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  1. I thought you could only make zombies on Halloween? Did that change? EDIT: never mind! I see that it is possible! I need to start trying!
  2. Ah, I see. I had wondered if there was a way to do it by owning them (like how you can do it by observing or owning, right) and was confused since I own so many that are pretty much always ethereal, and yet that was the color variant that wasn't unlocked. Weird to me that the corporeal version is what unlocks when they spend most of their time not corporeal! But hey, thanks guys -- I'll view other people's ethereal Celestials then
  3. So how exactly does one unlock the ethereal version of Celestials in their encyclopedias? Now that I've decided to go through and try to have three of every adult to get all the unlocks, I noticed it only shows the corporeal, even if I have 7 adult celestials who are usually in ethereal stance (and also a frozen hatchling, so by default it's also ethereal unless I corporealize it). I saw some people discussing this on the wiki from a while back, but there was no answer there.
  4. Whoa, thank you @Ceressiass for this cool 6th gen Tri-horn!
  5. Mine's been pretty okay. Got the house cleaned up a little bit, discovered the absolute cuteness that is Freckle dragons when I randomly grabbed an egg from the AP. Thought it was cute but its lineage was a mess, so I decided to see what biomes it spawns in, and as soon as I looked there was another! So I got a CB one too I also grabbed a hatchie from the AP and genuinely expected it to be a Spirit Ward because it was gendered but looked similar-ish to my non-gendered hatchie and I've been away for so long that I didn't recognize a lot of new breeds. But it grew up and oh god I accidentally got a black alt?? What luck! :0
  6. Arg, after killing two eggs with failed vampire bites, I caught a random common from the AP and bit it and my dragons threw it out. Waited the three days until it was about 4d 2h and then started hunting the AP, but I must've missed it because it suddenly started gaining views just now. Too bad, too bad... On the bright side, I caught someone else's vampire and their scroll name is on here so I pm'd them a teleport link if they want it back. So there's my good karma for the day 😛
  7. Ahhh that makes much more sense. Thank you!
  8. Do dead eggs count as eggs on your scroll? I could've sworn they used to, but I'm only silver and now including two common egg vamp fails I now have 7 eggs on my scroll...
  9. missy20201

    Z Project

    Yay! Glad it found a home! I'll remove it from my sig
  10. missy20201

    Z Project

    Hmmm I just realized my new little G2 vamp hatchie is a Z. If anyone would like it, you're free to it, but please give it a name! I bit it with my favorite vamp and I'd hate to have an unnamed one on his page Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. Again as pinkgothic said, I think it's to make it clear the idea proposed by Antigod doesn't include adults reverting to hatchlings, because then there would be the fuss over, does a hatchling appear in lineage or does the dragon disappear from it, or what... Because if an adult breeds and then turns into a hatchling, then even though it's a hatchling, it has children, etc. So they were saying this ISN'T what they were suggesting.
  12. I'd be cool with this, actually. Seems fairer and a nice QOL update imo
  13. Hi, everyone! I've just returned from a pretty long hiatus. Finals are finally over!!! Too bad I missed Halloween, Christmas, *and* Valentine's, but life happens. Any big things I've missed aside from new holiday dergs?
  14. .... :/ time to clear everything again. I guess this is probably an issue on my end but I still hate having to log into everything again to get the days to switch over.
  15. Alrighty! Cleared my cookies and cache and got the story quest done without a hitch! I don't really care to redo all the quests, but I really want that cat furniture... so I guess I will
  16. Ah... the day restarted, since my checkmarks are all gone, but Avery won't show up... I hate to have to clear my cache and cookies again, but it seems like I will :/ Hope it doesn't do it to me everyday, but two days in a row is a bad omen haha
  17. Aw lovely! I mourn for my unreliable internet connection :' )
  18. I'm sorry you had trouble with the game. I wasn't calling anybody out in particular. But I feel it's worth mentioning that, if you checked the wiki and the forum and couldn't find the answer, then... this wasn't about you? It was about the people asking the same thing five other people did within the past three pages etc. As for those having trouble getting the day to turn, I had the same problem! I had to clear cache and cookies for it to move onto the next day :/
  19. ... Alright I understand that the game has issues and can be confusing till you get your bearings but I can't be the only one frustrated at the amount of people having to repeat the same answers to the same questions, especially when the answers are repeatedly said in the page or two before the poster. Even if you don't want to read back, if you google 'dragcave christmas event' or something more specific you'll probably find what you're looking for. Don't get fed up and yell 'I hate this game for not saving my progress so I had to redo everything!!' without a cursory glance, because then you'd see that's an intended feature, etc. Sorry for mini-rant. It just bothers me how rude some people are being. The coders worked really hard for this! It's meant to be a fun thing everyone can enjoy, and if you hate it then you don't have to play it. That being said, I wonder if Gladys will be a little tamer tomorrow, since I ended up giving Bill a second package today? May have to try some of y'all's tips and tricks if she refuses to accept my package
  20. She's in the northern area, to the left of the sled racing kid Edit: It's such a nice thing, the fond memories of the characters from last year, but I admit I keep having trouble remembering who was who and who was where too
  21. Whew! Cleared my browser cache/cookies and got the icons and other quests. Delivered firewood, redid all the quests, talked to the Thalassians, etc. I still can't get the package for Gladys, though, as Hand just says thank you again. Maybe I won't get that package ever oh well, if Gladys doesn't want to show up anyway, I don't care for her package. Glitches and all, these games are really so cute and fun! A huge thanks to everyone involved.
  22. I still haven't gotten the icons up top, or the second delivery (to Gladys?), and I can't talk to the alien buddies. Do I need to clear cache/cookies, maybe?
  23. Aha, thank you! Figured it out right after I posted. His hitbox was closer to his belly than his head, like I expected, so after trying a few times I figured you couldn't talk to him. Thanks!
  24. Hey, am I being daft? How do you get the transporter to work? I keep standing on it and hitting enter and space and nothing happens :0 EDIT: geez never mind! I kept trying to talk to that dragon before but apparently I wasn't quite in the little hitbox to do so. Got it! Thanks
  25. Hah! I'm so glad we're back in town with Perl and 'Snowa'! I haven't run into any 'major' glitches yet, although I did have to refresh when I froze the game by putting furniture next to each other, and they'd start stacking (one would jump onto the same tile as another, and trying to move one off that tile seemed to confuse the game!) So far all I see are some minor clipping issues, and one random square of white background/snow that clips over Snowa so s/he can hide behind it entirely Got my eggies too! I'm excited for them to hatch!