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  1. I've been on the Cave since 2012, and I would definitely love to see this happen!
  2. I've noticed they have dropped less and less as the day has gone on.... Regardless they are gorgeous!
  3. yay! I love the Festival of eggs
  4. Yay!!! I'm super excited to see what they look like!
  5. * Trading Request * I'm looking for a CB Gaia Female Xenowyrm for This Guy, and I have a 2G Silver Tinsel Eggtoo offer in return! You can pick out what you would like me too breed with. Thank you! (Im hoping I set this up right) EDIT: I have arranged a trade
  6. It won't let me go any farther than the snowman (Thanks so much for being so patient!)
  7. Ok Wait I know where that is know, but where is the path?? Like left or right?
  8. Where is that Object?? (I'm not ever sure what that is >.<) I also mean right by the tree blocking the North path.
  9. For me When I try to go North, there is still a tree blocking the path. Am I going the wrong way?? Or is this a glitch??
  10. Sorry bro, but that can literally not happen. Something is probably wrong with your friends game?
  11. Happy Halloween to all!!! (The hatchlings almost look like Cerberus/Kerberos to me, IDK why)
  12. Aw you serious D: First they get a shiny Jirachi and now this Hopefully the Americas and Europe can get these too,especially since they are shiny locked.
  13. Ahhh!! SUCH MAJESTY!!! The new sprites are so awesome!! Especially the Hollies! I'm excited to see the other sprite updates!
  14. I love updates! PS/EDIT: Super pumped for the Halloween event this year too!
  15. just a quick question, do you guys enjoy the 'main' story mode more? Or do you enjoy the Multiplayer action/Splatfest/etc.?
  16. Ooh! I like the Loki theory. That would also explain a lot! The only thing it doesn't seem to explain though is the Blobby cell one.
  17. Idk im not a huge fan of the dog-like form. I mean its cute and all and has a great design, but it doesn't really fit in with the 'serpentine'/'dragon' like attitude that Zygarde has going for it. I LOVE THE BLOBBY THOUGH EDIT: Then again though neither does the Gundam lol
  18. it is unlikely but if it was, that would be awesome! But if it actually is a Mega Evolution, then shouldn't we expect Mega Yveltal and Mega Xerneas?
  19. I personally wouldn't be surprised if Pokemon Z was going to be released around March-May 2016. (And I heard a rumor too that a hacker found coding for pokemon Z in X/Y. But this was just a rumor.)
  20. I would play that in a heartbeat man! Or if your looking for some nice cash you could sell it too, but Emerald is arguably the best for the GBA!