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 Goals ~♥~ My Scroll

I vary with activeness on Dragcave + am extremely forgetful, so if I don't respond to a PM please don't feel I'm ignoring you! Feel free to nudge me! Currently Active on DC.

I happily breed/trade back Auto'ed vampires to those who ask kindly. : )

Any dead eggs on my scroll are failed vampire bites from the AP or Cave-no gifts or trades will ever be in harm's way. : )

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    With my head in the clouds, as usual.
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    Hi, my name is Jenneta! Welcome!
    A little about me: I'm a writer who absolutely adores coming up with and writing stories, as well as playing video games (favorites are Fire Emblem, Pokemon and Mystic Messenger), as well as dancing and listening to music. :) I've been playing Dragcave for almost seven years, and I love every minute of it!
    Below are some of my goals for my scroll, as well as my dragons still needed for completion! Thanks for stopping by! Best wishes to all! ♥
    ♥ Goals: ♥
    -Get 2nd gen or 3rd gen Rosebud from Dolphinsong's alt.
    -Get a CB of all the rares (especially Gold/Silver!)
    -Re-organize my scroll and rename some of my dragons.
    -Have every breed/dragon on Dragcave.
    -Have almost every (if not every) stage for every breed.
    -Continue giving back to the community and helping others with their scrolls/DC dreams.
    ✿Dragons needed for breed completion:✿
    -Coppers (all)
    -Dinos (all, but blue can be an exception-but I wouldn't mind getting another blue one since dumb, young me froze the only one I had).
    -Zombies (potentially all of them depending on how hard/if each zombie counted for a different breed).

    Note: If you'd like to help with the goals/breed completion, please shoot me a pm and we can discuss trade options/other options! :)

    Updated last on: March 30th, 2018.