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  1. https://dragcave.net/view/YYrrv Is this name inappropriate in any way? I didn’t think it would be against the rules, but I was surprised to find it not taken, so I want to know if there’s a reason.
  2. And how much is a CB Magiea worth?
  3. Caught my second Mageia and a CB Golden Wyvern!
  4. I, Enderecho, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  5. *Swipes Chrono and Astrapi Xenowyrms*
  6. Keep: Nexus Abandon: Caligene Kill: Green-Striped Black, Undine, Vine
  7. Cheesy Cheesity Cheesehead I definetly am, Pika!
  8. How much would a CB Golden Wyvern be worth these days? Could I get someone to breed me some metalkin for one or get a CB Trio?
  9. Thanks for the awnser and for being up so late.
  10. The Aether, I hate the heat. Penguins or Sharks?
  11. Attic full of napkins The Tropics or the North?
  12. Do you think I could get a few black hatchlings for mine?
  13. *bumps with hockey stick, waits till October*