and sharpens in some way he isnt sure about. But along with that change his back fin changed into something also more rigid and when he tried it out it shot him forward so fast as to be uncomparable. Shooting through the water and not used to it Crell smacks into some of the thin things he had been eating and because of that and tumbling though the wet he tangled himself up in them for a second before the spines all over his body and the sharpness of his new fins cut it up and let him out.
  2. Dropping deeper into the wet and flinching away from the pain that keeps brushing against him Crell spins and bites at the thin flat things around him in the darkness. The wounds all over him slowly closing up using the reserves of energy he had been storing the last while.
  3. Allowing himself to drop into the wet Crell can feel his body going limp as he drops. What his body had been trying and failing to do earlier started to happen again, points all over his body starting to push out and harden as they grow beyond his body. only the barest points actually able to get out because of the energy needed to heal but as Crell drops through the wet down back into its depths he searches for something around him to eat, his senses on overdrive now.
  4. Whatever he had been trying to eat Crell got angry when he wasnt able to eat more than a few slivers. Attacking whatever it was and trying to get more into his mouth he started thrashing hard and throwing himself around trying to tear it off as his teeth grab onto it and hold. His body starts to gain prickles before stopping, something stopping him. Still thrashing around as he bites down hard.
  5. Laying where he was and shuddering with pain and the differences that had been happening to it Crell could feel that if he was able to it would be using something from other dna he had inside it. Laying down and slowly slowing its shudder the fish like slime twitches and moves its way over towards the organics and as soon as one of them were close enough Crell latched onto it and scraped its teeth over it trying to tear it off into its mouth.
  6. Wiggling and throwing himself around Crell can feel little pieces being ripped off himself a few times before he thrashes himself around hard. The attack on his body made it go into overdrive, being eated he could almost feel the small parts that had been torn from its body. Thrashing Crell tries to move away from whatever was above him and to get away from the pain.
  7. Wiggling and fighting as he is taken up higher above the wet Crell has no idea what is going on. Whatever had been stopping him before was gone and left below him but now he was being held and whatever was doing the holding wasnt letting go easily.
  8. Shaking himself Crell thrashes and tries to move up, but without the wet he moves through he wasn't able to because he had already lifted out of the wet. Thrashing around more and trying to get away from wherever he was Crell opens his mouth and tries to chew or bite or do anything to get away. Thrashing even harder Crell flips himself to his other side. He was barely able to see anything even though his sensor ontop of his head had started to go crazy, something close by was sending out something he was picking up and making him feel like he was being crushed.
  9. Wiggling harder and trying to get away from this whatever it was Crell tries to turn around to get away. Whatever this thing is it doesn't seem to be hurting him, but not knowing what it is was making him worry and panic. Swimming as hard as he can to get away as fast as possible.
  10. Stopping where he is in the wet Crell tries to feel the change in his slime on the outside several times before giving up. His slime was back to normal and he couldnt find the source of the change. Shaking himself he starts to swim deeper into the wet, farther away from the surface.
  11. @Crell: The slime found something interesting- something like it had found before. But this time, it was stronger. A lot stronger! Some sort of flavor was within it, but it couldn't place it. The wet was moving quickly, though the slime couldn't actually SEE it. But it was like a flow within the wet? The flow didn't go upwards to the surface exactly, but some of the stuff that had been in the flow went upwards. Opening his mouth and biting at this flavor Crell turns and swims in this updraft of flavor several times trying before the current dragged him away and he started following it. Swimming with it and moving along the flowing wet Crell opens his mouth every few seconds to taste the wet around him.
  12. Shaking himself Crell starts to swim in a random direction. Feeling out with his extra sense he keeps moving through the wet and jumps into the nonwet several times and then dives back into the wet as deep before going back to just under the nonwet.
  13. Pulling whatever it is into his body faster Crell swims against it pushing more of whatever this organic/inorganic was into his mouth. His tail gets a little bigger as he does siphoning off a bit of the energy he takes in making his swimming stronger.
  14. Stopping for a second and feeling his body shrink on itself to conserve the energy he still had Crell opens his mouth and lets a bubble out from inside him before he starts thrashing and shoots through the wet as fast as he can towards the huge thing in the distance. Hunger and pain were pulsating through his body and it made him speed up more as he focused on whatever was in the distance. Swimming through the wet and keeping just under the surface he keeps heading towards the huge but small thing in the distance.
  15. Floating on top of the wet for a few seconds Crell starts thrashing again shooting him through the wet as he searches for things to eat. The bumpy part of his body had moved in the recent changes and it was along one side of his body now seeming to travel down it in a slightly thinner but longer strip. As he swims through the wet and gets better at it he uses the small protrusions on his body to angle and aim himself as he flys through the wet. Searching for anything giving off signals for him to feel and go for he goes down into the wet before shooting back up into the nonewet for a little, dropping back into the wet each time.
  16. Wiggling and pulling his body together Crell raises through the wet faster, his body starts feeling weird and as he raises through the wet and the pressure still around him pushes down on him. His both lengthens and goes from bulbus to half as big but much longer. While he does this his legs shift and gets smaller and smaller, the energy that had been used to make them coming back a little and as he wiggles and raises through the wet his mouth gets smaller and focuses on the end of the lengthened section of his body as the other end becomes flatter and slowly thickens up towards the slight widening just behind his mouth. Flipping himself around and wiggling his back half harder he shoots through the wet and little fins and protrudences come from his sides making him more stable as he now fly's through the water towards the light. His eyes on either side of the bulbus thing that is now his head the bumpy area of his electro sense and the new addition to it he had yet to use or know Crell wiggles hard and bursts out of the wet to hang and move through the nonwet before crashing back down into the wet and sliding below the surface.
  17. Pulling the things he had grabbed into his mouth Crell started thrashing as the pressures on the outside make him hurt. Thrashing and trying to get higher crell starts to panic as it doesn't work as ell as he wants. Panicking and thrashing harder Crell stiffens as he feels something happen inside his body all at once. His stiffening allowing him to drop more he stops as whatever had been formed inside his body pulling energy from all over his body mkaing it hard to move, but while he was frozen for a second whatever had been formed inside his body stopped him falling. Staying where he is he doesn't feel more pain while the pain that was there stays. Staying where he had been Crell starts to move his body as he had from instincts and started going up again, the pressure very slowly lessening.
  18. Slowly able to move again Crell moves towards those pieces that he hadn't been able to grab before, lunging at them and trying to pull them into his mouth. Opening his legs and trying to stabilize himself he can feel himself in the same wet as before even if it was to dark to see and he felt much more pressure than he had before.
  19. Trying to thrash and finding that he can not move Crell keeps trying to struggle as his body is paralyzed and slowly sinks along with the small pieces he had ripped off the organic before it had thrashed him off. Feeling and watching them drop through the wet with him he keeps trying to thrash around and get at them, the hunger that had been plaguing him was gone but he knew it would be back.
  20. Biting at this thing as it gives him pain Crell screams as best he can in the water and pulls himself closer to give a harder bite on it. He can feel himself having a hard time, something was different, but he didn't care. Biting at and digging his legs into whatever this thing is Crell can feel his body start not moving as well as he wants it to and starts biting and gnawing at whatever had hurt him vigorously.
  21. Shaking himself and opening its mouth for a second Crell screams silently before closing his mouth again and grabbing onto the thing that had thrown him for a second tighter. Bending his legs and trying to pull himself closer to the dark thing opening his mouth again to bite the part that was trying to stab him. The small parts on his legs digging into the dark think as best he can Crell can feel himself being moved through the wet much faster than ever before.
  22. Wiggling and moving himself around Crell opens and closes his mouth a few times before dropping down towards the dark thing below. Moving through the wet all around him he can feel something inside him grow, filling it makes him drop through the wet faster. Pulling his legs down and almost straight he gets ready to his the dark thing below. The tiny additions to his legs flaring ready to dig in and hold him onto it as soon as he touches.
  23. Wiggling and pulling his legs together Crell drops through the wet towards the dropping thing feeling the wet move around him. Keeping his teeth closed tightly he keeps checking his sense as his eyes look around in the darkness. His feet tips coming together and piercing the water as his weight pulls him down.
  24. Shaking himself and almost groaning Crell falls through the wet almost in the massless thing. Biting at it lighter this time he draws as much of it as he can holding it inside as he absorbs it slowly inside him. His legs coming together under him and helping him drop through the wet below where those big things had been. Back in the wet his electrosense flairs again and he starts tracking the huge thing from before as he also feels for anything else close by. Having dropped several bit down he opens his legs and they search out looking for things close by, the reminates of what had gone back in the wet with. As he falls tiny sparks of something not the huge thing above him starting to move below him. Unable to see there because of his body Crell wiggles and turns to see what is below him but all he can see is dark.
  25. Wiggling back and forth and getting on his side Crell sticks two of his legs out and grabs at the colored thing. The spines on his legs grab at it and try to pull it closer several times before he stops and stands. The darkness under whatever had fallen over them was not as dark as it could have been with light coming in from the edges. Forcing himself to his feet and moving over to the colorful thing Crell stands over it and lowers his mouth down to start biting at it hard.