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    I cry every time I miss a Vampire in the AP or one of my vampires gets auto-ed into the AP. Like if you cry every time too.

Scroll link in signature banner! Goals + Important Notes on my profile; please check them out! It has everything I can't fit into a signature, lol!

I hoard vampires, so if you have unwanted vampires I'll gladly trade or breed for them! :) I also give back auto-ed vampires ( or eggs in general!) in the AP; just reach out to me! ❤️

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    Watching the leaves fall. ♥
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    Howdy, and welcome to my profile! My name is Jenneta, it's nice to meet you! :) I'm a woman from the U.S.A. that loves to dance, write, play games (video games and adoptable sites) and collect various things. I've been on Dragcave since September 2011 and I've loved every minute of it! ♥
    I also play Chicken Smoothie (Jenneta), Webkinz and Neopets (jennetakitty) so if you ever want to connect with me on those sites just hit me up! Or if you ever just wanna chat, send me a PM! I vary with activeness because of real life of course, so please be patient with responses! Feel free to politely poke me if I take more than a few days to respond. :)
    I wish you all the best, and thanks for checking out my profile! Below is a list of notices + goals, so feel free to gaze at those if you want. :)
    -Any dead eggs on my profile are failed bite attempts, and I try to keep those as CB's I caught myself, so please note that no gifts, trades, community board adoptees, eggs being held for influencing/incubation, etc will be in harms way. ♥

    -I breed for free, even for rares, so if you're ever looking for a dragon to complete your collection, hit me up! I can't guarantee my pairs will cooperate with me but I'll try my best!

    -If I ever pick up an egg/hatchling that you was auto-ed or accidentally abandoned, please don't hesitate to message me and ask if you can have it back!

    -Currently ACTIVE on DC.
    ❆ GOALS: ❆
    -Get a 2nd or 3rd gen from the Solstice Spriter's Alt.
    -Get one of each dragon, then get one of each alt.
    -Get at least two adults/one frozen hatchling at each stage for each dragon.
    -Get atleast one CB of all dragons.
    -Re-do my scroll layout.
    -Continue giving back to the Dragcave community and helping others with scroll completion/dreams.
    ✿ Dragons Needed For Completion: ✿
    -Coppers (Rainbow)
    -Dinos (minus Blue, but need an adult blue dino)
    -And more to update!
    -Get a 2nd or 3rd gen from Dolphinsong's Rosebud alt-MET! A HUGE thank you to FortyTwo for helping me complete this goal! <3

    LAST UPDATED: 9/20/20