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  1. I appreciate that the sprites are very complex and intricate. However, I have been staring at them for a long time and I cannot understand what they're supposed to be. Where's the head? The eyes? I've zoomed in. I've zoomed out. I've looked at other people's MS paint circles, which appear to be randomly placed. I don't get it. It looks like a blob to me. An intricate blob, but a blob.
  2. I have been getting an error message since yesterday. It's kind of annoying that the whole site can be unavailable for a full day and we get absolutely no information as to what's going on. I have 7 growing eggs. What will happen to them?
  3. Thanks, I see it now. I also see that we're going to get a little notification whenever someone replies to our posts from now on. That's a nice addition!
  4. I don't really see a huge difference or improvement. I didn't mind the old layout and I don't mind this one either. My only problem really is that we don't have PM notifications at the top of the screen anymore. In fact I can't even find my PMs so far.
  5. 100% agreed. The change is terrible and there's nothing good to be said about it. The sooner it's gone, the better.
  6. Is there any way to switch back to the old progeny view format? You know, the one that wasn't terrible? I see absolutely no reason, rather than list all children by one parent under the same heading, to put their father's name under the names of all the progeny. It's clunky and I really don't like looking at it. I'll put up with it if there's no way to fix it, but does anyone know if there IS a way to fix it?
  7. Well, I don't know where you live, but I have never seen any couple in a coffee shop texting each other across the table, nor have I done so myself. That's just silly, and if people are actually doing it, then we can agree that they've got a problem. As for me, I'm one of those sad people who use their phones almost all the time: to talk to friends, to make schedule arrangements, to take pictures, to make calls, to check the time, to listen to the radio and to mess around on DC. If that makes me a "geek" then I'm perfectly happy to be the opposite of a Luddite. However, I'm still one of those who think the IRC is fine for my needs, and who doesn't want to be forced to switch to Discord. That's my two cents.
  8. It's a meme. Basically I was suggesting you're a Luddite. And personally I think it's sad that people think talking through text isn't talking. If that were so, then writing letters isn't a meaningful way of communicating in your world either. My best friend lives thousands of miles away and I don't think our relationship is any less meaningful than anyone else's. In fact I KNOW it isn't. As for "It honestly doesn't need to be brought up again-- not even to address it" - well, fair enough, but if the post is still up then it's fair game, and if you don't want people responding to it on this public forum then perhaps it should be edited or deleted. Nothing this person said is a "misunderstanding." They very clearly said that the use of smartphones is sad, and were quite aggressive about it, which I take issue with.
  9. Wow, that's...unexpectedly aggressive and totally irrelevant to the conversation. Are you under the impression that people walking down the street "glued to their smartphones" are using Discord or something? Because Discord requires wifi and unless these zombie strawmen are evolving to generate internet connectivity, I'm pretty sure they're not on an online chat. Basically, if you want to start an argument about whether technology is evil, fire is scary and Thomas Edison was a witch, then maybe a different thread is the place to do it.
  10. No support. I have never been able to get the hang of Discord. IRC seems far more user-friendly to me. And I don't see why seeing previous messages is so important, to be honest.
  11. I'm not sure if this question is important enough to ask, but I'm just curious. Does anyone know exactly what the dragon population of DC is, or have an estimate? I'm guessing it's probably in the millions.
  12. Not only do I totally agree, I actually brought up this very subject last night on the 11th anniversary thread. I grabbed three unwanted eggs in my search for the new releases (which began two days late because I am just not good at noticing things). I was worried that I would lose my chance completely to grab the new eggs because of those stupid unwanted ones that I had to wait five hours to get rid of. And this morning I did it AGAIN! Maybe I'm just click-happy, but I find the five-hour wait WAY more annoying than helpful. As for the idea that the five-hour wait prevents the AP from being flooded or something... that seems like nonsense to me. If I grabbed an egg I didn't intend to get, I'm not going to magically change my mind about it in five hours. I always get rid of them. I'm pretty sure almost everyone does the same thing. CBs are getting dumped, just five hours later, which changes and helps absolutely nothing. I have a better idea. How about, when you try and grab an egg in the cave, if you're not successful, the same message appears as always. But if you ARE successful, a message appears showing the egg you've grabbed and saying, "Are you sure you want this egg?" And if not, you can just toss it back into the cave for someone else to get. That would solve the problem AND it wouldn't change ratios or what-have-you.
  13. This is absolutely NOT complaining - I'm happy with what we've got - but if there was one more thing I'd like changed, it would be having to wait 5 hours to abandon an egg. If I accidentally clicked the wrong egg, I'm not going to somehow want it after 5 hours have passed. It's kind of annoying and prohibitive.
  14. Vampire progeny! White BSA! A new trophy level! New dragons! A MONTHLY RAFFLE!!! It's everything I ever hoped for! ...except for the fact that I apparently missed this whole thing by two days and now I'll never catch a single damn one of the eggs. Yay me.
  15. Absolutely agreed. I'm wondering why this was never implemented in the first place. Obviously Vampires' pages are going to get really cumbersome if the list of "bitten" doesn't start getting redirected somewhere else after a certain number.
  16. I'd support this. Actually I support sickness just generally not being a thing anymore (because...why did it ever exist in the first place?), but that'll probably never happen.
  17. I'd love that option. I chose my username when I was like 13 and I think it's boring and ridiculous today. Why was that option never available in the first place? People have been asking for it since the dawn of time.
  18. Well, I accidentally spaz-grabbed a mint. And then a magma. And now I'm egglocked. My chances, which were already approximately one in sixteen hundred billion, have been quartered. :'(
  19. I just saw one (for one second)! Repeat: I just saw a Fire Gem (for one second)! After an hour of hunting and seeing nothing, seeing one fly past is like drinking from the Holy Grail. EDIT: I think it's fair to mention that I haven't seen another Tetra at all since I got my two on the day of the release. Not one, even in passing. (Of course I haven't been specifically looking for Tetras, but still.)
  20. When it comes to viewbombing, I can't help but wonder if putting "Please don't viewbomb me!" in your signature is a troll-attractor. I've seen variations of that message in lots of people's signatures, and I don't know if they get viewbombed more often than others who don't have that message in their sigs, but it wouldn't surprise me. Trolls and mean people love to be contrary.
  21. Well, I haven't been able to catch any more Fire Gems, but on the bright side for some reason there are TONS of rares around, and I'm seeing them more often because I'm hunting for Fire Gems. In the span of literally 30 seconds I had caught a CB Silver AND a Xenowyrm! (Not to mention a seasonal, which aren't rare but uncommon if I remember.) I also think I saw a Gold. don't know why there are suddenly so many rares, but I'm not complaining.
  22. Sorry, guys, but I think you're wrong about the egg not dropping, because I've been looking periodically in the Volcano and I've seen two or three in the past hour. Granted, I haven't been fast enough to catch them, but they're there. Now, I don't know why anyone else can't even see them, but they're still dropping and I know that for a fact. Maybe there's a problem with your browsers or something.
  23. I just saw a fire gem. Granted, I sat there staring at it like an idiot for 5 seconds and didn't catch it, but I still saw one. 😃